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Kabbalists Publicly Discuss Their Plot to Kill Millions (encore)

August 21, 2021

C.J. Bjerknes and Adam Green analyze videos by Kabbalist rabbis.  A dedicated reader, Z, provides an Introduction and a synopsis.

"Tikkun Olam, 'redemption', or restoring/repairing the world, as Gentiles think, is laid bare for what really is to be accomplished - genocide. The same applies to their Messiah (Moshiach Ben David) who is to arrive and complete the slaughter of the rest of humanity and enter into the Third Temple to be built. The US, the great ally of Israel and the Jewish people, is not spared from destruction, but is especially targeted for annihilation - such is the level of their hatred and deception towards Christian and European populated nations"

"Bjerknes also points out that Jews themselves have been the victims of Rabbinical rule such as their role in the set-up of the Holocaust and that, per their own secret scripture here, two-thirds of them are slated to be killed in the next planned persecution. Astoundingly, the Rabbis find this a good thing."

They take credit for the Jewish holocaust.    Could COVID vaccines have something to do with this plot?

The Kabbalah Revealed - A Review
By Z

The video above, "Rabbis Reveal Shocking Kabbalah Secrets", was produced by Adam Green of on 7/16/2021 from a compilation of talks given by five Rabbis who are specialists in the Kabbalah. Joining Green to provide explanatory commentary was Christopher Jon Bjerknes, author and Kabbalah expert. This long review covers much of the basic premises of Kabbalah as presented by these Rabbis. Caveat: Both Green and Bejerknes are atheists who proclaim against Christianity in this video. As odious as that is to many, the focus needs to be on what the Rabbis say about their plans for world destruction.

problem89.pngThe terms and concepts employed by the Rabbis will likely be difficult to grasp for readers not exposed to this system of thought. Bjerknes does a fine job of explaining this esoteric belief system. It was actually derived from Platonic thought such as the concepts of the Monad and the Demiurge. Some Canaanite  and Egyptian beliefs are included in it as well.

The dualistic nature of this system is per the old adage 'as above, so below' in that for each concept of goodness, or holiness, there is a corresponding wickedness, or evil, counterbalancing it.

For example, Gentiles think of the serpent in the Bible as purely evil, but there is also a holy serpent too in the Kabbahlistic view. The revelations presented herein are not as most outsiders view Judaism, but this video does much to explain world events, past, present and future, and the basis for the "Jewish Question" which European Gentiles have long struggled with. They little understood that the Kabbalists view them as Esau, their perpetual enemy who must be destroyed.

Bjerknes, who himself is part Jewish in origin, but rejects their ideology, emphasizes that only ten-percent or so of Jews fully understand the Talmud, which is also secreted from Gentiles. He elsewhere has stated that perhaps only one in a thousand Jews is so versed in the Kabbalah. This is due to the fact that training in the Kabbalah is by invitation only to a male over the age of 40 who also is an expert scholar in the Torah and Talmud. In this way they can keep their core beliefs secret.

It is emphasized throughout this video that the Kabbalah is a heavily coded mystery even to qualified Jews and takes much time to understand. Nonetheless, Bjerknes does seem to have cracked the code to share his understanding of what the Rabbis mean by the terms used in their talks. (If you bother to look these terms up, you will not find their complete meaning given.) 

Bjerknes also points out that Jews themselves have been the victims of Rabbinical rule such as their role in the set-up of the Holocaust and that, per their own secret scripture here, two-thirds of them are slated to be killed in the next planned persecution. Astoundingly, the Rabbis find this a good thing.

He also shares a strange fact that these Kabbalahists in their doctrine have only 600,000 Jewish males scheduled to survive on earth as in the beginning their god but made that same number of Jewish males souls. (Jewish females are considered as nigh unclean to them also.)

Of course, all Gentiles (aka, Goyim, Kelipot) are to be destroyed in the final battle to cleanse the earth of their inherent evilness (as per Esau and Amalek, the perpetual enemies of the Jews) along with the "Mixed Multitude" who are miscegenated Jews, thus not truly Jewish (Chosen) and those who are apostates to Judaism.

maurice-samuels-you-gentiles-we-destroyers.jpgThus, only the Chosen will have their 'world to come', a 'world of their own' as author Maurice Samuel proclaimed was the desire. Bjerknes thus accurately describes the Kabbalahists as genocidal and suicidal. Green does a good job showing scriptural documentation of these intents as their review progresses.

In this report, in addition to reviewing the Holocaust and the role of Hitler in aiding them, due to the over assimilation of Jews in Europe, the war plans of the Kabbalahists are outlined - a vast global conflagration is to take place in their end times, which does seem to be now according to Bjerknes. How Gentiles are to be degraded and subject to all forms of suffering is also pointed out herein with explanations as to why.  (The Guardian Angel of Gentiles is Satan.)

That Tikkun Olam, 'redemption', or restoring/repairing the world, as Gentiles think, is laid bare for what really is to be accomplished - genocide. The same applies to their Messiah (Moshiach Ben David) who is to arrive and complete the slaughter of the rest of humanity and enter into the Third Temple to be built. The US, the great ally of Israel and the Jewish people, is not spared from destruction, but is especially targeted for annihilation - such is the level of their hatred and deception towards Christian and European populated nations.

Bjerknes does repeatedly implore humanity to rise up in resistance to these plans. He says the destruction need not be inevitable and that the world could overcome them if they so chose. Roughly every few minutes in this intense presentation, new terms, concepts and facts are addressed, thus it is suggested that those with a strong constitution watch the entire video to grasp the enormity of the plans of the Kabbalists. What also is disturbing about this report is that the Rabbis are so matter-of-fact about it all, gleeful even. Why they chose now to reveal their secrets in public is also a mystery, but of one of serious significance as to their confidence in success. For those of fainter heart, a summary of highlights of the video is below.

"Rabbis Reveal Shocking Kabbalah Secrets" -  by Adam Green with & Christopher Jon Bjerknes, 7/16/2021

8:55 The evil regime which rules the world, the 'Mixed Multitude' (miscegenated or apostate Jews)
17:18 Gentiles are of Cain, Masons say so too. Only 600k male Jews to remain on earth (final population)
22:00 All other Jews (the Mixed Multitude) to be eliminated along with all Gentiles
25:20 Vatican & Masons are of Lucifer (Light bearer). Such 'pure' Jews can be 'redeemed', Gentiles (Kellipot) not
27:30 Titus related to Philo, thus a Jew accomplishing the purpose of destroying the Temple, et seq, re mixed multitude
chabad-w.jpg30:20 All governments are their puppets; Hitler was controlled opposition
33:20 Double Agents used - this is the concern & how they felled empires which is boasted of
35:30 Gentiles are to be destroyed in all ways - genetically too
39:00 Mixed multitude are but as 'ticks' & the Goyim too, and are to be destroyed
46:00 Gentiles (Goyim, Kellipot) to be erased as if they never existed. Kamala Harris promotes Tikkun Olam which means this
48:00 All who go against the pure, observant Jews is evil. All light to be taken out of Gentiles. Rebuild Temple.
53:00 Jews 'end times' (the World to Come), depends on destroying all Gentiles
54:00 There is no 'redemption (Tikkun Olam) without destroying all Gentiles (Amalek, Esau, Edom)
57:10 The Vatican is Luciferian
59:00 The mechanics of control is to chose subversive leaders who lead Gentiles (Amalek) astray
1:00:00 Holocaust lies; Hitler one of theirs b/c there were too many mixed & assimilated Jews & plans for Palestine
1:24:20 'We need evil puppets' Create Neo-Nazis, how all are used, deceived
1:30:20 Re assimilation, use Russia to take out EU, creation of Israel planned exactly for 1948 based on Torah
1:36:25 If not for the Holocaust, Jewry would have been lost to assimilation
1:42:10 Need to keep Jews separate &  fearful, Messiah (Moschiac) the avenger, exterminator of Gentiles, '48 & Israel
1:52:00 Kabbalah is blueprint, not prophecy, as the Holocaust was engineered by them
1:55:40 CJB cracked their code & knows the timeline for Gentile extermination
1:56:30 Plotting extermination of Gentiles, et seq, Jacob/IS tricks Satan (Gentiles)
stupid-goy.jpg1:58:20 Guardian Angel of Gentiles is Satan, tricking Gentiles & plotting extermination
2:01:00 Vast global war planned starting with Muslims &Christians, Russia, China, N. Korea & Iran too
2:08:00 Destroy US/EU, 'Bury America'
2:08:46 Jews to leave US in 1-5 yrs. due to new Holocaust & will  take all wealth w/them as before
2:12:00 All descendants of Gentiles will be destroyed,
2:24:20 'France will be B-BQued' then England
2:27:15 Migrant crisis now is their doing to mix these refugees w/us via Open Borders.


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Z Adds- It's clear that at least 2 of your commenters on the 'plot' article did not watch the video. So I clarify things for all.

1st, as to Israel suffering from the vaxxes,
Bibi had said that was part of their Tikun Olam (making it seems like a sacrifice & leadership thing to dumb Goyim). In this manner the Jews can't be criticized, supposedly, as none would think them so evil as to destroy their own people. But, this is a loss leader in that they did the same in the Holocaust to achieve a greater collective purpose and the SS Patria was but another example of such. You likely know more from history on it all. The Rabbis already stated that 2/3rds of their own people must die, so the loss now is nothing to a 'world of their own'.

loxism4.jpgFurther, another odd quirk of CJB's report, is the matter of the final 600k male Jews to survive. Elsewhere re this, he stated he feels they must be as pure to the original Jews as possible - unmixed orientals. Would this be the Yemenite Jews/Misrahi? He thinks so. All others are very mixed which is another reason they may justify killing the Ashkenazi majority in IS as of the Mixed Multitude. It's all too imponderable. Worse, in other reviews by CJB, is their love of AI & Transhumanism which seems to explain their end objective of dropping the body and merging with their godhead, Ein Sof, who is pure light & androgenous (like Adam before he split into Eve), thus all the Transgenderism we're exposed to now.

2nd, another commenter talked about racial purity which proves he didn't watch either. In their creed the matter is of primordial spirit, metaphysical purity - only they have god given light. Thus, Lucifer worship. All other humans are but husks, shells, thus Kelipot. The Kelipot have but a reflective flicker of this light, and are more as but the shadows in Plato's cave. This flicker of light must be taken from them by all horrible means, i.e., captured by the Jews to be resorted to them/their own god. CJB emphasizes that this Kelipot term is even worse that Goyim b/c we are but mere ghosts, reflections, emanating out of void & chaos only. We are nothingness. The Tikun Olam is to destroy this void/chaos, all Gentiles. They do believe that a mixed-race person has a lower soul b/c their guardian angel gets confused in representation of this mixed origin. This is also why they are against mixed marriages, transplants & transfusions from Gentiles, or even contact with us will corrupt their souls and make them irredeemable Kelipot, of the Mixed Multitude. Thus, it is not really a racial thing like Gentiles think, but a spiritual one.

3rd, I weary of the canards of ad hominems and 'kill the messenger'. It matters not what Green or CJB believe themselves, it matters what the Rabbis say about their own beliefs which endangers all Gentiles on earth & the Mixed Multitude.

I hope this helps clarify as we'd best get it straight. The continuation of humanity depends on it.

First Comment by HS

Henry, can we really ask this now? Jews in Israel have been forced to take the German made BioNTech death shot. Do we still think Jews are in control? So many Jews have taken this that they may have wiped out the Jews people.

 Remember when Bush used to say "war on terra" and we thought it was some Texas twang? This is the War on Terra! Jews have been good at crying to get their way and they better start crying out now. We better start working together to stop this or we will all be killed.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Kabbalists Publicly Discuss Their Plot to Kill Millions (encore)"

HM said (August 22, 2021):

Thank you for posting the video of Rabbi Alon Anava's statements, which I saw a week ago. Since then I have been in the process of recovering from the shock of the content. And it is not easy to find solid ground again.

The plan is wicked to the core, but in all its ugliness it is informed by a deep inner logic.
I don't think C.J. Bjerknes' idea of submitting the finding/evidence to a court is helpful, because if Mr. Anava - and all those who are of his mind - control every politician on earth, they also control the courts.

We already have court rulings that expose the Coro Fraud, yet the perpetrators continue. There is a lot at stake for everyone involved on the perpetrator side because they have to fear being shot for treason if we catch them.

Through the video, I learned that the planners and perpetrators of this evil game will never give up. For far too long they have been working to kill us all. So what should we do to protect ourselves and our families? How and with what weapons should we fight? Or where should we flee to?

RB said (August 14, 2021):

Henry I've been learning from you for the past ten years now. I truly believe everything on your site is 100 percent dead on truths. Sometimes I am speechless. The last article over the kabbalists has me most concerned.

I am a born again Christian. I was born Catholic but I always felt like there was something wrong with Catholics. Thanks to you now I know the truth about life. I used to be an addict and I died four times from overdoses.

Thank God I've been clean over 3 years and I can honestly say I'm back with god. I pray psalm 91 and psalm 109 everyday from king James bible. It works. I can now predict things that are going to happen in my life with numbers. God warns me what's coming. I know the great reset will be here by 2030.

Is there anyway we can get you out to the people. I tell all my friends about you and of course my family. My wife is like you shes born 25 percent jew but she's a practising Catholic. I wish I could make her Christian but she doesn't want anything to do with it. Anyway thanks Henry for being there everyday with new information I am truly grateful.

Roman said (August 14, 2021):

To answer HS on why would Jews kill Jews with Jewish controlled pharma industry; it's very simple. A lot of Jews are too white and there are Jews who reject talmud and kabalah and non Levite(real ones) authorities.

AL said (August 14, 2021):

I really don't get why all these racist Rabbis are so adamant about "racial purity".
There isn't a full blooded Jew in the world! Racial purity is pure fiction. Adolf Hitler (Rothschild) echoed nonsense about the destiny of the Aryan race meanwhile Hilter's DNA said he was a black African Berber Jew with both Sephardi and Ashkenazi blood.
A black Jew connected to the Rothschild fortune preaching about density of German people is pure comedy.

Shills like Hitler ensure there is NO REAL opposition to his family, the House of Rothschild and 300 cronies; Modern shills like Alex Jones and David Icke do likewise steering the public in the wrong direction - "...IT'S THE CHI-COMS, or IT"S THE DEMOCRATS!!!.."

Rabbi Anava spewing nonsense about mixed Jews is absurd because Rabbi Anava has to be a mixed Jew himself.

Peter L said (August 14, 2021):

Bjerkness and Green are cabalists themselves though they don't realize it. All one has to do is read the book of Revelation to know what bjerkness is spouting. I have heard him debating others and he was very nasty and I have very little respect for him. Him and Adam are SUN worshippers and seem more than happy to do the cabalists bidding by denigrating SON worship in favor of cabalistic SUN worship. They have no clue and are useful idiots for the cabalists themselves. Come on Adam, lets have that debate, he will only debate spiritual weaklings. He denies light..

Thanks Peter

but what does this have to do with the Cabalist plot ?


They deny Christ which is the cabalist plot, They want to be the creators - Peter

Doug P said (August 13, 2021):

It's been said many times, by many people, I've had Jews explain it to me personally. The evidence surrounds us. I just wonder if it too is part of the "reality engineering" that creates the narrative. I think Jews have been sold and are waiting for a delivery that will never happen. Many actually think they are getting 600 slaves when the population distribution of the planet cannot support that.

Their size and distribution around the planet may make them ideal targets for such propaganda to make them useful. When someone starts puffing you up, they are setting you up. The devil is known as the devil because he doesn't keep contracts, explicit and implicit.

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