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Circumcision is Mother/Child Trauma Brainwashing

May 6, 2013

 Circumcision ("torture mutilation") is designed to destroy
 the bond between mother and son, and "freeze the mother's heart."

"The idea that a parallel intention of child mutilation is to freeze up the emotional powers of the mother with feelings of failure and guilt, came to me from my mother, sadly, after she had passed.  This theory has been affirmed by every mother with whom I've discussed the technology.  It's not accidental that the Illuminati use lies, violence and trauma to freeze up the feminine heart, and stifle its powers with feelings of rejection, failure and guilt."

(Editor's Note: While reserving judgment, I present this unconventional argument for your consideration.)

by Molecule

In his letter, [slave holder] Willie Lynch describes [the use of torture], by which slaveholders could "freeze" the hearts of the otherwise strong and caring mothers of future African slaves.

When she becomes a mother, each female experiences a DEEP intuitive desire to nurse and protect her young.  This is a deep and structural kind of "bodily knowledge." It may even run deeper than her desire for survival.  This characteristic protective desire of the feminine principle is one of the most powerful forces in nature.  The Illuminati and their forces of darkness have been unable to eradicate it, even after 350 million years of evolution.

The Willie Lynch's of the world are ceaselessly searching for new technologies of oppression.  They know that if a mother's evolutionary knowledge and deep sense of duty to protect can be somehow perverted, say by ritualistic brutal and violent humiliation, then this powerful force of nature can be "frozen out" and the process of evolution itself can be diverted for the benefit of the slave holder.

If the emotional system of the mother can be traumatized and frozen, she can then easily be infused with deep feelings of guilt and shame, and unnatural helplessness.  The powers of a  mother can then be easily controlled for purposes of stopping or even reversing evolution.  The Willie Lynches of this world need only invite the young slave mother to violate the pre-verbal knowledge that resides deep within her bosom. The feelings of guilt will begin to set in, by which she can then be controlled.  In order for this to work, the mother must never be allowed to talk about how SHE felt, about how she felt violated, about how HER HEART became frozen, as she was forced to witness the violent torture mutilation of her husband, father, or infant child (or any infant child for that matter).

What I will say next will not be easily understood by many readers. The primary goal of infant male genital torture mutilation (politely known as male circumcision) is to attack and freeze the heart of the young mother.  Her heart is attacked so as to gain control of her for religious and political mind control purposes.

With a frozen heart, she is controlled by the silent feelings of guilt that inevitably creep in.  It may seem paradoxical, but SHE, or actually the protective force of nature that beats within her bosom, is the actual target.

All of you cut-men out there, ask your mothers before they pass from this window of life, how THEY felt immediately after the torture mutilation of their child.  Ask her what were you like before torture mutilation, and what changes did she observe.  Would you look her in the eye?  Did you refuse her breast?  How did she feel about that?

It's also helpful to know when (how old you were) and where the operation was performed.  Also ask her what the doctor said and did just before he took you from your mother's arms, and if he prevented her from being a witness.  (The operation is bloody, painful and noisy, and once heard, the screams of a helpless infant child being tortured would given any mother nightmares ... they are never to be forgotten.)

Listen carefully and warmly, with total love and forgiveness in your heart.  You will be witness as the memories of pain that have been frozen in her heart for all these years slowly begin to thaw out, right in front of you.  That silence of your mother, was a suffering of your mother's heart.  The pain that you have long forgotten was nothing compared to the pain that had been hiding, "frozen" within her young mother's heart, all these years.)


It's a medical fact that after this painful "ritual," the infant child is returned to its mother in a neuro-chemically frozen, or "catatonic," state.  For months, the levels of cortisol (the hormone of death) will be at 1.5 times over pre-torture baseline in the limbic brain stem, and in the left trunk of the sympathetic nerve system, which covers the digestive system and the heart.  After studies of MK-Ultra, it is now fully documented that the traumatized infant child will refuse to trust its parents. 

The Bible calls this distrust, "circumcision of the infant's heart."  The distrust is deep and pre-verbal, i.e. at "pre-formative" levels.  It is not an accidental side effect of the intentional trauma.  The child will also refuse to look its mother in the eye, potentially forever.  Before its torture mutilation, it loved to trust its mother, and gaze into her beautiful symmetrical face, forming images at the deepest formative levels, all the while beaming pure innocence and joy. 

The Willie Lynch treatment puts an end to that.  The traumatized child will also refuse to attach to and nurse its mother, often for periods up to 6 to 18 months.  The modern versions of Willie Lynch, aka our medical doctors, know that this refusal to nurse will produce a deep sense of guilt in the  mother.  For many, the rejection shuts down her breast feeding system totally, and she is forced to bottle feed.  The medical Willie Lynches know without breast milk, the development of the child's immune system becomes stunted.

Life being what it is, the child eventually digests the trauma, and the cortisols re-establish at a new baseline.  However, the guilt and shame in the mother's heart are silent.  They can never fully heal until she learns to break free and fully honor her maternal instincts. 

Unfortunately, in our modern medicated slave society, she will never be allowed to talk freely about how SHE too was traumatized.  This emotional "freezing out" of the mother's heart is the real and actual target of the modern Willie-Lynch treatment that mothers and infant children receive in the maternity wards of modern American (Pentagon-controlled) hospitals. 

Yes, doctors of Illuminati medicine will bark and quack in unison ... "there are 'other purposes' for torture mutilation of an infant child."  However, none of them make any damn sense, and ALL of them are PURE EVIL.


Further Study-

Thought Crime Radio: Voices for the Human Rights of Babies ( has references to modern research, including a summary by Rich Winkel titled "A Human Rights Primer."  It also has audio archives with in depth discussions of modern technology of misogyny and the mistreatment of women and children by the American hospital system.
In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child ( has references to modern research, including classic summary reports by Dr. Paul M. Fleiss, MD.

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Comments for "Circumcision is Mother/Child Trauma Brainwashing"

James said (May 11, 2013):

Bill Gates' foundation recently supported massive circumcision in Africa to help prevent AIDS, this is of course, quackery at it's worst, removal of
protective skin will not prevent an STD such as AIDS, nor will it cure the disease or confer immunity (they're advertising it as a prophylactic, which is ludicrous as it has nothing to do with the virulence of that particular disease, abstinence is what will reduce
the infection rates.) this is taking advantage of the native population's ignorance on the subject, and promoting a sick talmudist practice that irreversibly damages an individual. Anything saying to remove Healthy and Hygienic foreskin from a person is biased, and I'd
even go so far as to say it is so biased to conform to the mechanations of the Zionist devil worshipers, given the bizarre "support" in the medical cabal for such, despite lack of solid
evidence. Circumcision has no health benefit. (see: )

Mahdokt said (May 7, 2013):

If done the way Talmud instructs I agree it is a cruel horrible disfiguring process

If done the way it was done by Abraham I disagree completely there is a world of difference between the two types of circumcision

The one done by Judaism is a horrible and evil copy of the scriptural circumcision

I can believe what this person writes about the trauma and harm it does it is horrific as some of the rabbis even use their nails to scratch away living tissue a disgusting thing

I have studied somewhat on circumcision and have quite a few testimonies from males none of them suffered any negative effects at all

Many of them reported increased sexual ability and problems with prostate gland in older men decreased remarkably the wives reported increased libido in their older husbands after scriptural circumcision

Raihan said (May 7, 2013):

For the first time after having been reading your articles, all of them for the last 2 years, i'm inclined to disagree with an article.
I'm a muslim, and as far as i know circumcision was prevalent in Islam even before Prophet Mohammed, that is long before the illuminati or kabala or banking cartels or knight templars. Circumcision(males only) was practised by Muslims and jews.
And here in Dubai where i was born and raised, the very 2nd day of the delivery circumcision is carried out after numbing the area. Female circumcision is unheard of in our culture or place.
Also male circumcision is done because its been scientifically proven that the extra foreskin causes hygienic problems due to the pee not being cleaned of well due to the folded foreskin. Sir, i must also include that this hasn't been hardwired or indoctrinated into my system.
But i must agree that circumcision at any age above 1 or so is cruel, but normally what i witness and have been witnessing is circumcision at the very 2nd day. True that back in my native in India, circumcision is carried out when the boy is 9 or 10 years old and its celebrated ceremonially which is very unpleasant.
But i fail to see/understand how it severs a bond/tie between mother and son.

Gene said (May 7, 2013):

Circumcision is certainly trauma. The obvious assumption in circumcision is that God is not smart because he made man with a foreskin, but we can fix God's stupidity. To claim that God wants man to induce trauma on his innocents as a sign of devotion to him is primitive, barbaric, and certainly jeopardizes any advocate's credibility in the belief of a loving God.

Art said (May 7, 2013):

I've managed to glean the following re circumcision:

It became a substitute for first-born male sacrifice.
The condition being that the child should bleed.
The priest would suck the blood from the wound.

This is not meant to challenge God's presence in scripture. But encounters such as those recorded by Ezekiel must be, to my mind, encounters with aliens, or, inter dimensional beings.

Seriously, does God need a space ship!?

Many a circular synagogue looks like a flying saucer of sorts.

The fact is that the ancient Jews/ Hebrews had contact with these beings through their appointees, THE PRIESTS.

& the priests have become the Illuminati. So Rocky & Roth are His Master's Voice.

Joanna said (May 7, 2013):

my personal story is that I was carrying twins one a boy. I prayed for them daily and ate well. I was blessed with names for them before they came into conception and so I called them by name as they were being formed.

It was in the fifth month of my pregnancy that I started to make plans for my son's circumcision. It was my way of dedicating him to The Lord. Not for any religions purpose or affiliation. To honor God and his first promise to Abraham. Now being familiar with grace and not needing to abide by the law for God's favor but strictly as a symbolic gesture to The Living God. Not to put myself above any or look down at any. Only being led by a profound truth.

My son along with his beautiful sister were born prematurely. I waited until my son was strong and heathy I didn't do it at the hospital. I did it at home. It was quick he let out a short whimper and fell asleep in my arms. I cared for him for his body, and asked God to keep His hand on my son. Of my three children my son is the only one who nursed.

Now the only guilt I felt was from the la leche league. What vipers they were. Their fear and boorish behavior sent me into a deep deep depression and feelings of failure. With my first pregnancy. They were not allowed to enter my room for my second pregnancy.

When I think about my short comings as a mother my inability to at times exhibit patience, I reflect on this special time with my boy and think how precious he is to me and to His Heavenly Father. If ever three should come a time when my son-comes to me add a man to inquire why I had done this to him, I will confidently tell him the account and why and show him in the scriptures how God used this to gesture ” the veil ” being torn away between God and man.

LM said (May 6, 2013):

I am glad you put that disclaimer on that piece. It is in a nutshell, bunk.

If you want more defendable examples of 'brainwashing' between parents and children, try:

1. the umpteen dozens of vaccines given to kids nowadays and the threatening manner the health authorities use against parents who don't want their kids vaccinated.

2. The ever-increasing morally-sewerish, secular government schools and how they treat kids and parents that have traditional Biblical values.

3. "Entertainment" TV that continually shoves secular relativistic morals down your throat anytime you turn the thing on, to the point there's hardly anything safe to watch. Better off watching exactly what you want off dvd. I mean find me a show with a strong father figure that doesn't have the kids teaching him how to be a dad, or married to a wife who only responds to him with sarcastic barbs, a real man who's in charge of his house.

Tony said (May 6, 2013):

The article on circumcision is basically right. I relate here my own story:

Circumcision was something that my family acquiesced to by the propaganda pushed by the jewish/illuminati misfits. I was born a healthy boy but within a week the operation was performed. I screamed for three days afterward then fell into a coma. Doctors didn't know what happened and my mother was beside herself after the event. What the doctors discovered was that my whole glandular system had stopped working. In fact on two occasions doctors called my parents to say goodbye to me as, in their view, I would die.

In my own mind, articulated here from feelings I had at the time, I couldn't understand why they would do this to me, to create pain via their (as it is stated in the article) 'torture mutilation technique'. I believed that if this is what being born into this world was about; I wanted to leave .... and turned my whole glandular off to achieve it.

However, I didn't die (the doctor perplexed with his dilemma that nothing he tried was working) had a dream. In that dream he saw himself at the edge of a shore passing sand through his fingers.

When he awoke it flashed to him that he hadn't tried salt. That day he returned to work to try 'salt' as a possible therapy .... and it worked. Hence I was the first recorded case of Addison's disease being cured. Previously all diagnosis's for the disorder were made at post-mortem.

From my mother's perspective, the guilt she felt was immeasurable, and although it could have frozen her heart ... fortunately it did the opposite.

She poured upon me more love and protection for her guilt in allowing this to occur. It certainly had a profound effect on me though (effects that are too long to discuss here) and it wasn't until I was around 37 years old to fully appreciate.

But they were profound and I would have no hesitation in understanding the imbalance that occurs for men in their relationship with women until these life diverting events are dealt with. Simply stated, it profoundly effects both mother and child, and is an abomination upon our society to continue it's abusive nature.

I am happy to provide more information if asked for.

Great article Henry ... it should be recognized for what truth is contained within it as I can personally testify.

Anitra said (May 6, 2013):

Although infant mutilation is favored among Satanists, to make comparisons to infant circumcision is unfair to that of proper, Biblical circumcision.

It is scientifically known now that Vitamin K and prothrombin levels are at the perfect peak levels on the 8th day of life for a male to cause blood coagulation that is important for circumcision surgery. It doesn't seem possible at that time of Abraham that they would know this but, our Creator specifically said the 8th day. This is indicative to me, that this is not Talmudic, but Scriptural, and desired to be done by the One who created us and who has the right to demand as He wishes. How else would anyone else know to do this at that specific time. For some people to charge this as mutilation is again falling into the trap of believing that man's found knowledge is supreme to divine knowledge and wisdom.

This is encroaching the area of satanic rebellion deriving from pride/arrogance which is the sole reason for the existence of the Illuminati in the first place, and of course the purpose of websites such as yours, in attempt to expose them. In my opinion, I think it might be a good idea to steer away from such topics because like so many feminists, racists, homosexualists, etc. it can come across as being somewhat fanatical.

Robert said (May 6, 2013):

Hello Henry. Circumcision is male genital mutilation. I know.I had myself circumcised in my 20's because of a woman. It was one of the worst decisions if not worst I have ever made.

Sensitivity is lost in the male and sex is not as good.I went through feelings of mass depression due to it.I am willing to bet that impotence in men does not occur in the uncircumcised.It really is a barbaric act. That foreskin belongs to the child. It is his. If a man wants to do it when he is older then I guess the choice is his. But I try to tell any expectant parents I encounter, "Please to not circumcise your son. What you take away from him is not yours.You have no authority to make that choice."


Thanks Robert,

I accept your testimony and probably would not circumcise a male son, if I had another; but I wonder if uncircumcised men are able to satisfy women if their sensitivity is so heightened?


Hello Henry, Well lemme explain the best way I can. Yes my penis was more sensitive, but it was a wand compared to the broomstick end I now have. I would initially ejaculate earlier but was able to reload quickly and go on for extended sessions without getting tired, one ejaculation after another, which is a nice thing for a committed monogamous couple to enjoy. I believe in heterosexual monogamy and consider it the most potent way to enjoy sex.

The foreskin acted like a natural lubricant. Let me be precise however, a man if he is a man can satisfy a lady whether he is snipped or unsnipped. An uncut man may let off his first one quicker than a cut man, but will be able to reload very easily. The nerve centers in foreskin are vital. I had a much better lovelife pre-circ. Whether it has a mental side to it due to my adjusting to the "new me" could be part of it. Uncut is the way a man should remain. How many girls would want their clitoris cut???

Every girl is different and some prefer the uncut man, others the cut one. I am speaking from my own experience. To any who say it is cleaner and healthier, I say,Well if you never want cavities,I reckon you could pull all your teeth,or if you never want dandruff,you could shave your head. Anyway,I stand by what I wrote. Cutting a male off from his foreskin is wrong! thanks for posting what I sent ya..

Joe said (May 6, 2013):

Yes circumcision is evil. Why should God create foreskin in the first place? Since its so painful, I believe it causes a re-wiring of the brain. There is also a link between it and perversion and a lot of serial killers were circumcised.

Al said (May 6, 2013):

This article makes sense to me, however, I don't believe in evolution as I consider it junk science.

There is no other reason I can think of as to why circumcision exists. In order for it to be valid, one would have to think that God made a man with a foreskin, only to have it cut off after 8 days of life. Jews have an old joke that says that Jews are optimistic because they have it cut off before they know how long it's going to be.But I see nothing in nature that would suggest that such a thing is commanded to man by God, other than some scribble in a book. This is why I verify commandments with nature itself to verify its credibility.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit that some Talmudic Jew made this practice up in order to not only brainwash mother, father, and child, but also to pervert the child's sexual understanding. I can't proof it, but it is my opinion. Why else would such a thing be done to a little boy?

This is a perfect example of not believing everything that one reads. For me, anything I read must pass the stink test, and in my view, circumcision does not make the grade.

Thanks Al,

Have you heard the one about the purpose of circumcision: Jewish women insist on a 10% discount?



JG said (May 6, 2013):

What happens in the early stages after birth can determine behavior that we are not even aware of. Sigmund Freud treated many alcoholics and found that a very high number of them were not breastfed. He said that subconsciously you carried an attitude of being deprived all the way into adulthood.

Stuart said (May 6, 2013):

I love your work. Thank you for all that you do. Your site is among a few that I visit every day. However, your rants against circumcision are just not founded. I don't quite understand where you're coming from, or going to, by saying circumcision is harmful to mother and child. I couldn't disagree more, neither can doctors who know the benefits of circ, and most importantly, neither can God. It was GOD who ordered circumcision on the 8th day.

Guess when vitamin K, needed to clot that blood, is at it's most in the entire life of a human? Yep.....the 8th day. In other words, God created the human body to accept circumcision on that 8th day. I may be out of line here, but it's like I see that you're upset with what "Jewish" people have enforced upon society, and you've been in the front lines. Fake Jews can be blamed, and justifiably so, for a great many travesties, but saying that circumcision is nefarious is to blapheme God. Luckily, we (Jews and Gentiles) don't live under the Old Law any longer. "Neither is circumcision anything, nor uncircumcision".

I completely agree with your synopsis that the elite are trying to destroy the family unit, and in particular strong, heterosexual, white males. Every TV show and commercial shows some minority, or some woman, or some minority woman, exercising dominance over man. It is sickening, but so obvious that the whole world can see it, and is beginning to reject it, thanks to the efforts of people like yourselves. I believe satanic abuse SRA, is rampant, and a demonic scourge that the people are going to have to eradicate from our society, along with the criminals performing it. Keep up the great work, sir.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at