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Steven Greer & the Promise of Alien Contact

April 22, 2013

grerr1.jpgSteven Greer 57, is an ex-ER physician who has amassed a convincing case that aliens have taken an interest in mankind. He is very much like Alex Jones -- charismatic, intelligent, egotistical, micro-managing, secretive and overbearing.  Both are archetypical prima donnas, craving star attention and association with the A-list.  Unlike Jones, Greer failed to build on his momentum.  Alien contact and its promise for human transformation has never materialized.  David Shewchuk asks, "Why?"

The cover-up regarding alien contact is needed to prevent advanced technology from being publicly available. That technology would transform society and break down the existing economic and political order. 

[Editor's Note: By posting this article, I do not wish to imply endorsement of alien contact. I reserve judgment.]

by David Shewchuk

I owe a personal debt to Steven Greer for opening doors for me to experience things that few humans have.  Nothing I write here changes that but we must try to be objective about any public figure.  
Greer's success in contacting alien civilizations in the early 1990s shook up the UFO community, many of whom were envious of his quick rise. He also rattled the military-intelligence complex who took a direct interest in his activities.  He has met the Rockefellers, the CIA, DIA, NSA, NRO and many military, corporate and political major players in multiple countries.  

Not surprisingly, he received a storm of accusations and threats.  There were attempts to co-opt him similar to those used on Aaron Russo.  U.S. Congressman Steve Schiff of Arizona died under suspicious circumstances in 1998 when he was working with Greer.  (See Note below)


Greer sees no threat coming from aliens.  The problem is the military-industrial-intelligence community allied to American-European money that controls the world's energy, media, entertainment, politics, military, intelligence and medicine.  According to Greer, part of this group wants reform but a violent delinquent subset is intimidating the others.  They are obsessed with maintaining their power and have apocalyptic agendas. 
The cover-up regarding alien contact is needed to prevent advanced technology from being publicly available. That technology would transform society and break down the existing economic and political order. 

If Greer is consciously part of a psy-op then it is the most elaborate and complex imaginable. Such an operation would constantly be on the verge of breaking down and frankly, it is not needed.  Has he made a deal to stay clear of certain things in return for being left alive?  Perhaps, but that too might not be necessary.  One does not have to "turn" a person to make them ineffective. 

Greer is an example of how someone with honorable goals can act in a self-defeating fashion.  Each of us has personal complexities that prevent their audience from expanding.  They are maneuvered into a certain category and marginalized. 
Greer can be very open and lively in his enthusiasm and a short time later arrogant and evasive.  The list of good, motivated people that he turns off is very long and he seems oblivious and dismissive of it. 
His fear of having his efforts diverted is something of a legend. He is very hands-on, trusting very few people. He even ignores suggestions that will bring in the money he constantly cries for. 
He has a group of advisers and other contacts who have helped him through the minefields of dealing with the military-intelligence complex.  There are two sides to that.  It would be easy to genuinely help him in some areas while diverting him in others.  This is a classic tactic.  Greer knows that the lie is different at every level but does he realize how far that goes? 
(Greer's new movie Sirius was released Monday)

In 2008, he was asked which of the candidates (of Hillary, McCain and Obama) was most likely to reveal anything.  His immediate reply was Barrack Obama.  His argument was that Obama was less beholden to the existing power structure.  This political naivety (at least in public) is typical of him.  It was easily discernible that Obama was the most beholden, had the least latitude of movement, and was the least likely to do anything. 
Beyond the many dozens of UFO witnesses documented in his books and videos, he says that he has hundreds more.  The release of testimonies in 2001 made genuine headway. (See Disclosure Project)  Further such releases would have been a logical next step.  Despite urging, he refused to produce further videos stating there was not enough money.  In fact, there were many offers of money and donations in labour that would have made it a simple matter.  Further material would have brought in more money, donations and momentum but Greer would have had to expand his circle of trust and lighten up on micromanagement of his operations. 

His eloquent appeals for a mass rise in consciousness and wide public pressure for a breakdown of secrecy are mainly theoretical. He is not well geared to encourage it after the speech is delivered. 


In 2003, his concentration moved from disclosure witnesses to pursue "over-unity" energy producing devices.  I remember when he first spoke of seeing such a device in 2003.  A breakthrough was imminent but suddenly, the developer had cold feet and would not follow through.  I sensed that this would be the pattern, hoping to be proven wrong.  It is simple to let Greer close to one of these devices and then pull the rug out at the last second having wasted more time, energy and credibility. 
The resulting frustration has seen many older witnesses die never having their stories released.  It is tragic that they placed their faith in Greer only to be left idle.  He could have allowed others to fulfill this task but relinquishing control is something he would not do.

Presently, he is coming out with a movie titled "Sirius" that intends to bring alien civilizations and over-unity energy to a wider public. Again hoping to be wrong, one can predict that this movie will be a flashy repackaging of old news.  If there had been a new significant disclosure or breakthrough, it would not wait for a movie.  The logo of the production company "neverending light productions" is also not encouraging.
See it and the trailer for the movie here. 

While Steven Greer treads water, the control group he sees as a threat has not.  A slow evolutionary march to final alien disclosure allows them to tailor it to their nefarious purposes. 

Schiff_Steven.jpgNOTE ON Congressman Steve Schiff - "In 1993, five-term congressman Steve Schiff from New Mexico, under pressure from constituents, came to believe that there was something to the Roswell story and asked the Government Accounting Office to thoroughly review every piece of evidence old and new. For awhile, it seemed that at last a pronouncement from an official government agency might be forthcoming. But the GAO report, issued on July 28, 1995, said that all the important government documents about the Roswell incident were inexplicably destroyed over forty years previously. Schiff, however, kept up the pressure and became the congressional point man for continued probes. He personally investigated the Santilli alien autopsy film about which he said, 'It looked real to me.' Less than three years after the GAO inquiry, on March 25, 1998, Schiff died of a particularly aggressive form of skin cancer after a one-year battle. He was 51. So ended another promising crusade."  Shewchuck:  "Schiff, Greer and one of Greer assistants all acquired cancer simultaneously after a very strange experience at a meeting in Washington.  Only Greer survived.  His cancer was a metastasized variety on the skin but a metastasized cancer requires that it first exist in another part of the body.  This was never found despite very extensive medical procedures and remains a mystery. " 

Note on Movie "Sirius" by Shewchuk -

"My prediction that it would repackage old news was very accurate.  The only new item was an expose on this small humanoid specimen that was found in Chile.  It is undergoing analysis by established people at Stanford and elsewhere.  There is no claim that it is an ET.  That is just one possibility.  Others include an undiscovered mutation or separate earth-arising species.  As of now, it remains a bizarre anomaly.  However, the arguments that it is a manufactured hoax or some kind of fetus are rapidly losing credibility. Too many serious investigators have looked it over with the latest technology and have rejected those theories. 

 if one has been following what Greer has been doing over the years than indeed there is nothing new here.  On the other hand, if you are not familiar with him, this is a light, non-critical introduction. 

The important thing that has to be pointed out is in regard to the CE-5 expeditions.  The few thousand who have gone on a successful such expedition (not all of them are successful) or the millions who have had unplanned encounters, have no doubts about alien civilizations as it becomes a simple fact of life for them, as real as you and me having a conversation. Those who have not, even those who are convinced by the more public evidence are going to think in different terms as will the hardened skeptics and cynics (the vast majority of whom make ridiculous but understandable statements).  This communications gap/disconnect is very difficult to bridge.  The Sirius film does not tackle this issue except to briefly mention that CE-5 encounters can be life changing.  In that way, it was a lost opportunity. "

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Comments for "Steven Greer & the Promise of Alien Contact "

Paul said (April 24, 2013):

Dr (MS) Greer is found in a discussion in this u-tube video:

Some way in, he clearly intimates, if offhandedly, that he had years ago taken it upon himself, is spite of the obvious national security implications, to make regular contact with members of similarly-minded 'peace-groups' inside the Soviet Union during what was obviously the Cold War.

Such groups were riddled with KGB informers / agents and sometimes KGB officers themselves, and thoroughly manipulated for Soviet ends. In considering the Russian Intelligence-run RT TV channel, which by nature takes every opportunity it finds to embarrass western nations with dissenters and / or whistle-blowers, almost daily, it is ominous, an anomaly, that Greer's programs do not appear (to my knowledge at least) on RT. This might suggest that his relationship with the Russians is more enduring (airing his programs would reveal that and is thus avoided), whether or not he is aware of it (he could be manipulated without his knowing).

The encouragement to come forward with classified information is as strong as ever and on one of Greer's websites, he now mentions that to-date 'over 500' Military, Intelligence and other professionals have come forward. There is no doubt he is a potentially dangerous man, and one that can undoubtedly get people into a lot of trouble.

Most importantly, and this is the glaring fact 'hiding out in the open' - is that regardless of whether so-called terrestrial or extraterrestrial 'UFOs' exist, Dr Greer in his limitless enthusiasm (if that is the case - and it's the kindest face we can put upon it) is constantly soliciting classified information from the Military, Intelligence and Scientific communities. It is, needless to say, inconceivable that Enemy CI ( 国家安全部and Служба Внешней Разведки ) in Hebei and Yasenevo are not monitoring this closely for exploitation of any IC penetration opportunities that may present themselves. There lays a question mark.

Henrique said (April 22, 2013):

This is bullshit. While nothing can be said with certainty about this subject ( and that's exactly why con artists of the establishment keep bringing it up, cause if you don't believe you can easily be shamed into submission - the "oh just open your mind" technique ) what CAN be said is that if there is extraterrestrial life, they never interfered in human affairs, and there's no need to believe they will in the near future.

"That technology would transform society and break down the existing economic and political order ". Another bullshit argument. With the current technology, the economical and political order could be changed, but there is no willing to do it, specially from the Elite and the speaking classes below it ( intellectuals, media ). You don't need a super-high-tech revelation to change the world; you need to want it.

That the Elite has a LOT of hidden science and technology should not a mystery for any thinking person, for knowledge is power, and why the hell do you think they would have any kind of "moral obligation" to share it with you ? They don't wanna share power, obviously; they give you what you need to destroy yourself ( computer included ) and to waste your life naval-gazing, looking for reptilians and/or waiting for the rapture.

After Erich Von Daniken and David Icke ( and all the money and promotion behind them ), the herd is ready to swallow anything . Take a look at "Ancient Aliens Debunked" on youtube.

Rajnesh said (April 22, 2013):

Why can this not be a monster produced secretly in a human stem cell research lab ? Do not fall for this scam. There is a deliberate promotion of the alien theme going on to usher in the NWO. They want to have a reason to be your master and for you to be their slave.

The reason they will want you to believe, is that they are superhumans and therefore deserve to be your masters. They already are in private control of cutting edge incredible secret technology and will suddenly start to use that to make the alien theme look realistic.

Expect more earthquakes, floods, meteor blasts, strange disease and pestilence, strange light and sound phenomena in sky, and the emergence of a superclass of humans claiming to be part aliens and therefore gods. Get ready to be their slaves.


The parasitic elite have amassed a huge inventory of highly advanced technology. We the people keep producing all this incredible technology, but it gets stolen by a vast sophisticated network of peer review, patent system, and funded research. One of the most brilliant scientists ever to walk on the surface of this planet is Dr Rusi Taleyarkhan. He discovered cold fusion in a bubble. As soon as he made the announcement it seems his career was destroyed on flimsy grounds. He was humiliated and hounded, but his discovery was never questioned and still stands on its own merit. This poor man was decimated and all his dreams and lifetime of hard work stolen. A few months later a private company filed patents for the cold fusion technology developed by Dr Rusi Taleyarkhan. How predictable! This is just a small example of how the PE are collecting incredible advanced technologies and sometime in the near future are planning to use it to enslave us. This is the story behind the " Aliens are coming" theme being drummed all around us these days.

John said (April 22, 2013):

Roswell did actually happen! LTC Corso wrote a book about it before he died. He personally worked with the "Roswell file" under Gen Twining. He also got a glimpse of the "ETS" shortly after they were recovered from New Mexico years before. President Harry Truman refered to it as the "nut file". Corso claims Laser Technology and Integraded Circuit Technology were passed on to the American corporate sector. I do believe this!

Marcos (Brazil) said (April 22, 2013):

It is becoming more clear each day that a Great Deception is being developed by the Illuminati and the Luciferians. It will be the rendezvous with the aliens.

I suggest people check the book "ExoVaticana" by Thomas Horn. Even the Church is being duped into receiving aliens which will bring a new world order and promises of new technologies and eternal life. Or just read the article about the movie Prometheus on this very website. The warnings are all around us.

The main objective of Luciferian magic is to allow evil spirits to materialize in this world. It seems somehow in these end times, this is increasingly happening, because portals have been opened or because God has allowed it as judgment for humankind's wickedness.

Aliens are spiritual beings, demons, who are able to briefly appear in our realm. That's why UFOs can turn abruptly, why aliens disappear like smoke, why "orbs" are invoked by rituals. They also flee when anyone calls on Jesus' name. Of course they seem to have extraordinary science, because they can manipulate supernatural energy we don't comprehend (tricks).

Beware of the message these aliens will bring. They will say they are anti-Illuminati, that they will liberate us from need and want, that all religions are false, that Jesus was an alien. Everything will be OK, as long as we follow the Luciferian antiChrist. Thanks, I will pass.

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