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Snowden Polarizes Patriots & Prostitutes

June 25, 2013

snowden.jpgEdward Snowden has ignited a furious debate. 
Who are the real traitors?

The whistleblower or the politicians and
 media-prostitutes who condemn him

Do the Illuminati benefit from Snowden's revelations?

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When Dick Cheney called Edward Snowden a "traitor," Snowden replied that it was "an honor" to be called a traitor by Cheney.

The dispute is teaching people that, with some exceptions, the political class has sold its soul to the Illuminati central bankers. The bankers need a world police state to protect their fraudulent credit monopoly and collect on their fictitious "debt" ; and these whores are happy to take their cut.  

 The Snowden NSA spying story has polarized patriots and prostitutes.  

NBC madam David Gregory asked Glenn Greenwald why he wasn't "a criminal" for enabling Edward Snowden.  Andy Borowitz wonders if the US government can't see "the irony" of charging Snowden with "spying." A White House petition to pardon Snowden is approaching the 200,000 signature threshold. Obama's popularity has dropped 10% as young supporters recognize that he is a mannequin.  
Obama said, "If you can't trust your government, then we have a problem." 
pelosi.jpg(Nancy Pelosi, prostitute) 

Julian Assange called Obama "the real traitor for betraying the hope of a generation of idealists represented by both Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden." Nancy Pelosi was booed by her "Progressive" supporters for saying Snowden "broke the law."   

Polarization between patriots and prostitutes will only increase.   Hopefully the knowledge that society been subverted by an alien occult (Cabalist) financial power will unite Right and Left. Hopefully, they will recognize that the US government is initiating terror (like 9-11) as a pretext to grab guns and suspend civil rights. Hopefully, Left and Right will recognize the common enemy is the central banker and their minions. 

Both Snowden and Greenwald are eloquent spokesmen for freedom. "This is not the kind of country I want to live in," Snowden said. Greenwald is defending his source courageously and effectively. I believe they are sincere.


Do Snowden's revelations serve the Illuminati agenda, and if so, how?

jpgThe "tell" is the publicity, especially in The Guardian, and other Rothschild house organs like Democracy Now.  There have been many leaks about NSA spying over the years. Why did this one get so much attention?

The Illuminati bankers work both sides against the middle. Daniel Ellsberg,left, is a good example. The bankers got the US into Vietnam; and then they attacked US policy when Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times.

The Illuminati purpose : Degrade and discredit the US and alienate youth from their government. Snowden's unwitting role is to increase alienation, division and polarization in US society as in the 1960's. In other words, they have turned up the heat. Think cooking frogs in a pot.

obbama.jpgSnowden is a "revelation of the method." "Big Brother" is now official. The masses, in their media-induced stupor, have acquiesced. "We've been living in a Police State all along and it hasn't been so bad." 

The patriots, on the Left and Right, have not acquiesced. Visits to conspiracy sites like mine have spiked. The prostitutes have rushed to the government's defence. The battle lines have been drawn.

I think the hidden agenda of the Snowden revelations is to convince people that "resistance is futile." We're watching you.


Webster Tarpley is scathing in his criticism of Snowden/Greenwald. If Snowden were for real, Tarpley says he would have divulged information we didn't already know, like the US role in Syria. He think Snowden is a diversion. 

"Apart from a few obvious exaggerations and rhetorical flourishes, Greenwald and Snowden had thus managed to add virtually nothing to our awareness of institutionalized electronic eavesdropping. But the media circus they helped to create emerges in a sinister light when we realize that it was offered as a diversion of world public opinion from the really urgent question on the world historical agenda: would the British, the French, the Israelis, and the neocons be able to push the reluctant and vacillating Obama into the thankless role of leading a token NATO coalition in an attack on Syria, Hezbollah, and perhaps Iran?" 

I don't buy Tarpley's argument.  I can't believe Obama makes any important decisions. A friend, "E" advanced the theory that the real object is to "criminalize everything."

"The agenda here is subtle. Its not about spying on anti-government activists - that's way, way too easy, and the covert means are already there. This is about maintaining the prison-industrial-fear complex.
We have thousands of  laws in this country which the government uses to maintain the prison state. Laws against possession of marijuana, prescription drugs, hiding gifts (from IRS), prostitution, etc., etc. Not that these are "good" things, but a very, very large portion of the population (maybe 99%) has engaged in something or another in their lives. Once they get reworded, like marijuana possession is now a part of terrorism because of the brutal drug lords, it becomes fair game.
The thing is - the 4th amendment was a blanket protection against unreasonable prosecution for small shit because getting the dirt on someone was held to a very high bar. Well, that's the real goal - these things will be used, eventually, to prosecute small crimes.
The real goal is having the public completely OK with having all of your data, emails, phone calls, used for whatever law enforcement purposes. The real enemy is not the snooping - its the ridiculous laws criminalizing everything."

A variation on this theme is that now everyone is vulnerable to blackmail: See  "A Giant Blackmailing Machine" by Thom Burghardt.  This is how the Illuminati control their agents; maybe this is also the way they'll control the plebes. 

Finally, mass surveillance is the hallmark of a police state and  cannot be tolerated. The purpose of surveillance is to identify and persecute or even liquidate people who oppose some aspect of the New World Order. It has nothing to do with terrorism which is state-sponsored. Surveillance has a mortifying effect on free speech and all political activity. It makes a farce of American claims to be a free country and champion of democracy. See also, Denis Loos, "A Tutorial on Government Repression, Spying & Resistance." 

In conclusion, the Illuminati goal is to degrade and demoralize the human race, and induct it into their satanic cult as their servant and bumboy. (Our children are being groomed for homosexuality in public schools and the media. )  The bankers have decided "to turn up the heat" by making their surveillance better known. Hopefully this will backfire and they will be burned as the public realizes that it isn't Left against Right, it's Patriots Vs. Prostitutes. . 

Related - "You can take for granted that every  media whore, every government prostitute, every
ignorant flag-waver who declares  Snowden to be a traitor is either brainwashed or blackmailed."
Paul Craig Roberts -

------  YouTube -What We're Not Being Told -
------John Cassidy - Demonizing Ed Snowden- Which Side are You On?   (The New Yorker)
-------  Jon Rappaport  - The Snowden Story is a Fairy Tale
weaker theories

First Comment from Dan:

When the NewYorker's Cassidy says, "Which Side are You On?" it only emphasized to my way of thinking that the Snowden affair is just another scripted dialectic.  If we assume that controlled Media isn't about telling us the real news - but concealing it - it follows that they have to created news to keep our minds occupied.  People believe they're getting the news don't look further on their own.

Whenever there are such clear cut 'sides' as to include the usual villains - Pelosi, Dick Cheney, the spooky NSA, against the "usual suspect" a "true blue" fearless young man who seems to be standing up to the Establishment - I say it's probably scripted.  It plays well to the millions of young men droning away in corporate cubicles or Phd's struggling as Starbuck's barristas who can't even stand up to their bull dyke supervisor, much less the full weight of the Washington Neocon and Liberal Bipartisan Juggernaut.  Snowden is a bit too perfect for me to find credible.

What does taking this 'movie' seriously do to our perception? Well, does anybody think it's weird for Nancy Pelosi and Dick Cheney and John McCain to be on the same "side"?

Of course they are, but only six years ago they were playing opposites in  the dialectic -- they gave us a real Punch and Judy show.

I see Presidents as character actors in political theater.   So if I say Obama's 'character' I mean like an actor's part in a script, not his personal values as a man.
Whatever the man's values really are don't matter, any more than an actor's real values matter when he's playing a part.   Obama's political theater character is a chameleon and a chimera.  His 'role' is to appear to "reluctant and vacillating".  That's part of the Obama character, just as feigning senility was part of Ronald Reagan's act, or playing the redneck moron was GW Bush's part.  The President of the United States is a front man.  My grandfather told me than 50 years ago - so get over it!

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Comments for "Snowden Polarizes Patriots & Prostitutes "

Tony said (June 27, 2013):

I think you are spot on with the tell on Snowden revelations being controlled.

I believe the bankers do not trust rank and file military with their devotion to the Constitution.
One of the statements from Snowden was that any analyst could listen in on any person...patriots listening on tools of or even the bankers themselves is a definite threat.

The fix for Snowden will be judicial review to control this power...i.e. put nsa abilities under control of judiciary which they control much more tightly and is not populated by patriots.

Sandeep said (June 27, 2013):

Hi Henry,

I was made aware of an article about Snowden which seems quite interesting. According to this article titled 'In 2009, Ed Snowden said leakers “should be shot.” Then he became one', Snowden was very much an anti-leaker and criticised the NY Times when they published an article about leaks from the NSA. Anyway, thought you might want to read it since I saw you wrote an article about Snowden which I wanted to say was very fair-natured of you. Tarpley has from the get go said that Snowden is a limited hangout operation and he is a distraction. I also think that he is genuine, but it is very likely that they are emphasizing on this story so much on purpose to distract from something else, such as Benghazi, Syria etc

Anyway, here is the article:

RON said (June 26, 2013):

I have a US Army manual on Cyber Security. I don't recall off the top of my head which General wrote it. They all are part of the same Egregore so they all write the same.

In the US Army Manual its opening statements quote Sun Tzu. "The acme of skill is not winning 100 out of 100 battles. The true acme of skill is to win the war without the battle". He goes on to state that we are in a perpetual state of war. Never ending ? He goes on to write several chapters later more about Sun Tzu quoting that if you do not know your enemy, don't go to war with him.

My point. The intelligence community is gathering more and more information, building Artificially Intelligence data bases to know their intended enemies. Yes.. I am saying that Illuminati controlled intelligence and military community wants to know the true enemy. The true enemy are those who want to be free. This is why they are coming for the guns. They military industrial complex has been buying ammunition to make ammo scarce and out of reach for most people.

I believe we are about to witness and artificially created event which has been scripted long ago. DHS just doesn't purchase 31,000 bullet proof check points not to use them. I see martial law coming in the US.

James said (June 26, 2013):

Another great article.

In order for your readers to fully comprehend the "events of the day" they might take lessons from Bobby Fischer, the greatest chess player of all time.

What we see and hear as "current events" are just "moves" on the "chessboard of the game".
The hullabaloo about Mr. Snowden's situation is just a move on the board. It is not a game breaker.

The goal of the game is explained on numerous web sites, yours being one of the best.

Mr Snowden's situation is a distraction for the moment. While the unprepared are fixated on his situation, other moves are being made that are more important to watch.

MG said (June 25, 2013):

Hey I just wanted to add my two-cents on this issue. My gut tell me this guy is a willing or un-willing dupe. As well there is two very interesting coincidences:

1 - The one written by C about the Bilderberg gathering and protest.


2 - That just around the same time as this Snowden guy exposes all this info. a Journalist by the name of Michael Hastings dies in a very suspicious car accident and everything points to the fact that this guy was about to expose huge info. about the CIA.

And of course the Main-stream Media is talking 99% about Snowden and 1% about Hastings.

KPR said (June 25, 2013):

I still haven't made up my mind about him - as others have stated, the Snowden/Greenwald connection and Greenwald's equivocating doesn't look good for the reality of this 'leak'. Nor does the fact that the media ran with this story out of the gate, when the media is usually so adept at burying whatever the Powers that Be wish buried. (And, since day one I had trouble with Snowden's run for Hong Kong as China would be one of the last places I'd run to for refuge).

But what might make this story legit is the fact that members of the media recently found themselves being spied upon by our lovelies in DC. This sent a shiver thru their collective spines. Mere weeks later come Snowden's 'revelations' (as I wrote at the time we already knew of this type of spying revealed by Snowden and I can't imagine there was a soul in the truth community that was in any way shocked when the info was released).

These coupled events may have been a spur in the side of our Fourth Estate to finally write and speak about aspects of this 'war on terror' they've previously ignored. There are gatekeepers in the media - we know this. But the fact remains that most journalists don't need gatekeepers. Most are oblivious because they've been inculcated with the lie that 'conspiracy theories' don't deserve consideration. And that the government has their and our best interests at heart.

The fact they too are being listened to and observed (it is said now every journo in DC is tracked whenever they enter a federal building so our fine government can learn from which office journalists received Off the Record info and quotes) and the idea that perhaps one will soon be prosecuted for his role in the passage of 'treasonous' information to the public may have lit the proverbial fire under the media's ass.

Time will tell.

But at the end of the day, treason should be defined as selling privileged information to foreign governments. Releasing info that directly affects Americans that otherwise would not have officially seen the light of day for another 25 or so years is not treason. Treason also takes place when my government violates my natural and constitutional rights by spying on me. We have plenty of prisons in this nation, so there's plenty of housing available for all the politicians and bureaucrats who support such evil.

C said (June 25, 2013):

Like you and other contributors to your site my guess would be that Snowden is a psyop designed to normalize and justify the idea of constant surveillance - hence all the bogus msm "polls" indicating that most people aren't bothered by the "revelations". Even the mainstream feminist Naomi Wolf has expressed suspicion about Snowden's improbably glamorous girlfriend (I haven't seen her myself) and suggested that he may be a double agent. The guy certainly looks like a photofit image of a tech geek. Also in the interview I saw with him his message was subtly defeatist, as in: The CIA will always get you in the end, ie., resistance is futile.

One other thing: this story made the headlines the day of the Bilderberg gathering just outside London - which coincided with the largest ever protests against Bilderberg. The leading British Bilderberger and UK government minister Kenneth Clarke was even forced to answer questions in parliament about Bilderberg.

How convenient for all of that to be taken off the front page by the Guardian "revealing" stuff that many already knew. Having said all of that I still think people should make a fuss about it.

This type of snooping destroys the whole basis of Civil Society. Where the powerful have the right to snoop on the masses everything is potentially compromised - from legal, medical and financial confidentiality to the integrity of the exam system. What, for example, is to stop insider trading or industrial espionage in such a world? And that's leaving aside the terrifying implications for personal privacy.

Robert said (June 25, 2013):

It is amazing to see how all the commercial media have converted the story into a narrow drama about the prospects for apprehension of Mr. Snowden, dropping the issue of the surveillance society and unethical and illegal governmental activities like a hot potato. Snowden is an insignificant aspect of the real matter at issue. Never has the external control of the media, whose purported interest is to keep communication open so the "news" can be reported, been more uniformly blatant.

Of course every time one of these scandals passes by without effective resolution and perpetrators being punished, it is as if the population has accorded it acceptance. If the NSA spying scandal subsides, the very notion of privacy will be extinguished, along with the foundational principles of free societies. As you say, the government will find an excuse to punish anyone it regards as a "trouble-maker", and the object lesson will cause the others to live in perpetual fear.

JG said (June 25, 2013):

I do believe Mr.Snowden's "plea" to be legitimate. There are a lot of young Americans out there working in the government sector that still believe in the Constitution and their country.
True, espionage is nothing new. But, patriotism is "dying on the vine" with multi-culturism and world trade. And, perhaps a world currency sooner than we think.

China and Russia don't want a conflict with America over this. They are just trying to give him "due process" as an American citizen seeking political asylum.

Unfortunately for Mr. Snowden, there are no more countries to run to that are totally sovereign of the NWO/Beast.

Carl said (June 25, 2013):

I think there is something more simple here. I am not suggesting that Snowden or Assange, or Manning are in fact double agents. What I am suggesting is that the Luciferians need a pretext to start the 3rd world war.

A nation can't quite start bombing another without that Franz Ferdinand moment. We are witnessing the part of the curve of the phi ratio where the events begin to happen more frequently so as to facilitate the moment when it is okay for sovereign nations to begin to enlist their people to go to slaughter. You see both sides of the dialectic (or process of change through the conflict of opposing forces) - We know that China was once British and that the ZIonists have already conquered Russia and placed their oligarchs to rule over the resources. Humans forget so quickly, the events of even 60 years.

It was not long ago that Putin made a chummy trip to meet with Bush after the successful false flag event of September 2001, which gave the previous reasoning to move into the middle east for oil and Israel. If Russia sends weapons to Syria (who shares the frontlines with Iran and Turkey) and US to rebels, we simply witness the gears of war turn one more time until the true alignment of conflict occurs.

Maybe you should take another look at Tarpley, this information is not new, nor is it a surprise that the US, (the nation that gave us the internet), is using it to mine every little detail imaginable.

We can't escape the fact that 1) Many of these whistleblowers are "controlled opposition." 2) That they are manageable examples to everyone else of what happens when you rat out a fascist government, so don't try it or you will be in jail for 30 years or worse. 3) Chess moves to the goal of culling the weak and saving the planet of all those overpopulated human centres with carbon dioxide poison emitting parasites/useless eaters.

Devi said (June 25, 2013):

The law is simple: don't hurt others, don't take or damage others' property and your word is your bond. If there is no victim, there is no crime. All these so-called "laws" are is code which is deviously contrived to make people think that they have to behave as the government wishes. They use sophistry to get people to contract with them through drivers licenses and contracts of behavior such as regularly paying your property taxes. The corporation that controls our area, Washington State, would have me believe that I'm a criminal if I take money for the milk from our cow.

However, that "law" only applies to persons, and I'm a human, not a person. They use sophistry to change the meanings of words, so that we believe that a person is a human. Deviously brilliant!

Robbie said (June 25, 2013):

In 1880, John Swinton, an editorial writer for the NYT, was the guest of honour at a banquet given him by the leaders of his craft. Someone offered a toast to the independent press. Swinton replied:

"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at