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December 4, 2022

Makow--I want people of different races to thrive in their own countries
rather than be forced to emigrate to fulfill the Cabalist-Jewish vision of
a "multicultural" i.e. non-white West. So I raised $6000
so James Mubiru could start a grocery and feed his family of six.

Message from a Ugandan Family

Dear my fellow readers of this website,

by James Mubiru

I count my blessings and thank God for HIS mercies, provision and protection.

It was in early year 2020 when i wrote to Mr. Henry Makow for help and thank God I received a positive response. A great miracle in my life and that of my family! From that day, it was a turning point in my life and that of my family.

As a very poor family by then, we were living in very poor conditions and in many cases spending  days without food,so we were starving. I used to live a very miserable life with my family (a family of six children by then, currently seven children under my care) but with faith and hope that someday,God of Love,mercy and Miracles would hear and answer my prayers and HE did!!

Now I ask a question;

Why not counting my blessings from our Creator? Sure I do.

With the assistance of the readers of this Website,I was able to put up a small business (Grocery store)for my family's regular income so that we could have  some bread on the table including other basic needs.I count my blessings indeed!I greatly thank the readers of this website who contributed and still contributing for my family's welfare. Please,thank you.

I thank God that HE provided some means for me to secure a cheaper small piece of land for our house construction (still unfinished)and there are some conditions forcing us to be moving to the unfinished house and yes,we are moving in with faith trusting God that HE will provide means for the house to be fully finished as HE did in the past.HE will never forsake us.HE is a God of Love,mercies and Miracles and nothing too hard for HIM(Jeremiah 32:27)I have a firm testimony about that.

I count my blessings Praising and Worshiping HIM.

Also God called me to serve HIM and I prayerfully hold Home Prayer Meetings (Home Fellowships) on a weekly basis sharing the"good news" with my fellow brothers and sisters living here in Uganda. God has really done great wonders in my life and that of my family. Also I teach my fellow brothers and sisters living here in Uganda letting them know about the ongoing Masonic Global Conspiracy and thank God a number of them are awake (Hosea 4:6).

My Homeland, Uganda is one of the world's most impoverished and least-developed countries and many Ugandans live in absolute poverty lacking means to fully sustain themselves.I fully have a first hand experience living in poverty and I am very thankful to God that I now have some means to sustain my family unlike in the past when I lived a very miserable life with my family of six children by then(now seven children living a better life with God's help). Why not counting my blessings? Sure I do.

 According to the Uganda National Household survey (UNHS) report(2019/20); It is reported that person's increased in poverty from 8 Million to 8.3 Million. Also it is reported that one in five persons in Uganda lives in poverty. There are about 3.5 Million person's living below the food poverty line and the incidence of rural poverty is more than two times higher than that of urban poverty.

 Satan and his agents are trying to discourage us,to take away our freedom and enslave us,even destroy us.We should stay strong and put our full trust in God Who is our Creator and the ruler of this universe.

(2 Cor.10:3-5)
God bless you all.
My email address:
Phone:+256776009893(Call or Text)

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