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Makow-Don't Be So F**king Naive

The coronavirus pandemic is a media creation, fake news, the biggest psychological warfare stunt in history. They're lying.Their modus operandi isto destroy you while sayingit's for your own good.  They are destroying society toprotect your health!from April 11, 2020by Henry Makow PhDThere is a scene in the Jewish self-celebratory movie,

Henry Makow's Best Quips (Updated)

(My headstone. Some lines are just intended to shock and get a laugh.) I'm re-posting this for new readers who may appreciate a good line as much as I do.Let's get our minds off the coronavirus. We're driving ourselves crazy. The best resistance is for life to go on. A good line is pure gold. I

Romantic Love is a Satanic Hoax

We get most of our information about life from Hollywood. Most of it is bogus. Imagine if all those sappy love songs were hymns celebrating God? What a different world this would be. Guess who controls the music industry.Romantic love is a fake religion promoted by Satanists to substitute love for a flawed

Covid, Ukraine, the Devil & the Jews

Rabbi Trachtenberg's 1983 book on the Medieval conception of Jews reveals the scale and continuity of the Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish Conspiracy. Rabbi Trachtenberg writes that since the 1200's AD, Christians have feared: "A terrible mysterious Jewish horde hidden somewhere in the East awaited the signal to pour out upon Christendom and annihilate it.

Voodoo Adept - Protocols of Zion Omit the Worst Parts

"Judaism is a system of magic made into a faith.  The Jews ... tend to believe not that they will be in full power over the rest one day, but that they alone have always been in full control of everything in the universe and that by original divine

The Cancer Killing Humanity (260 Words)

All you need to know to understandmankind's malaise:Sabbatean Frankism, a satanist Jewish movement dating from the Seventeenth Centuryis the basis of the modern Illuminati.The Rothschilds are Sabbbatean Frankists. They control the banking system.Using Freemasonry, they empowered a class of Gentile traitors  to advance their agenda: Destroy civilization and steal

"Women's Day" - Why do we Celebrate Soviet Holidays?

March 8, International Womyn's Day, originated in the USSR. From Wikipedia:  "Following the October Revolution in 1917, the Bolshevik Alexandra Kollontai persuaded Vladimir Lenin to make [March 8th, International Women's Day] an official holiday in the Soviet Union....Kollontai believed that, like the state, the family unit would wither away once the

Makow -- Organized Jewry = Organized Theft

(Judaism is defined by Cabalism which is Satanic. Cabalism is Communism.)As an ethnic Jew, it pains me to say that the essence of Cabalist Judaism & Organized Jewry is to plunder, enslave & exterminate the goyim and to establish a Satanic dispensation on earth. This is what they are doing in

Woke NATO is No Match for Real Men

(left, NATO generals debate if saying they're offended will deter Putin.) West's armies are now Woke: NATO has its own Office of the Gender AdvisorWokeness is another way the Communist Jewish world banking cartel is destroying the West When Nato has its own Office of the Gender Advisor, you

Know Your Rulers - Communism

Our corrupt ancestors gave our national credit cards to our worst enemy,Cabalist (satanist, Masonic) Jewish central bankers. They create the medium of exchange (money, credit) in the form of a debt to themselves, something our governments could easily do, debt-and-interest-free. Communism is the extension of Cabalist control over government credit

Will Femininity Make a Comeback?

Helen Andelin, (1920-2009) Here she is 21 in 1941 -Beautiful women are a dime a dozen but feminine women are extremely rare. "Femininity is a gentle tender quality found in a woman's appearance, manner and nature. A feminine woman gives the impression of softness and delicateness. She has a spirit of

"Vagina Monologues" - Jewish Communists Destroyed Valentine's Day

Remember Valentine's Day? It's Feb. 14. After destroying Christmas, Masonic Jews moved on to the annual celebration of heterosexuality, Valentine's Day. The Vagina Monologues (1996) has been performed on Valentine's Day thousands of times in 77 countries to draw attention to "violence against women" .  How perfectly romantic.The "play"

Men - Seek Helpmates, Not Soulmates (Encore)

Thomas Hardy and T.S. Eliot married their secretaries. Dostoevsky married his translator. I married my webmaster.It was love at first site. Before the Satanists turned men into sex addicts, and women into porn stars & whores, womenappealed to men by being useful as companions (wives) and mothers of their children.

Covidscam - Organized Jewry Vs Humanity

(Left, Adolf Stoecker (1835 -1909) was the court chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm II, a politician, and a German Lutheran theologian who founded the Christian Social Party and attempted to roll back Jewish control. He helped organize the 1882 Dresden "Anti Jewish Conference.") Fundamentally the covid scam is the age-old plot to impose cabalist

Makow -- The Riddle of "Anti-Semitism"

"Antisemitism" is growing as the covid scam is correctly identified with Organized Jewry, Freemasonry and Communism.No one can justify genocide, but the stigma attached to this term is devious mind control. Antisemitism is legitimate resistance to the pernicious agenda of organized Jewry and Freemasonry, i.e. the NWO.This agenda is to re-engineer, dispossess

Meat Packer Tale is Template Behind Covid Communsm

(left, In 2017, Donald Trump pardoned a fellow leader of the Chabad crime syndicate, kosher meat packer Rabbi Shalom Rabushkin.) Liberal Jew Discovered Evil Underside of JudaismIn 1987, Journalism professor Stephen Bloom, a typical liberal, wanted to explore his Jewish roots by joining the Chabad colony running a kosher meat

Freemasonry -- Marriage Wrecking Ball

(left, strip show at Masonic lodge)Freemasonry is a satanic cult, an arm of the Cabalist Jewish central banker conspiracy to enslave mankind. They undermine society by promoting feminism and homosexuality to destroy the family.  Evidently they pursue these goals within their own ranks as well.    Here's a letter I

Betty Friedan: How Jewish Dysfunction Became Universal

 The truth stares us in the face but we are blinded by mental conditioning. Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult which subverts its members by promoting promiscuity and gender confusion. First, it made some Jews sick and through them (and Freemasons) it has subverted the planet. They "corrupt in order to rule."

Covid is Communism in White Coat

(Husband-Carl Friedan revealed that Betty was never a real housewife but a pill-popping psychopath.)I reprise this key 2003 essay about the mother of Feminism, Betty Friedan,as a reminder of how Communists use deceit to subvert society. Like the covid hoax,(re-branded flu) their appeals to "social justice" & "equality" are

A Streetcar Named Family Bashing

Long before feminists portrayed men as rapists,Tennessee Williams depicted Stanley Kowalski in these terms. A Streetcar Named Desire shows how much of modern "art" is Communist agitprop.  A Jewish producer, Irene Selznick and a gay playwright, Tennessee Williams,used theatre to subvert the family. (from Sept 16, 2012 & June 30, 2017)By Henry Makow Ph.D. In my view, feminism and "homosexual

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