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Democrat Gender Policy is Based on the Talmud

( Courtesy Snippets & Snappets) Left, The rabbis recognized six genders that were neither male nor female.Still Don't Think We're Being Inducted into a Satanic cult called Judaism???"The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart's blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe ~
(left, Max Warburg, 1867-1946, the mysterious Cabalist banker who helped mastermind the Russian Revolution and World War Two.) I was taught Communism was "public ownership" and the overthrow of capitalist tyranny, not how certain capitalists stole the wealth of other capitalists while pretending to champion the working class. This is

Makow -- Organized Jewry is Essentially Organized Theft

( Jewish predators. Yukos Board, 2003. Judaism is defined by Cabalism which is Satanic. Cabalism is Communism.)As an ethnic Jew, it pains me to say that the essence of Cabalist Judaism & Organized Jewry is to plunder, enslave & exterminate the goyim and to establish a Satanic dispensation on earth. Don't

June 16 - We are Reaching the People!

(37% think a secret entity -- i.e. Organized Jewry, the WEF-- is replacing the white populations of the West)Blacks account for 3.5% of the Canadian population but about 66% of Canadian banks ads. Banks are Rothschild franchises and must promote the Satanist Jewish (globalist) agenda of destroying racial cohesion, nation,

"Creative Destruction" & Then, 6uild 6ack 6etter (Updated)

(Left, Quote from World Jewish Congress Founder Nahum Goldman 1895-1982- All you need to know to understand current events.)We can't defend ourselves if we can't even name the enemy.We face an occult force. Organized Jewry and its minion Freemasonry, are dedicated to destroying civilization. The plandemic is inspired by the

June 7 - Feeble-Minded Brits Amost Boot Bojo for Wrong Reason

Please send links and comment to Instead of booting Bojo for faking a pandemic and killing and maiming thousands, MP's (Morons of Parliament) almost fire him for not following his own stupid COVID protocols like not wearing a face diaper at a party. Boris's allies beg rebels to 'back down
(Most of these young women will not have successful marriages and children)In honor of June, "Gay Pride" month, I re-postthe classic 1995 essay by Charles Socarides, a psychiatristwho treated hundreds of gays over his 40-year-careerand cured about a third. Until 1975, homosexuality was recognized for what it is, a developmental disorder.

Israel Shamir - The Trouble with Judaism

(left, Israel Shamir) that Jewish leadership is supplanting God.This is what the Scamdemic, Agenda 2030 and the New World Order are all About "It is possible there are no (or almost no) Jews who fully understand what the Jews want." Shamir writes. In the Jewish globalist paradigm, "Israel wants to

June 1 - WHO Global Pandemic Treaty Defeated!

Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.comBiden admin fails to get its WHO amendments passed; many countries refuse to give up their sovereignty WE WON--The Biden Administration suffered an absolutely STUNNING DEFEAT in their attempt to amend the International Health Regulations against the will of "We the People" 

Vernon Coleman MD- They Faked Pandemic, Test & Cure.

"The disease known as covid-19 is simply the common... re-branded and expensively marketed flu ... The total number who have died from covid-19 has been established to be no more - and possibly fewer - than die every year from the ordinary flu.""Our watchwords are force and make-believe."  Protocols of

Universities are Masonic Brain Washing Machines

The mortarboard and black gown signify that, unwittingly, graduates have received a Masonic (satanic) indoctrination. As with politics and medicine, education has been unmasked. Humanity has been enslaved by Cabalism, a satanic cult.This colonization of the mindis now explicit, as seen in the limitationson free speech and inquiry. Like deaf men tuning a

Headlines for April 30, 2022

(Left, She was his baby sitter) Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.comFrench Election FRAUD Puts 2020 To Shame -- Millions Of Uncounted Le Pen Ballots Found [VIDEO] of Massive Fraud in Macron Election How American Hospitals and Doctors Methodically Murdered Covid Patients - The Millennium Report  I.E. THE DELIBERATE

Stockholm Syndrome - Make Nice With Satanists

(Guy de Rothschild & wife. Cabalist Jewish psychopaths have us by the short hairs) It used to be blasphemous to disparage GodNow, it's blasphemous to celebrate Him  What more proof of satanic possession do we need?  Satan's hostages. We literally gave them our bank accounts!We are prisoners of the Cabalist

Rothschild Staged Dreyfus Affair to Undermine France

(left, Real spy Esterhazy of course, a non-Jew.) The Dreyfus Affair, which polarized & convulsed France from 1894-1906, shows how Rothschild fabricated "antisemitism" to destabilize Christian nations and convince Jews to emigrate to Palestine. Edmund de Rothschild arranged for an innocent Jew, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, to be charged with spying. This treason
Please send links and comments to Biden's Jews Want World War III - A proxy war has begun"This is our principled position. We start from it," Lavrov said. However, the risks of nuclear war are now "very significant. I don't want them artificially inflated. There are many who would wish

Headlines for April 23, 2022 - Was Donald Trump a Pedophile?

Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.comThe second part of this article addresses Trump's relationship with Ivanka.The Banishment of Donald Trump's Older Brother members of the Illuminati must be blackmail-able. Trump was not shy about his deviant behavior because the Illuminati wish to normalize incest and paedophilia.Apparently, Trump's fascination with

The Tyranny of Titty

(Are women defined by their breasts?)How long is the media going to titillateus with nipples, "side views" & "bikini figures?" Is humanity's destiny to be a broken recorddroning on for eternity?? Breast obsession isa symbol of our collective mental enslavement.Is this what we were created for? No, it's part of a deliberate program
Please send tips and comments to From Reddit Conspiracy"I will make this brief. I posted about my mother getting the vaccine and not being able to walk two weeks later. She developed congestive heart failure and had a stroke. Yet she pushed on and was never negative. Till my

Confused? Read the Protocols of Zion (c. 1892)

("We own the world. You're being evicted.")"There remains a small space to cross before all states of Europe will be locked in the coils of the symbolic snake, by which we symbolize our people, as in a powerful vice." The Protocols of Zion: Introduction and Synopsis"IT IS INDISPENSABLE TO... UTTERLY

Voodoo Adept - Protocols of Zion Omit the Worst Parts

"Judaism is a system of magic made into a faith.  The Jews ... tend to believe not that they will be in full power over the rest one day, but that they alone have always been in full control of everything in the universe and that by original divine

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