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Could DHS Steal 2016 Election?

September 4, 2016

jj.jpeg(left, Jeh Johnson, head of Dept Homeland Security.
His mother worked for Planned Parenthood. )

Using "Russian hackers" as a pretext,
Democratic Party go'fer Jeh Johnson wants to
"take control" of the election process. 
Is this a last minute attempt to stave off
 a Donald Trump victory?


By David Martin

Globalists at DHS are thinking of monitoring the election. What this means is that one-worlders would be counting the "votes." DHS wants to declare the election a "critical infrastructure," giving it the same control over security it has over Wall Street and the electric power grid. 

"We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process, is critical infrastructure like the financial sector, like the power grid," Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said at a media conference hosted by the Christian Science Monitor last month.

To take the vote away from the people, Johnson wants to centralize the election system and do away with the conventional system where states run the elections. "There's no one federal election system. There are some 9,000 jurisdictions involved in the election process," Johnson said.

Coming from Jeh Johnson, what are we to expect? According to Brother Nathaniel, Johnson's career was fostered by  Masonic Jewish power.

AMERICA'S LADDER of upward mobility has the word 'Jew' on every rung that leads to Jewish control of those willing to sell their souls for fame and fortune. And Obama's nominee to head Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, is no exception...he's been in the pocket of the Jews since day one of his earthly career. In other words, the Jews not only got their "schwartza" in the White House...they got their "schwartza" at DHS too. No sooner did Jeh Johnson finish law school at Jew-intensive Columbia University in 1982 that he began working at "Paul, Weiss, Rifkind LLP," a major NY Jewish Law Firm.

Jeh, (pronounced "Jay") Johnson is a former federal prosecutor, Pentagon lawyer and a Morehouse man, class of 1979, who raised more than $200,000 for Obama's 2008 campaign and was rewarded with the post of general counsel at the Pentagon. ... According to the president, Johnson has been a constant presence in the Obama situation room dealing with the ongoing threat of Al Qeda, which in plain language means that he was a regular at the president's "Terror Tuesday" meetings in the White House basement during which the chief executive and his honchos decide who to murder without accusation or trial each week, often on the basis of mere profiles.

In addition, Johnson led the push to end the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. He ran a task force and co-authored a report that demonstrated the effect of allowing gay men and women to openly serve would cause little disruption, clearing the way for the end of the law. 
Johnson was instrumental in shaping the Obama administration's "drone" policy, taking part in the review establishing the legality of their use.

For months it's been feared that globalists might try to declare our electoral process defective so that, under the pretext of security, they could take control of it and steer the election away from Donald Trump. 

There's every chance they may even instigate civil unrest over the election to give them an excuse to declare that the old process is now a "threat" to our homeland security.

Naturally they want to give the election to Hillary, who is tied with the Muslim brotherhood; the Clinton Foundation and Brotherhood are virtually one. The mere fact that Johnson was Obama's pick for DHS should have been enough to alert Americans that a subversive plan was in the works. 

Jeh's own grandfather, Charles Johnson, was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1949 to be grilled on allegations that Communists had infiltrated Fisk University where he presided as president. Charles was strongly suspected of being a member of the Communist Party, yet Jeh passionately defends him today. What are we to think? 


First Comment by Dan:

Obama's head of the HSA is the spawn of a Fellow Traveler?  Good Gawd - what more do ya want?

Everyone who hopes to stall our united demise needs to hold their nose and vote for Trump - if for no other reason that all these Obama appointees will be out.

Yeah, I know.  Trump will probably pick Rudy Giuliani.   I never thought I'd endorse Giulinai, but he'll be a comic relief compared to this Public Enemy. Jeh knows he'll be out.  That's why, like DoJ's Lynch and FBI's Comey they're going for broke to force fit Hillary into power. They've been ordered to hold their positions at any cost.

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Comments for "Could DHS Steal 2016 Election?"

Anon said (September 5, 2016):

JJ [below] expect us to fear computer hacks, not media hacks. Methinks he doth protest too much. "All precincts reporting" means a network did exit polls. So it claims, but who can verify? A poll isn't a count. "Trust us"?

TV announces a winner before the count leaves the "reporting" precincts, or even before many locals show up. The announcement discourages opposition voters from wasting time casting "useless" votes. Dear JJ, that's how the vote is hacked.

Media conglomerates are nominal competitors but all cooperate on election day. In other realms we'd call it market collusion. Their joint corporation serves the purpose. It was called Voter News Service back in the day.

Let no good crisis go to waste. If JJ declares the vote invalid, we say all open offices stand vacant until the next election. States will manage. We'd revive the 10th amendment and get back federal lands, maybe even paper ballots for the cherry on top.

Turn the PRISM spyware tables and beat the MSM at its own game. Facebook and Google and Verizon demand more ID than voting officials. Post your ballot choices on Facebook and Seen with a Google Maps pin on your house. Post a pic of your ballot taken by smartphone if you can. Reddit will tally our exit poll the same day. Then JJ can hound the hacking cartel for disrupting elections and market collusion.

Wade said (September 5, 2016):

Could the scenario described in your article actually happen? Unfortunately there seems to be
no limits to what treachery against The Constitution and the people of the United States Obama
and his administration are capable of. Consider what he has planned for the Internet.

Our sold out and spineless cowards in Congress have already proven that they will do nothing to stop him. Donald Trump is this Nation's only hope. We need to pray that this man can stay alive.

Boris said (September 4, 2016):

Trump had already opened this Pandora box few months ago when he stood up and told one of his crowds that be believed Hillary may try to rig the voting machines. When is everyone going to see: Trump is there to get Hillary elected, as intended; the seconding coming of Ross Perot?

Why else would a guy apparently as smart as Trump say some of the more moronic statements regarding Mexico, Muslims, and Women? It appears to me that if one wishes to get elected in this country, one must first pander to those who call themselves Jews and then to their minions and cannon fodder, so if one wishes to throw the game, one just needs to alienate the same while still making himself look like he is trying. Trump seems to excel in this characteristic.

And this also helps explain why Hillary just ignores everyone. She already knows she has it in the bag, this election was rigged while Bill was in office, you are just witnesses the culmination of the rig.

Just another magic trick.

Tony B said (September 4, 2016):

When are the wishful thinkers going to face reality? For decades now U.S. election winners are whomever the media says they are. There is NO WAY to verify American votes today, which was always the intention of electronic voting. The media is totally owned by the same cabal that owns all government, all academia, people movements, food production and distribution, most churches, the complete economy including unions or lack of economy, etc. If it is important to life, they own it. Voting, like everything else of importance, is controlled, owned in fact. The media is told to say what the owners decide on vote counts (and everything else) and that is what they do. The actual count is meaningless.

Wasting your time on elections is insane. Face reality and go to the core of evil and DESTROY IT if you ever expect any different outcome for the betterment of the normal person's life. Politics is owned by criminal money creators. So long as they are allowed to criminally control the creation and distribution of today's "money" (bank credit DEBT) NOTHING WILL CHANGE DIRECTION as they will always be able to buy as many prostitutes as they need to retain control at the very top of everything.

Tony N said (September 4, 2016):

Your latest article on Jeh Johnson was great...but sure could use your introduction on it not being Jews....but the cult that hides amongst Jews...just as it hides among christians, muslims and every other group.

By the way, was trying to see your movie suggestions and most of them are no longer on netflix, although The Giver was...the movie story definitely got it right about psych med control (ssri's, flouride...) but they reversed no sex control....nwo doesn't use monastic life styles, it does more like brave new world via pornography and connectionless gay hookup lifestyle as the way to turn humans into animals for control.

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