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Yes Virginia, There is a Masonic Jewish Conspiracy

December 24, 2016


(Left, Even Santa conceals something sinister)

I am old enough to remember when Christmas was

a joyous religious celebration of the birth of Christ and the Gospel of Love. 

The suppression of Christmas is a symptom of

the cancer that infects mankind. We have been

subverted by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, that is responsible for war, terror and cultural degradation in general. Society is  satanically possessed.  We can resist by celebrating Christmas more vigorously than ever.

by Henry Makow PhD.

The Conspiracy is Against God ( from Dec.25, 2014)

Every year, there is a little less Christ in Christmas, a little less Christian spirit.

The spirit of giving now is confined to exchanging gifts. Scarcely is there a mention of Christian love. We can't even say "Merry Christmas." That might offend some people, Satanists perhaps. God is Love. Satanists aren't big fans of Love. They have a lot of clout.

christmas_carolers.gifThis year (2016) it seems we have thrown in the towel and resigned ourselves to celebrating the "holidays." There are fewer decorations and carols.  77% of Americans identify as Christians but it seems only minorities have rights. Only minorities can be "offended."

We don´t even hear the usual protests. It's been a seamless transition. Christmas celebrations, once so intense and beautiful, have become a thing of the past. None of this is by accident.

Incredible and bizarre as this sounds, a satanic cult, the Illuminati, rules the world. The Illuminati consist of  Cabalist Jews and their Freemason go-fers who are empowered by the central banking cartel, namely the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers etc.

Their aim is to translate their private monopoly over credit (currency) into a monopoly over everything similar to Communism.

While they pay lip service to religion, they worship Lucifer. Their agents control the world's media, education, business and politics. These agents may think they're only pursuing success, but success these days often literally means serving the devil.

This conspiracy would not be possible without the active complicity and passive acquiescence, not to mention the venality and credulity of most Gentiles.

Prisoners of their wealth, the Illuminati pretend to be moral while working to enslave humanity in a New World Order. The Protocols of Zion is their blueprint.

ruins.jpgHiroshima, Dresden, Auschwitz were sacrifices to their god Lucifer. They are responsible for the two World Wars, the Great Depression and the Cold War; Sept. 11, and the Iraq, Afghanistan, Syrian and Ukrainian wars.  Illuminati Jews (NeoCons) seem to be preparing a Third World War. They have to destroy the world because they can't abide a world that isn't cast in their image.

Satanists are motivated by hatred of God and humanity. They turn good and evil on its head as way of spitting in God's eye and serving Lucifer. They define man as an animal governed by base instincts and deny the existence of our soul and spiritual ideals. They acknowledge the existence of God but deliberately defy and displace Him. 

Their goal is to invert reality so that healthy is made to seem perverse; natural seem unnatural; beautiful seem ugly; and truth seem lies, and vice versa.

Essentially these Satanists want to redefine reality according to their self interest and perversions. This is the cancer from which we suffer.


 The Illuminati created Communism as a prototype of the New World Order. Karl Marx was hired to sell totalitarian rule ("the dictatorship of the proletariat") by pretending to espouse equality. He was a Cabalist Jew and Satanist as were Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin.

richard1.jpgIn his book, Marx and Satan (1986) Richard Wurmbrand, a Jew who converted to Christianity, illustrates Marx`s true hatred of God and humanity. As early as 1848, Marx wrote about a "coming world war" that will eliminate "riffraff" like Russians, Czechs and Croats.

"The coming world war will cause not only reactionary classes and dynasties, but also entire reactionary peoples, to disappear from the face of the earth. And that will be progress...the revolution...cares as little about the human lives it an earthquake cares about the houses it ravages. Classes and races that are too weak to dominate the new conditions...will be defeated...their very name will vanish." (42)

In his poem Human Pride Marx writes that he will "wander Godlike and victorious through the ruins of the world... I will feel equal to the Creator."(31)

Wurmbrand, a pastor who was imprisoned in Romania, says Communism is Satanism empowered. Christians weren't just brutally persecuted and murdered, they were made to blaspheme. Communism's goal, the goal of the New World Order, is to mock God and to praise Lucifer. A Communist newspaper confessed,"We fight against God: To snatch believers from him."(77)

20140127-marx-x624-1390864648.jpg(Marx making Masonic handsign)

According to Wurmbrand, the Russian Revolution was a time when "love, goodwill, and healthy feeling were considered mean and retrograde. A girl hid her innocence, and husbands their faithfulness. Destruction was praised as good taste, neurasthenia as the sign of a fine mind. This was the theme of new writers who burst on the scene out of obscurity. Men invented vices and perversion, and were fastidious in their avoidance of being thought moral." (85)

The Luciferians portray their rebellion against God and nature as progress and freedom. This permissiveness refers only to tearing down the Divine order. In the initiation into the Seventh degree of Satanism, the adept swears, "Nothing is true and everything is permitted." In the Communist Manifesto, Marx said all religion and morals will be abolished and everything permitted.


One of Richard Wurmbrand's brothers attained the highest ranks in the Jewish lodges of the Masonry and became grand Master. One day, the two brothers, one Christian, the other Freemason, had a very vivid discussion.

RICHARD-  How could you conceive that the few millionsJews take over and control and govern the almost five billion non-Jews?

masonic initiation.jpgBROTHER- We have enough adepts. Some of them know they are our men, others do not, but all of them are at our disposal, and we'll be their god. We created the Freemasonry and Communism; and through Communism, Capitalism, Materialism and Humanitarianism, we already gave a Jewish spirituality to the whole world. Day after day the world is more and more Jewish. We, the Jews, we are the ferment of the 20th century.

RICHARD- The  Messiah already came for us.

BROTHER- No. That one was a traitor to the chosen people.
                    Because the Jewish people even is the Messiah!

RICHARD- The Jewish people is full of sins and disobey the commandments we received from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, therefore this people cannot be Messiah, the saint and perfect. That perfect and saint was and remains only Jesus Christ.

BROTHER-- We hate you, the Christians, and you, Richard, you are a traitor to our people. When we shall build again the Temple of Salomon, we shall build in the city of Jerusalem the highest monument in the world, and on it shall be written: "Never forget what the Christians did to you."

RICHARD- You will destroy yourself. There is no more heaven for you, because beyond your materialism you have no other aim, no ideal.


Satanists have conditioned us to short circuit at the mention of religion. They've made God seem mysterious, unknowable or non-existent.

water1.jpegChrist said, "God is a Spirit, obey Him in spirit and in truth." (John 4:23,24). God is Absolute Love, Truth, Justice, Goodness and Beauty. If you believe these things are real, whether you accomplish them or not, you believe in God.

Love is the principle of human evolution. God wants to be manifested by His creation. "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father who is in heaven is perfect," (Matthew 5:48). The more we embody spiritual ideals, the more God-like and Real we become. The opposite is also true.

We sacrifice ourselves for what we love. If we love God, we sacrifice ourselves to Him. People ask how to fight the New World Order. Nothing would disturb the Illuminati more than a revival of belief in God. Millions willing to fight and die for God would scare the hell out of them.


We are being degraded and prepared for slavery or destruction. The mass media (movies, music and video games, TV) creates an alternate fantasy and suppresses reality. The obsession with promiscuity, nudity, bodily functions, ugliness, discord, violence, trivia, gender bending and homosexuality constitutes a relentless satanic assault on our mind and soul. We are being inducted into a satanic cult.

cyrus.jpg(Miley Cyrus- Entertainers are mind controlled satanists. Cyrus transformed from "good girl" Hannah Montana, and now serves as a negative role model for millions of young girls.)

If our leaders weren't Luciferians, the media and the arts would be preoccupied with issues of truth and falsehood, good and evil, beauty and ugliness. We would be uplifted and inspired. History would be exposed not suppressed.

Instead, our souls are fed sawdust, starved of positive role models and inspiration. We are treated like cattle.

If the llluminati's real purpose is to eliminate God, it follows we should make God the centre of our consciousness. People ask, "What should we do?" Don't look for direction from others. Look for direction from Scripture, and from God within, pure consciousness. 

This is what the Illuminati fears. In the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (5) the author writes: "There is nothing more dangerous to us than personal initiative; if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord."


First Comment from Tony B:

Thank you, Henry, for that message.  Excellent.  Would that so many of those who think of themselves as Christians would gain such true insights.

The most feared thing of all by the satanists is proper prayer to God.  Prayer amounts to the most powerful weapon a godly person possesses.

In my early days in this war I attended one of Wurmbrands' meetings.  In those days he drew huge crowds and was inspiring to many people.  His experiences were startling to most Americans as we were being kept in ignorance of the real war on earth.  It always surprised me in those of my early days in battle how few Americans had any inkling of the mass murders of Christians and just normal citizens of the Communist countries.

About that time, a half century ago, some of us knew a joke that went around each Christmas.  In case it may have bypassed you:

Between Christmas and New Years, a protestant preacher, a Catholic priest and a Rabbi found themselves seated together on an airliner.  During the flight the conversation eventually came around to how they celebrated Christmas.

The protestant preacher told about their usual Christmas service, a play enacting Jesus' birth by children of the church, singing by all, and the usual good will over coffee and treats afterward.

The priest, in turn, mentioned the Christmas eve mass and its sobering meaning to Catholics.

The rabbi told how, after the last customer left the store they all went to the back room and sang hymns.

Both the preacher and the priest exclaimed together, "Hymns?  You Jews don't sing hymns!"

But the rabbi laughed and corrected them: "Oh yes we do!  We all sat around the table counting the take and sang, 'What a friend we have in Jesus.'"


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Comments for "Yes Virginia, There is a Masonic Jewish Conspiracy "

Lois Ann said (December 26, 2014):

This article was sorely needed. With the materialism of CHRIST-mas perhaps it will make people re-think what this holy day is all about.
Then, we have ole 'Santa' doing his peddling of gifts for the greedy and forgets all about the needy. Should you take his name and un-scramble it look what it says. s-a-t-a-n. With his red (universal satanic color) suit, his black(of course we understand the accessory for the color black) and the white (in your face) beard we have the composition of Lucifer himself. And, don't forget those little 'elves'...the little people who do his work for no pay or comp at all and the date of Winter Soltace is even thrown in to complete the symbolic day of rituals.

Just a thought and wonder how many others have considered same thinking.

Regardless, we should all band together and work diligently for a healing New Year and come for the next CHRIST-mas people will allow the true CHRIST spirit into their homes, their hearts and put Him back in his Honorable place of worship.

JG said (December 26, 2014):

Most people think that Communism is simply another form of government that advocates cultural equality and equal distribution of wealth and is a legitimate alternative to World Capitalism.

Russia, China, and South Africa all fell for ruse only to find out that Communism is the most corrupt and tyrannical form of government known to man where religion is suppressed and where starvation and death is the "end game".

It attacks and attempts to undermine the the divine nature of man in his obedience to God by replacing his beliefs with a set of false idols. Under Communism the bankers are the new gods because "all is money". Without obedience to the international bankers the flow of money stops. This is how they get the nations to war against each other when the really don't want war. This is also how they get laws passed that that the mainstream population abhors and suffers from.

This is also why there is no longer anymore mainstream representation in Washington because all the politicians you elect are under the bankers thumb.

Make no mistake about it, Communism is World Orderism!

Jim Perloff said (December 26, 2014):

My guess is that Satan specifically targeted Jews for infiltration because of the special role God had given them. Satan wanted to take them over, just as he intends to take over God’s city, Jerusalem, for the eventual throne of the Antichrist. (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4).

He obviously succeeded in subverting a great many Jews. They believe their successes derive from being “the chosen,” but few realize just WHO it is that now empowers them. By turning many Jews into Cabalists and instruments of evil, Satan knew the world would hate the Jew, and that some people would be confused into hating God by association.

In the same way, he hopes to make the world hate Christ when the Antichrist (counterfeit Christ) rules and unleashes his cruelties.

I have stopped trying to figure out what The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion “really mean.” They mean exactly what they say: a scheme for Jewish world domination. This is what Satan had to promise the Jews in return for their obedience (he also offered Christ the kingdoms of this world if he would bow down and worship him, but Christ spurned the offer--Matthew 4:8-10).

To take over the world, Zionists knew they would require assistance from Gentile "go-fers" (as you aptly put it), so they controlled Freemasonry, handing out lavish materialistic favors in return for oaths of absolute obedience.

It should always be remembered that many assimilated Jews (“lesser brethren”) and their counterparts (low-ranking Freemasons) understand none of this. But those at the top of the Zionist/Masonic pyramidal hierarchy do. Yes, Virginia, they are the Illuminati.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at