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Learn to fear men at The University of Winnipeg
The new face of intolerance: UW President Constance Rooke.
UW Teaches High School Girls Lesbian Masturbation, Winnipeg Sun, June 5.
Reprinted in the Wall Street Journal June 6,2001

"Constance Rooke tried to laugh the whole thing off and seems to think it was hilarious that lesbian teachers were instructing 14-year-olds to abandon traditional roles and accept same-sex lifestyles....the 14-year-old girls were told males were redundant, easily replaced by carrots and other vegetables."
Charles Adler CJOB "Adler Online" in Winnipeg Sun June 9, 2001

"It's time to rein in hardliners... Is the public aware it's funding potential gender-bending?" Dave Brown The Ottawa Citizen, June 14, 2001.

Jena-UofW student wrote on December 6. 2001 in our Guestbook:
"i am a first year U of W student. the majority of my friends go to the U OF M, it is an on going joke that i must be a communist or a lesbian, believe me...i am neither. i think that the U of W has to make some changes and not have such a tunnel vision that is very communist like. you can guarantee that i not attending this university next year, due to it's demeanor. i am not having this. it is a school full of angry, venomous women out to tackle the world. keep the fight alive."

The Feminist (Marxist Gay/Lesbian) Program, in their own words.


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Henry Makow was awarded $5,000 damages due to libelous statements published in a column by Lyn Cockburn Editor of the Winnipeg Sun. His law suit against the University of Winnipeg is proceeding.


General Updates:

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Organizers of "Question Gender" Week at UW had 100 chairs set up Jan. 29, 2003 but no one came to hear their panel discussion
January 31, 2003

Constance Rooke has been fired as UW President. Henry Makow is available.
Dec. 18, 2002

UW: A Lesbian Paradise?
The Women's Center put up posters across campus inviting women to have "breast moulding" (a bust of their bust) made March 22, at Women's Center "Bring $3 and an old towel." Can you imagine the uproar if a "men's center" tried this?
April 3, 2002

Best Sites on the 9-11 Deception
March 26, 2002

Feel duped? Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem was CIA Agent
March 14, 2002

It's 1984 in Massachusetts - And Big Brother Is Gay by John Haskins
December 24

Feminists Prevent Christina Hoff Sommers from finishing speech
December 6

NOW Ex-President Tammy Bruce Confirms Feminist Commie Agenda
November 21

Two "heavy" web sites:

November 13

Women's Studies Textbook: Lies and Deceptions by Glenn Sacks
November 6

"The Feminist Con" by Carol Ionnone (Professor, NYU)
October 31

"The Homosexual Roots of Fascism" From 'The Pink Swastika' By Abram and Lively
Oct. 23, 2001

There is No Such Thing as "Moderate" Feminism by Carol Iannone
Sept. 23

How feminists poison women against men (excerpts)
July 23

Feminist Thinkers Talk about their Sad Personal Lives
July 6

"Canada's feminists confuse their lesbian agenda with equality"-Vancouver Province
July 3

A Long Way to go for a Date,
interview with Henry Makow

May 22

“Feminism” part of New World Order

UW's Elite Agenda Prepares
you for Friendly Fascism

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Feminism has achieved enormous power in society because it serves the long-term elite agenda of destabilizing society and reducing population. The elite's goal is "New World Order" -- a United Nations-based global government that uses the arbitrary power of the state to promote the agenda of monopoly capital. It is the “left” in the service of the “right.” Wake up people! Women's Studies is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation! Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA!

Behind the smoke screen of women's rights, feminists like UW Pres. Constance Rooke are pursuing a radical, Marxist lesbian program designed to spread psychological and social dysfunction. It denigrates heterosexuality-- masculinity, femininity and the nuclear family and promotes a gender-less or homosexual model. They are using publicly funded universities like U.W to indoctrinate young people and to shut out opposing views.

In the 1940's and 1950's, the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) advocated everything feminists advocate. Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique (1963) and founder of modern feminism, hid the fact that she had been a Communist activist for 20 years. (See Feminist historian, Kate Weigand's, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation, Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 2001). The Women's Liberation Movement simply transferred Marxist class analysis to gender. The aim is the same: the "patriarchy" (white men, capitalism) is the source of all evil and must be destroyed ("transformed"). Women (the proletariat) and anyone else deemed "oppressed" (gays, people of colour) must be handed position and power on a silver platter. This is part of an elite "divide and conquer" strategy, which is now government policy.

Feminists pretend to represent women when, in fact, they despise femininity. In typical doublespeak, they practice all the things they impute to men: sexism, racism and intolerance. Self-righteous as they are self-seeking, theirs is the official ideology of the New World Order. Did you know that the expression "politically correct" originated in the Communist Party in the 1920s? We start to glimpse other disturbing signs of Maoist China or Stalinist Russia.

Feminists (consistent with Marxism) actually believe that heterosexuality and the traditional family are not natural. (Do you remember when homosexuality wasn't natural?) Feminists believe our sexual desires are "learned," "socially conditioned," designed by men in order to oppress women, and gays. Marxists whose totalitarian "utopia" failed in Russia and China are now accomplishing their goals in the West. Their Cultural Revolution includes such other attempts to "re-educate" heterosexual men and women as "sensitivity training," "political correctness", "sexual harassment", "zero tolerance" and quotas ("diversity").

These revolutionaries are quietly using Women's Studies Departments to take over universities; and universities to transform society into something gender less. They are teaching the young to see heterosexual sex and marriage as pathological. Women are indoctrinated to pursue power and career as the source of their identity. The roles of wife and mother are belittled. Men, on the other hand, are taught to fill the role abandoned by women and be "more feminine". At the same time as heterosexuality is repressed, homosexuality is presented as an attractive alternative... [Full Text]


* Lesbianism refers to the rejection by women of heterosexual sex, and the female sex role (wife, mother), along with the adoption of the male sex role. In The New Victorians, 1996, Rene Denfeld writes that "women encountering feminism are frequently told they should become lesbian, an assertion that runs from the subtle to the blatant." p. 45.

Henry Makow is the inventor of the board game Scruples, and the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto and has taught at three other universities. He is not pursuing this cause out of personal grievance, nor does he believe in telling people how to live. Rather, this web site aims to restore the ideals of free speech and inquiry in the university. When a teacher is slandered and removed for encouraging debate, and nothing is done, university and society are corrupt.


Some Pertinent Statistics:

  • According to a survey by the National Opinion Research Center, the number of women who said they recently had gay sex rose from 0.2% in 1988, to nearly 3% ten years later, a 15-fold increase. (Journal of Sex Research 2001; 37:333-343.)
  • In 1997, the U.S. and Canadian birth rate fell to its lowest point in history, 1.6 children per woman. (The rate necessary to replace the population is 2.1.) In Canada, this figure is a decline of 60% from 1960 when the rate was 3.9 children. The birth rate has declined 15% in the last five years alone.
  • The current Canadian marriage rate (5 per 1000 population) is lower now than in 1931 during the Great Depression. It is down 44% from 1970. The divorce rate is up 35% from 1970. (Canadian Social Trends, Spring 2000)


    "So long as feminism remains institutionalized it will purvey coercion. Feminists may be beyond rational persuasion. . . But they are in the end asking women to make themselves unattractive to men, and to forego love and children. Feminism will be forgotten, commanding only the loyalty of barren women whose genetic lines are running to extinction."
    -- Michael Levin, Professor of Philosophy, City College of New York in Feminism and Freedom, p.306


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