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Freemason Sadiq Khan Heralds UK's Racial Transformation

May 19, 2016

Left. Mayor Sadiq Khan participating in a ritual at Swami Narayan temple in London

Creation of a Muslim Mayor of London 
sends a message that England is no longer
a white Christian society. Semper Castleton, 
a British expat living in Thailand, says he
won't be returning to England any time soon.

by Semper Castleton 

To many Londoners' complete surprise,  Sadiq Khan was sworn in as the new Mayor of London, for the Labour Party on May 8, after beating the opposing Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith.  He is the first Muslim Mayor of London and the only Mayor of that faith in any major Western capital.

This appointment of a Muslim mayor has sent a signal to the whole world that London is set to change. The white man in London will become a historical entity. A Muslim mayor of London has been planned for quite some time. The way is clear to create the mixed race society that had been planned as far back as 1925. 

(left, Masonic handshake) 

Khan is a member of the Labour Party which is affiliated with the Socialist International, essentially a front group for the Masonic Jewish (Communist) banking cartel. 

He was likely headhunted by them from an early age. To have gone to university, he was provided with substantial financial assistance. Not many council house kids from working class backgrounds could afford university. He was, most likely, afforded other opportunities to create a credible resume. He could have been introduced to the Conservative Party. Instead it was more logical, due to his humble beginnings, to have him allied to the socialists' Labour Party. 

Unbeknown to many people, the British Government is basically just the one political group of men/women that serves the House of Rothschild. But in reality in order to demonstrate" democracy" this group has been split into three main parties (Tory, Labour and the Liberal Democrats). 

The appointment of Sadiq Khan has been meticulously planned primed as part of the overall campaign to change  English Society from a white race one into a coloured mixed race society . The recent jibes and taunts from Conservative politicians have just been a smokescreen . Sadiq Khan has a huge agenda not only for London but also for the Islamic World. London will likely become the co-ordination hub for the rise of Islam in Europe. 


Khan was born in the now gentrifying neighborhood of Tooting, south London to a bus driver from Pakistan and a seamstress mother.  He was raised in a council housing estate with seven siblings. His parents have since been able to save to buy a home of their own. After attending state schools in Tooting, he learned how to box to protect himself from racial taunts. Khan studied law at university in London and worked as a human rights lawyer for more than a decade. He became London's youngest councillor at 23 years of age. 

He married fellow lawyer Saadiya Khan in 1994 and the couple have raised two daughters. He also served as chairman of Liberty, a leading human rights organization in England and Wales for three years. Khan was elected to the British Parliament in 2005. He became the first Muslim member of parliament to be elected in London in 2005. 

In 2008 he wrote the book Fairness Not Favours - How to connect with British Muslims. He was Transport Minister in the Gordon Brown government between 2009 and 2010. Khan, a practicing Muslim, voted in favour of gay marriage in 2013. According to media reports that behaviour sparked death threats from extremists.  He does not drink alcohol but visits pubs and has called for them to be protected from closure.
(Fabian Society emblem, wolf in sheep's clothing.) 

Khan is also a member of the Fabian Society which is a subversive "think tank " that guides the policies of the Labour Party. This fact on Khan's Wikipedia bio has been removed since 8th May for some reason. Khan campaigned successfully during 2015 for the release of a British muslim held in the Guantanamo prison . 

An interesting aspect of this unexpected victory is that white native-born Londoners must have been a significant part of Khan's overall 1.2 million votes. White people are bombarded on a daily basis by multicultural propaganda by the BBC and the Rothschild-controlled press. They would vote for Khan to prove they are not "racist." 

Khan's first act as Mayor Pledges fealty to Jews 
Khan says Trump doing job of ISIS
Khan refers to Moderate Muslims as 'Uncle Toms"

First Comment from Mark

Sadiq Khan is not a true and sincere believer in the one God.  He is therefore not a Muslim but rather an infiltrator disguised as a Muslim.  He is the elite's puppet flavor of the year.   You have this same phenomenon (for lack of a better word) in both the Christian and Jewish faiths.  Those pretending to be something or someone they are not.  Christian Churches and its leaders are corrupted and infiltrated -same with the Jewish faith. Though they are a few true believers that are not part of this lie.  Any fool can say that they are this or that especially when self-interests are concerned.  Could also be Sadiq Khan is and has been mind controlled to play the part.
 Jesus warned us to be careful of wolves dressed in sheep's clothing .  Jesus also taught us to know someone's true allegiance to the one God saying "by their fruits ye shall know them". 

No true Muslim would ever sign up with Freemasonry because no true Muslim would worship anyone other than God the almighty.
Khan is being set up as controlled opposition in the Illuminati game of Hegelian Dialectics. He is the club's "good Muslim"  whereas true Muslims who worship only God will be made to look radical, backwards etc.  Whichever way the elite and their controlled media wants to make them look.  Could be that Khan is okay with lots of things most believers in the Abrahamic faiths do not agree with i.e.: homosexuality being one of them.  Maybe any true Muslim who does not agree with homosexuality is going to be labeled in a not so good way whilst Khan comes out and declares the LGBTQ agenda  is great.  Maybe that's what Khan's role is (amongst other things) - make true Muslims look bad, real bad.  After all hasn't this been the role of the Zionist controlled media all along?
 Wonder what perks he gets to play the part?  No cancel that thought, I couldn't care less.  I am keeping my focus on God and not on the material and egotistical benefits that come from being one of the boys in the club of secrets and Satanic worship. 
You must admit though - the timing of his " mayor ship" is very interesting and dubious especially with all the anti-Muslim rhetoric the main stream Zionist controlled media spews forth.  And let's not forget all the change the elite are doing in terms of creating and re-creating demographics all over the world (phony Immigration, phony war in Africa and Middle East etc).  "Timing is everything" as they say.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Freemason Sadiq Khan Heralds UK's Racial Transformation "

DB said (May 21, 2016):

The Islamic faith forbids idols. The image of Khan participating in ritual involving an idol betrays is not a true Muslim. Just because someone has an Islamic sounding name, and gives lip service, claiming to be a Muslim, does NOT a Muslim make! No true Muslim would participate in any polytheistic rituals. In Islam IDOLS ARE FORBIDDEN. The believers ask: "How can that which is created (by the hands of man) be the Creator?" God creates man and all of creation, not the other way around. Hindu rituals involve praying to idols. That is in direct opposition to Islamic traditions!

Khan is a fraud. But then again, I would challenge anyone to point out one damn politician that is not a self serving deceitful shyster. Maybe Khan would be more honest if he altered the spelling of his name to Con. Perhaps that's the little green language joke the dark occultists put in place when they manufactured this fake Muslim frontman. They use green language or language of the birds quite a lot. Khan sounds like the con that he is.

To be a Muslim is a way of life. When a person behaves in manner that is against the beliefs, they cannot be considered Muslim. Actions of believers speak much more loudly than lip service words. He is OBVIOUSLY not a Muslim. But a NWO tool. Deception is not an Islamic value. No true Muslim would join the Fabians or use deceptions and manipulations to social engineer society. Islam teaches virtue, purity, honesty. The Fabians are all about satanic values, deception. Man cannot serve two masters. How can anyone fall for a man like Khan being anything remotely Muslim? He is COMPLETE CONTRADICTION OF TRUE ISLAMIC FAITH!

Why are people so credulous that they blindly think an Islamic name and a weak claim to a faith equals a Muslim? I know most in the Western world are ignorant of what it means to be a Muslim. Its easy to deceive the ignorant. But anyone who knows even some basic axioms that sincere Muslims live by would be able to discern the deception.

BR said (May 20, 2016):

Unlike what your 'smeper' writer claims, any Briton receives student loans in the UK, which are returned with Negligible interest from the Gross income over decades - people prefer to defer those payments due o the low interest rate, which was the case already a decade and two ago. Thus Sadiq Khan never need money from anybody, unless he was expected to attend their brainwash instead of working alongside his studies for his own consumption.alongside his studies for his own consumption.

Reinhard said (May 19, 2016):

Here in the Netherlands we have already since a few years a Marrocan (Moslim) Major in Rotterdam, the biggest harbor in the world, Achmed Aboutaleb. Some speak already, our future president, labor party.

And our parliament is presided by a Turkish (Muslim) woman! Labor Party.

This is, with all the immigrants, the ethnocide of Europe. The big Mohammedan Hijacking! And wipe away, of course, Christianity!

William said (May 19, 2016):

Zac Goldsmith is the son in law of a London Rothschild
I suppose he was just controlling the conservative opposition.

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