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Anthony Migchels - Bolshevik Takeover of the West

A total Bolshevist takeover is taking place. West wide. Under the guise of 'Corona'.It's the New World Order implementing Agenda 2030 and their 'Communitarianism', which is just Communism 2.0.Anthony elaborated in an interview Sunday.Sourceby Anthony Migchels( They have created a double whammy on the economy: Financial Collapse, which started in September

Deuteronomy - Blueprint for NWO?

Based on his reading of Deuteronomy, Douglas Reed (1895-1976) made these disturbing observations that, while not entirely new, still provide an epiphany:1. The goal of Judaism is to destroy, dispossess and enslave non-Jews.2.  There is nothing religious, moral or spiritual about Judaism. The Jewish 'Covenant with God' consists of

C.J. Bjerknes - Zionists Created Hitler as their Pharaoh

Jewish financiers and Zionists installed Adolf Hitler as a murderous dictator in fulfilment of Herzl's plan to use anti-Semitic governments to force Jews to emigrate to Palestine against their will. The Nazis  stated that the final solution of the Jewish problem was to establish a Jewish State. This echoed
The Frankfurt School were a group of Marxist Jewish intellectuals at Frankfurt University in the 1920-1930's. (They emigrated to NYC after Hitler came to power.) They included Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse &  Erich Fromm, and were responsible for the "New Left" and feminism. Financed by Jewish millionaire Felix Weill,

"Marching to Zion" Exposes "Chosen People" Scam

Jews claim to be "God's Chosen People" yet have the chutzpah to accuse Europeans of "white supremacy" and "racism." Goyim, wake up, Cabalists are the world's greatest scam artists. Are you the world's greatest rubes? Satanism is when people usurp the role of God. Talk about "supremacism." The New World Order

Chuck Baldwin - This is ZOG (Zionist Occupational Gov't.)

While US troops are fighting Israel's wars abroad, the homeland has been conquered not by arms, but by money. How should Americans respond to being  subjugated?"The 800-pound gorilla in every backroom in Washington, D.C., is the Israeli lobby. For all intents and purposes, Israel and the ruling class are one

Trump & The Masonic Jewish Tag Team

(On the left, Communist Jewish Gulag commandants in the USSR. On the right, Zionist Jewish pioneers at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel in 1921. Both are making the classic Masonic hand sign.) A pattern reminiscent of pre-war Germany has emerged in the US and Europe. There is an intensifying conflict between  Left" (globalism) and "Right," (nationalism)which are

Boy Scouts' Collapse Mirrors Masonic Collapse of Society

The implosion of the Boy Scouts of America is a microcosm for what has happened to society: the use of homosexuality to destroy an organizationthat once promoted masculine role models, values, companionship and wilderness skills. However the 2009 article below this update suggests that the Masons had targeted the BSA 100

What is Communism?

The State is a front for the Masonic Jewish central bankers who own its "debt."  Anything that increases "State" power is Communist. World government will take this to the next level.  "Is not war already a revolutionary function? War? The Commune (1870). Since that time every war was a giant step

"Vagina Monologues" - Satanists Defile Femininity

The Vagina Monologues (1996) is a lesbian porn "play" that has been performed thousands of times in 77 countries, and is performed today in connection with V-Day, dedicated to ending "violence against women."  Trust Satanists to pervert the meaning of Valentine's Day, Feb 14.   Vagina Monologues, an obscene "play" where women

South Africa - No Longer "Good for the Jews"

Since Mandela, the Jewish influence has declined markedly. Black ethnic nepotism and Muslim influence has pushed Jewish influence largely out of government.In his brutal honesty, Cyril Ramaphosa [current President of South Africa] told me of the ANC's 25-year strategy to deal with the whites: it would be like boiling a frog

Michael Hoffman -- Kabbalah Judaism is Satanism

The Illuminati are Kabbalists (i.e.Satanists)Reader asks Michael Hoffman:Is the word "Satan" actually used? Can't find any translation online. Send me the Hebrew word.Hoffman: Evangelical Christians "worship their would-be executioners. This is diabolic disorientation....the ancient Zohar insinuates a certain urgency to the sacrifice of goyim that Israel must make to Satan..."by Michael Hoffman( The

The Devil and the Jews

Rabbi's book reveals the scale and continuity of the Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish Conspiracy. Judaism is not defined by the Torah but rather bythe Talmud and Cabala. Cabala Judaism posits thatCabalist leadership is God and defines reality. Anything that seeks to supplant God is Satanism. This is the essence of "secularism" and "humanism."  It is also the essence of

What Happened to Mark Glenn ?

In an article, Are There Any "Good Jews?"   I suggested that the silent majorityof  American Jews are opposed to organized Jewry and put the US  beforeIsrael.  My ex-friend Mark Glenn replied that he could not post a link because Jewish resistance is negligible. Below is his reply as well as his Nov. 2006 article, Judaism:

Will Illuminati Throw Jews Under the Bus? (Again)

(Illuminati leaders mourn holocaust Illuminati were complicit in.) World leaders gather in Jerusalem today to commemorate the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp by the Red Army 75 years ago. This is a ritual of submission to Jewish victimhood and supremacy. Any resistance to Zionist hegemony is equated with antisemitism and genocide. In

"Hexed" -- Hexagram Holds Humanity Hostage

The Evil Symbol that Rules the WorldThe Hexagram has gained mastery over the human world.  Practitioners might appear to be upright Jews, Catholics or Masons, but they are impostors who infiltrate and subvert.By CK( the evil in this world is a symbol.  Understand this symbol and the cabal who

Anti Semitism is Legitimate Self Defence

Every day governments pass new laws banning opposition to Israel as "anti semitic."Numerous states have outlawed Boycott and Divestment using the same term. No one can justify genocide, but the stigma attached to this term is devious mind control. Anti semitism is legitimate resistance to the pernicious agenda of organized Jewry and Freemasonry, i.e.

British Jews Tried to Stop Balfour Declaration

(left, Edwin Montagu, a hero for assimilated Jews) One hundred years ago, Jewish MP Edwin Montagu accused the British government of anti-Semitism for colluding with the Zionists.From March 11, 2006 By Henry Makow Ph.D.When the British Cabinet issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917, it was over the strenuous objections of its only Jewish member,

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