"Brotherhood of the Bell" Exposed Masonic Control

January 30, 2013


A 1970 made-for-TV movie is the only
drama to properly address and describe 
the problem of Masonic subversion

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

The fact that our society is completely subverted and run by a satanic cult, Freemasonry, is confirmed by the fact this entity is rarely mentioned in the
mass media. And if it is, never portrayed in its true light.  

A 1970 made-for-TV movie "Brotherhood of the Bell" is a rare exception. It shows what happens when a successful university professor disobeys his vow of secrecy. It is available on Youtube here. 

Andrew Patterson, played by Glenn Ford, is ordered to blackmail a close friend and colleague. When the colleague commits suicide, Patterson is consumed by guilt and vows to out the Brotherhood.

His experience mirrors a description recently posted on this site. See The Masonic Intelligence Network. 

Patterson has the air of a self-made man. But when he goes public about the suicide, he discovers that his success is largely due to his 20-year membership in the "fraternity."

Money that supported his academic department is cut off, and he finds himself unemployed.  His father's engineering company is suddenly audited and accused of fraud.

His wife rages at his silly honor and starts packing her bags.

In a wonderful scene, he realizes that not only did he own his success to this cult, he owed his wife to it as well. Her father is a member of the Brotherhood.

"You were part of my reward," he tells her. "Get the hell out." 

The film captures Patterson's naivety. He was a member of this group for 20 years but apparently doesn't realize the extent of its power. He doesn't realize that the President of the US and everyone else of importance is involved in this conspiracy.

The film was written by David Karp (The Untouchables, The Defenders) based on his novel; and directed by veteran TV director Abraham Paul Wendkos (Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare.)   

I think it got made because they spun the Brotherhood as being wholly WASP. When a member of a TV audience (left) tries to connect it with the "Jewish Conspiracy" she is wholly discredited and hooted down. 

In fact, Freemasons represent a class of Gentile traitors put in power by the Illuminati Jewish bankers to carry out their pernicious agenda. 

Otherwise, the movie is pretty realistic. It sizzles with the intensity characteristic of the Golden Age of TV drama, and captures the helplessness of the individual against a shadowy, well organized and financed conspiracy. 

Patterson is able to recruit one other member of the Brotherhood to his cause, and the movie ends on this dubious, positive note. 

If humanity goes the way of the dinosaurs, or just descends into a comatose  slave state, it will be because men didn't stand up, like Andrew Patterson does. This is because they never grew up. 

Instead they chose the easy way: Personal gain by betraying their community and their culture to an alien satanic conspiracy.

Now all that is left, is for us all to reap the whirlwind. 

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Comments for ""Brotherhood of the Bell" Exposed Masonic Control"

M said (February 2, 2013):

VISA ran only two NFL commercials during the regular season. They featured the 49ers and the Ravens. Also, FEMA paid for the bulk of the Superdome rebuilding. On top of this we have Homeland Security saying Al Qaida plans on launching attacks in the heart of the U.S. - threats of cyber-attacks also. I hope you can run a more detailed article before the game. Knowing what I know about 9/11 I truly fear for my country. God bless you and the work you do!

Al Thompson said (February 1, 2013):

You said: "His wife rages at his silly honor and starts packing her bags." This brings back memories for me. At first I was hurt, but even other friends and family will do the same thing. The "people" are addicted to their slave masters. If Obama came out wearing a Nazi uniform, people would start to make excuses and the media would ignore it. But if a Super Bowl player criticizes homosexuals all the media jumps on the poor guy as if he is the crazy one instead of pointing the finger to the real psychopaths. Masons are crazy and should take their satanic cult somewhere off the planet. Any group who disrespects God's commandments and the natural law is a group who are completely nuts and should not have any authority over anything.

The problem is that all of us have lived most of our lives without a complete moral foundation. Without that, there is no goodness in life; only the looking forward of impending doom. Evil is a waste of life and a big waste of time. There are so many other better things to do. But people seem to want their leaders who are do not have any morals whatsoever, and these are the ding-a-lings who are at the center of powers. They have nothing to offer.


John said (February 1, 2013):

Funny you mention "The Untouchables", I have the complete series on DVD from the original early 60's. I loved the show because it makes the distinction between good and evil. It seems that now Hollywood is promoting a normless society where all is evil and accepted.

O said (February 1, 2013):

This movie disclosed a conspiracy well in advance well in advance of its time, and it involved a fraternity. The next level is to become a member of the Masonic Order as this involved the highest levels in society, so if you had an unemployment problem or a case in court, all could be fixed with a ring; a handshake; wearing a pin; or with a phone call.

I will never forget the day with a stopover in South Carolina at a hotel with no rooms available for the night, and my dad showed his ring with the secret handshake, and a room was available instantly; no rooms available, and then there was one, as the Brotherhood takes care of their own. I never became a member personally, but my Dad did such for business, as if you wanted to make money you had to join.

Asim said (January 31, 2013):

Your latest article was an interesting read indeed, and kinda reminds me of an interesting shop I recently stumbled across called Treadmills Bookshop -www.Treadmills-london.com. It is no ordinary bookshop, that's for sure. Located near the headquarters of University of London, Senate House, whose building is incidentally built like a massive white obelisk tapering into a pyramid formation, this bookshop is an occult worshiper's wetdream.

The moment you walk in-pungent incense hits you. More disturbingly, the books on offer, are all in glorification of freemasonary and the Occult. There is an entire shelf unit dedicated to Aleister Crowley; I mean, they love this guy-many of the books decry him as grossly misunderstood.
At the back of the shop is a large portrait of Anton Levay portrayed like Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon. This shop s located in a prime part of London; it is a very well presented shop, attracting a cross section of well to do people, and yet it is openly declaring its allegiance to satanism and freemasonary. Finally, just to reaffirm its numerical allegiance, it is located at 33 Stowe Street London. I recommend anyone visiting London to check the shop out for themselves just to see what they have on offer. It's just unbelievable and will really make you appreciate Henry's articles that much more!!!!!!!!!!!!

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