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Jewish Shakedown of Poland De-Emancipates Jews

"The Messiah for Jews is not a person, but a spiritual force. It is the spirit of Jewry. I called it Jewry - Yizrael, as opposed to Israel. Yizrael is his own Messiah, this is the view of Jewish Cabbalists. The Jewish Messiah, the spirit of Yisrael makes the

David Irving: 2 Million Jews Died in Gas Chambers

David Irving is not a "holocaust denier."In a 2009 confession, he acknowledged that around two million Jews were gassed at four camps.So why is he being persecuted? by Henry Makow Ph.D. David Irving has been vilified by Organized Jewry as a "holocaust denier" but his real crime has been to do original research. Someone said, "history is propaganda

Did Nazis Single Out Jews for Persecution?

(left. A total of 350 Czech residents of the village of Lidice were massacred in reprisal for the the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in June 1942 by British agents.)"Today, inconvenient facts subvert the official narrative of the Holocaust - that the Jews of Europe were somehow singled out by the Reich

Smolensk Crash Was a Coup d'Etat

(left, Polish PM Donald Tusk and Putin at the crash site, April 10, 2010.Tusk evidently wants a fist bump. Putin's expression says it all) A Polish reader describes the venomous political atmosphere in Poland that preceded the mysterious crash of President Lech Kaczynski's plane killing all 96 people on board. The post mortem

Why Do I Remain Jewish?

The short answer is I have no choice.  As I explained in the Epilogue to Illuminati 3, you can't jump out of your skin. As you know, I have no use for the Jewish "religion."  The essence of Cabalist Judaism is satanic: to enthrone the Jew (i.e. Cabalist Jewish banker) as God and turn

Was the Polish Holocaust Also a Hoax?

Putting the Jewish holocaust in contextSix million Poles, or 22% the total population, were systematically murdered in WW2. Half were Jews; half were Christians. The Nazis waged a genocidal war against Poles and Russians,as well as Jews. Why do we never hear of this?  Adolf Hitler: " The destruction of Poland is our primary task....Be merciless!

Jewish Historian Describes Holocaust as Improvised

 Hungarian women and children arriving at Auschwitz, May/June 1944 A work camp. Really? According to Jewish historian David Cesarani, Hitler's progress towards Jewish mass extermination was never pre-planned or preordained. The Nazis were sensitive to world opinion and didn't getstarted in ernest until after it became clear they were losing the Sarah Helm Review of

Katyn: The Genocide Hollywood Won't Touch

(left, the Poles finally told their story in 2007)The execution of 20,000 Polish officers by the Communists in 1940.Why has Hollywood ignored this incredible story? My opinion is that, with six degrees of separation, Hollywood, (and indeed America) is ultimately run by the spiritual descendants of the Katyn murderers.That's why the Allies

Left Vs Right: Freemasonry Promotes Both Sides

(Left. Hitler in classic Masonic handshake -thumb on knuckle- with Marshall Petain)Normally we associate Freemasonry with the "Jews" and the Left. ButFreemasonry also has a conservative branch which establishes Conservative,Nationalist and Fascist leaders as a form of false opposition. These leaders destroy genuine conservative, nationalist and Christian forces, as Hitler did.Often, like Hitler, they

Are World Wars Orchestrated?

(left, Wilhelm Canaris, Abwehr Chief) A detail in Prince Michel Sturdza's aptly titled The Suicide of Europe (1968) set off my alarm bells. In August 1940,when Western Europe was conquered bythe Nazis, Admiral Canaris advised theRomanian Foreign Minister that Germanywould lose the war.From June 14, 2005By Henry Makow Ph.D. In the possible run-up to World

One of the Best Holocaust Memoirs

"Am I a Murderer?" by Calel PerechodnikUntil his death in 1944 at age 27, Calel Perechodnik was wracked with guilt. As a member of the Jewish Police in the Otwock, he was tricked into putting his own wife and child on a train to Treblinka. He never heard from them

Solzhenitsyn Foresaw Satanic Contagion Infecting West

Nobel Prize Winner, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, (1918-2008) gave the speechbelow in 1983 in London on the occasion of winning the Templeton Prize. Expelled from the USSR in 1970, he was feted in the West to bolster theCold War. But he proved to be an embarrassment because of his espousal of Christianity

Joe Sobran: Judaism Hates Christianity

(left, Joe Sobran, 1946-2010) For essays like "The Jewish Faction," Joe Sobran was fired as an editorat the National Review, which only proves the West has been colonized by "the Jews" (i.e. the world central banking cartel using Freemasonry & organized Jewry as its instruments.)  He says "Jews" deceive themselves and others

Cabalist Jews are Their Own God (Egregore)

  Soon they will be yours.Does the "egregore" explain the mysterious affinity shared by Illuminati (Satanist) Jews?(From Feb. 16, 2007) By Henry Makow Ph.D. Last week I noted that the Soviets razed thousands of churches but spared synagogues. If Communists considered religion "the opium of the masses," why didn't they include

Holocaust Denier Jailed for Thought Crime

(Left, Stolz speech can be found here)Holocaust denier, lawyer Sylvia Stolz is back in prison. On February 25, 2015,  a Munich court sentenced her to 20 more months for a speech she delivered in 2012. Although my grandparents died in the Jewish holocaust,I do not believe in thought crimes. People

Is Putin False Opposition?

The Illuminati is using Russia-US friction over Ukraineto lay the groundwork for World War Three. The dialectical opposition between Russia and the US is a little too neat to be credible. It's almost as if the USSR and the USA have Henry Makow Ph.D.In March, when Hillary Clinton compared

Illuminati Zionists & Nazis Resume Collaboration

(left. The Neo Nazi Svoboda party replaced their stylized swastika symbol  with a three finger Masonic hand sign resembling sign of Baphomet. Remarkably thisis the same sign as the "We Day" youth movement the Illuminati is selling to children in the West.See We Day symbol in text below.)Illuminati Jews have

Zionists Sacrificed Jews to the Holocaust

The word "Holocaust" is a Biblical term for "burnt sacrifice."  Why refer to genocide as "a sacrifice"?Because the Illuminati bankers deliberately sacrificedEuropean Jews to create the State of Israel, the capital of the Rothschild's occult New World Order.The London-based Illuminati bankers wanted Jews to set up the State of Israel