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Eloquent New Voice Sounds Alarm

October 14, 2015

Irene Caesar, 52, is a brilliant Russian philosopher and artist who has no illusions about the Cabalist Jewish and Masonic agenda, and is not afraid to state it. "Wake up or Perish" is her message. She is interviewed by Bolivia-based truther Alex Gottwald , the editor of the German translation of Illuminati, who deserves thanks for bringing Caesar's message to our attention. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Putin: We Will Seek Peace but Prepare for War" was the headline this morning .

Mollycoddled and deceived by the media, Westerners are complacent. They don't realize that we are on a course to world war.  Ukraine and Syria are already proxy wars that could easily escalate into direct Russian-American confrontations. 

(Chabad leader, Menahem Schneerson, 1902-1994)

Irene Caesar, a Russian philosopher and specialist in "the struggle of ideologies" doesn't have any illusions about the true Cabalist Jewish character of this war. Enslavement and genocide is in the Talmudic Jewish DNA, she says. "We are the Chosen People. The goyim are animals who must serve us." 

World events can be understood in terms of the longterm Talmudic Jewish plan to enslave the human race. Talmudic Jews and their Masonic Gentile allies (Satanists) have taken control of the West and are waging a war against the White race and Christianity which they regard as their main competition. Their goal is white genocide. First cultural genocide, then physical. Whites, who represent only 8% of the world population are an endangered species.

This may seem farfetched but it does explain current events. The whole thing boils down to a conflict over a "multipolar" world which Russia and China want, and a "unipolar" world which really amounts to satanic Jewish hegemony masked as American/EU imperialism.  

(Caesar, in one of her art installations, as Joan of Arc)

It explains the welcome millions of migrants flooding the US and Europe receive, in order to destroy racial and cultural homogeneity. It explains the relentless attack on Christian cultural values, especially marriage and family, via a war on gender, the bedrock of heterosexual identity. This psychological attack is seen in the bizarre promotion of feminism, homosexuality, pedophilia and transgenderism. 

It explains why Netanyahu is provoking the Palestinian people to rise up with knives as a pretext to their genocide. 

Caesar says the coup d'etat in Ukraine is intended to re-establish the true Jewish homeland of Khazaria and serve as a bridgehead to Russia, which is the protector of a sane multipolar world where no one dominates anyone. Putin follows the "holographic principle where every matrix is unique and sovereign." 

She says Russia has always been the motherland, fount and protector of the Aryan race. But Russia does not practice genocide like the Khazarian Jews. Russia has 100 different nations living within her borders.  

She says Putin is the "number one target" of  Satanist Jews, like Henry Kissinger and Victoria Nuland who studied Talmud for hours every day as children. Their greatest fear is that Germans and Russian will unite to resist their subjugation. She believes Putin is sincere. He started as their ally but was betrayed countless times and "no one can forgive betrayal." 

Hitler, on the other hand, was a Zionist agent responsible for the "real holocaust," the murder of 30 million Russians and 10 million Germans. She says the ideology of Zionism and Nazism are identical: racial superiority, genocide and globalist slavery. 

I agree with Caesar's analysis although I still have some qualms about Putin. (Some of those photos of Masonic handshakes and signs look quite recent.) 

However, I withhold judgment on her more outlandish claims. For example, she believes Russia has miraculous "quantum leap" technology that is a panacea for mankind, solving disease and poverty, as well as teleportation!   She claims the Masonic Jews are determined to stifle and seize control of this technology.

In conclusion, Westerners are oblivious to the malignant force that has seized control of their societies. We are talking about Cabalist Jews (especially Chabad, Hasidim) Zionism, organized jewry, and non-Jewish Freemasonry. Before it is too late, ordinary Jews, Christians and society in general must face the unsavoury fact that Judaism (which is defined by Cabala/Talmud) is Satanism.  We must heed Irene Caesar's message, to "wake up" or perish.
Note from Alex Gottwald: 
  1. There was a second interview we did in 2015... it's only on her Russian channel, but might be interesting for those who like the first one:
    Part 1:
    Part 2: 
----------- Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult 

First Comment by Glen. (Makow. Satanist Jews are a liability to all other Jews. Judaism is a satanic secret society like Freemasonry,  which is based on Judaism. This means only the "initiated" know the real diabolical agenda. The "uninitiated" are expendable unless they can be manipulated and used.

Glen: All one needs to do is have a look at the list of country's the Jews have been kicked out of throughout the ages to realize Irene speaks the truth. She is not some tin foil hat wearing wack-o spreading hate and discontent. Why would so many nations decide these parasites on humanity must go. The answer can only be they(the Jews) were detrimental to the nation and local populations they were sucking off of. Here is a list of the countries the Jews have been evicted from. You decide if maybe there is a problem with these folks.                    

  YEAR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PLACE

                         250 -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Carthage
                         415 -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Alexandria
                         554 -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Diocèse of Clermont (France)
                         109 countries/dates -list continues here

Dan writes:

She starts off saying Russia has 'a technology' that's 'a quantum leap' ahead of the EU and US.  She said " You have to know that our ancestors already had this technology. The memory of this technology is stored in our genome."

As I waited for her to describe this technology, I eventually realized she seems to mean it's a force encoded in Caucasian genes.   Something like the Vril myth of the Thule Society, or "the Spice" in Frank Herbert's DUNE novels. 

But hold on, she keeps talking about the white race, but she says "We Russians have it in its most advanced form."
Here I must explain that Irene's theory of the origin of white people is different from Nazi Ariosophy.   Nazi doctrine held that the white descended from a pure Aryan super race that landed in the Himalayas after the cataclysmic sinking of Atlantis. 

Her race suppositions derive from late 18th century Caucasian theory.  We're still called "Caucasians' due British Royal Society acceptance of the theory of German philosopher Christoph Meiners in his 'The Outline of History of Mankind' (1785).  He propose there are only two major races - Caucasian and Mongoloid. 

Caucasians originated in the Caucasus region around the Black Sea  (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia).  Irene considers the Caucasus to be part of Russia, as Russian nationalists do.   

So she's saying that the White people had a powerful technology in a distant, mythic past.  Here's a quote from much later in the interview:  "My blood is more royal than that of the British Queen. My ancestors were flying Vimanas, When England what quietly lying under the ice."   (Vimāna is a mythological flying palace or chariot described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics.)  This is relevant because it goes to credibility of her other assertions.   

She continued; "Based upon the idea of ​​the racial superiority of Germans, Hitler called for the extermination of Slavs. The very idea of ​​racial superiority is a Talmudic idea. THUS, Hitler Introduced into our culture the genocidal ideas of negroes from the Tribe of Seth in the Land of Seth....Nazism is the rejection of all other nations, and, THUS, is not about the very notion of nation, but is about domination and slavery."

She continues, "As regards Cossacks who were fighting for Hitler against Russians .... They were fooled. I am a Cossack, from the ancient Cossack (Kazak) family. On my mother's side, my family originates from the marriage of the Cossack Ataman and Byzantine Princess. My blood is more royal than that of the British Queen. My ancestors were flying Vimanas*, When England what quietly lying under the ice. And my family what fighting Hitler, and all other kinds of Talmudists over the history of our nation. We destroyed the 10th century in Khazaria. And we will destroy the global Zion as the one-world Khazaria again."

 I have nothing against Irene, I understand that her family lost many innocent ancestors from the especial viciousness of Hitler's Barbarossa Blitzkrieg.   However, her own racial theory seems to me as flawed as Hitler's.  Some of Hitler's general staff questioned the policy.  Had the Germans come as liberators instead of exterminators, a lot of Slavs and Russians would have welcomed them. 

Ultimately, I believe Hitler's Lebensraum goal required the indigenous population of Belarus to disappear. Jews deported from the West would be sterilized and worked to death, to make room for German population growth.  That seems to be real history. 

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Comments for "Eloquent New Voice Sounds Alarm "

Ariana said (October 15, 2015):

Clearly she is a hired disinformation agent. There are many indications, prominent one is her so-called "art."

Anyone who knows a bit of Caucasian history knows that grouping Azerbaijan with Armenia and Georgia is done by either deceptive pawns rewriting history, or morons. Azerbaijan is a concoction of the Soviet ethnic repopulation scheme.

Actual people with Cossack ancestry speak and approach matters differently. Somebody didn't do enough research.
Divide and conquer, fear-mongering article.

Tom K said (October 15, 2015):

Your concluding paragraph is true at large, esp. the ‘non-Jewish Masonry’ part that implies scores of ‘the wicked’/traitors who would love to dump all blame only on the Satanic Jews! On this occasion, thanks to Dan’s critical input, one is compelled to view Irene as a psyop --- the typical “truth-lie mix” (with innate cognitive dissonance) out to taunt us, with deceptive eloquence, on behalf of the enemy! I’ll explain …

Some of her statements [regarding national/ethnic identity] reeks a wee-bit too much of the same supremacism that she ascribes to mankind’s enemy: the Talmudized ones. Claiming Russia to be “the fount and protector of the Aryan race” implies that the Jewlluminati are passing the baton of that paradigm from the West to the East (Russia) right now, which may be the sole purpose (touted within the Masonic inner-circles) of the imminent WWIII! (Isn’t it too co-incidental that the cursed Talmud says: “Jesus worshipped a BRIC Brick”?!) … On this note, though, this may just be the ‘deal’ that the Illuminati have given Russia! Discerning minds, who factor in eschatology into the politic, already know that the “post-WWIII kingdom of the Antichrist in Jerusalem” IMPLIES that Russia will be grossly betrayed/duped in those ‘deals’ … because that is the very symbolism of the reptile Kissinger wherever he was involved throughout [his] history! … Also, the ‘betrayals’ that Putin had received from the Jewlluminati Masons may well entail ‘triggers’ to control his mind/views … which can only be overcome through TRUE Faith!

‘Vimanas’ of Hindu texts are actually no more than “flying Djinns” … which renders Irene’s narrative on ancestry as more pagan mythology than REAL Christian/Abrahamic Belief [in Adam and Eve]! The fact that Christians can no longer catch these trickeries speaks volumes on how duped they’ve been since Nicea (through the Talmud-injected edomite, nephilim etc. self-worshipping/ scientological nonsense)! … For God’s Sake, her soft-porn “tin-foil-vested-Joan” photo is a raucous mockery of all “Christian Values” she appears to defend! … The ‘quantum leap’ technology she is talking about may just be the Babylonian Occult Tech. of the Jews (only rare and true eschatologists will know this)! … The real birthplace of the White Race is in Central Asia ... and Irene may just be the spokesperson of the very Khazars she is threatening to destroy!

In overall context, Bradley’s comment (in the preceding article: “How they control the world”) was an APT and rare GEM that resonated in my own heart and Faith! It is because of such rare men (with such penitent, gracefully-humble and righteous sensibilities) that God hasn’t destroyed the West yet! That's a rare and True Christian, right there! My very best regards to him, and may God Bless him.

JE said (October 15, 2015):

Thank you for sharing this very interesting interview with Irene. Irene made some excellent points regarding the PTB wishing to destroy nationalism, artefacts, cultural identity as well as create a slave caste.

Furthermore, many Russians have demonstrated a most valiant Christian ethos which has helped safeguard Christendom (and thus should be duly recognized by Europeans and the West for their great heroism and sacrifice).

However, I also noticed that many of Irene's 'other' postulations were not grounded in empirical evidence. For example, she doesn't seem to grasp that Europeans are made-up of quite a few (genetic) Haplogroups. For example, Haplogroups Rb, Ra, N, E, I etc (whereby the majority of Russians are Haplogroup Ra and majority of West Europeans are Rb). Yet, it is Haplogroup I that appears to be the indigenous/ original European Haplogroup (i.e. the main or part progenitors of ancient Greeks, Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Germanics etc). Moreover, Haplogroup I is not "Aryan"/ Iranian/ North Indian/ Indo-European.

Rather, it is closely related to Haplogroup J which many theorists denote being the main Israelite Haplogroup. Today, Haplogroup I is found mainly in Scandinavia and the Balkans (especially Bosnia and Dalmatia of former Illyria as well as the Ukraine and Sardinia); indeed, the Illyrian/ Dalmatian Emperor Constantine's standard carried the 3 crowned lions motif (heralding the Israelite Royal Tribe of Judah). Today, the Dalmatian coat of arms still carries this motif and apparently this is where the English derive their 3 crowned lions standard too (i.e. from Emperor Constantine's standard as all European Royal Houses are said to derive from him as he was the first Christian Emperor of Europe).

Likewise, the legendary King Arthur's standard also featured the 3 crowned lions standard (although the 'real King Arthur' was argued as being a historical Roman/Dalmatian general called Lucius Artorias Castus).

In this way, Haplogroup I is likely to be the main Haplogroup consituent of ancient Greek civilization, not Haplogroup Rb or Ra. Furthermore, contrary to Irene's thesis that white Russians/ Aryans built the Egyptian pyramids, it was indeed the so-called dark complexion "negroid" Africans which (mainly) built the Egyptian pyramids and (mainly) ruled Egypt, that's why many Egyptian artefacts feature classic African "negroid" phenotypes/ morphological characteristics (of which many white European "archeologists" & even soldiers tried to hide by blowing off "wide" African "negroid" noses from objects such as the sphinx etc).

Consequently, I think Irene's many excellent points are detracted from when she embarks on outlining her "murky" theoretical polemic that "white Russians/ Aryans" created all(?) of civilization etc. In fact, does she even know that the "white" phenotype is due to the absence of melanin and indeed "white people" and all other so-called "races" are basically the result of miscegenation between dark skinned people and "albinos"?

Indeed, Rb Haplogroup of western Europe is also common in Africa and Turkey and Ra is rather common in India and Iran etc. Furthermore, does she know that the Banksters also posit their "Alien/ Atlantian" culture is "Aryan" too and that they were the creators of Hindu cosmology/ Sanskrit writing/ Sumer/ the global Pyramid phenomenon etc. Indeed, Judaism is said to derive from Hinduism which shares a similar us/ them rigid caste/ class system. Unsurprising then that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion also invokes Vishnu as the Illuminati/ NWO's "god".

Therefore, the Banksters, like Irene, assert that "they" too created "civilization" and the pyramids etc. And so, I argue that this wholesale cultural aggrandisement exemplified by both Irene's thesis and others makes for very simplistic and sloppy scholarship which prevents true empirical evidence to prevail when it is buried beneath politically driven propaganda & new age drivel.

In this regard, Irene's position can be regarded as representing the opposite spectrum espoused by this equally politicized author (which also has some great insights/ theories but like Irene, warps them with heavy politicized racialist propaganda [i.e. all civilizations were "black"] and "predeterminist" pseudoscience nonsense that perceives people as being driven mainly by their genetic code rather than their conscience, social/ cultural conditioning and free/ personal choice etc ).

I for one do not believe or have read convincing evidence that one's genetic code/ genealogy predetermines their ethics/ choices. This social Darwinian philosophy underpins many quack pseudosciences such as phrenology etc as well as your run-of-the-mill NWO/ New Age crapological esotericism.

As for teleportation, aliens etc, it seems like complete nonsense to me unless I can verify it with my own faculties/ senses/ testing. However, I do think free energy exists as the universe appears to be electric (and thus quantum mechanics/ string theory, at least according to some scientists, appears to be a total farce too). Otherwise, a great interview!

James Perloff said (October 15, 2015):

Even though not everything has to be agreed with, and some things may have been lost in translation, Caesar make some spot-on points. With Glasnost, there began a mass exodus of Jews from Russia to Israel, and I suspect that once they finished immigrating, the Learned Elders had little further use for Russia, hence the hostility to Putin.

However, once America has exhausted its resources making the Middle East safe for “Greater Israel,” they will probably have no further use for America either, and would be happy to then see America and Russia destroy each other in a war, with Zionist Israel emerging as a world power, as SPECTRE’s chief illustrated with his fish analogy in this scene from the film “From Russia with Love”

Your remark “It explains why Netanyahu is provoking the Palestinian people to rise up with knives as a pretext to their genocide” is particularly on-target. By stepping up violence against Palestinian women and children, Netanyahu is provoking some retaliation against Israelis.

This allows him to use the time-worn ploy of portraying Israel as a “victim” in order to justify further conquests, easily achieved with his thousands of tanks paid for by American taxpayers. This is ultimately a spiritual war, but at the human level it is playing out as a war for Zionist racial domination, as Benjamin Freedman warned us.

RP said (October 14, 2015):

Caesar states, “Russia has miraculous "quantum leap" technology that is a panacea for mankind, solving disease and poverty, as well as teleportation.”

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, that the Russians have the technology to destroy America any time they want, it is called “Scaler” technology, most people do not even know that it exists.

It was invented by Nikola Tesla, the Russians have had this equipment for decades.

Please do watch this short video.....

God showed by vision the destruction of America to His End time Prophet, William Marrion Branham.

One Sunday morning in June, 1933, God gave seven major continuous visions to His Prophet, five of the seven continuous visions, have already come to pass.


“The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America.”

JG said (October 14, 2015):

It really is incredible how the Illuminati/ Cabalist Jews through their infiltration of Organized Masonry and their creation of Communism successfully got millions of White European Christians to destroy themselves in that shameful war called WW2.

And,also the many American and English Jews who fought in that insane war who, not knowingly were being victimized as well, and also the Jews in Germany.
How truly insane war really is.

They successfully divided them not by race but with idealism. It's idealism that can turn brother against brother and also in so many cases has gotten them to compromise their religious convictions by going out and killing in the name of freedom and human rights.

The Illuminati agents continue to rule because there are always that small percentage of goyim in the host nations that will sell out his nation in exchange for a position of power in his new occupied government. The goyim still love to distinguish themselves above the other less fortunate goyim and want to be on the side that's winning at all costs. Threaten a General with his rank or pension and watch how fast you get results.

Tony B said (October 14, 2015):

Your last couple of posts prompt a few remarks.

1. It is my long held belief that one needs to look at the protocols as an ongoing, probably at least yearly, upgrade. After all, the only copy the world has was stolen by a Jew from the inside who sold it for gain and consequently lost his life shortly thereafter. My guess is that the original writer of the document is someone in the VERY distant past as the protocols are a battle plan for world conquest via the Babylonian Talmud and therefore would be constantly upgraded to current changes which better the agenda for victory while, of course, the main points of attack are never put aside. It is very possible that in the beginning there were no protocols, as in speaker's notes, just oral battle plans. There must have been, and continue to be, various upgraders through the centuries who would probably all be satanists, whether or not they actually knew they were.

2. As for masonic handshakes, they are not a perfect form of notice. I have been given those handshakes in my life and they are difficult to not continue until the shake is over. One has to physically pull away from them or else allow them to continue. Add to this the Russian tendency to not reveal plans until whatever action is taken and it could just as well be that people such as Putin simply allow the masons to think whatever they wish. I don't know what the Russian Orthodox Church policy on masonry is but I do see Putin as a life long believer in that religion, through his mother's influence. It also seems to me that the return of the Russian people in general to their religious roots has more to do with Russia's recent successes than does Putin's popularity. He is not all powerful, even Medvedev being on the corrupt "western" (talumdic) side which appears deadly opposed to Putin but has to be at least as opposed to the resurrected church which they expected never to recover from the years of satanic communist destruction.

3. It does bother me very much, as you pointed out, that Russia continues to operate its financial system on the Rothschild evil principle of privately created and owned debt at usury as the nation's medium of exchange. My belief is that, so long as this remains true, Russia cannot defeat the Rothschild cabal and will not be the savior of the "west."

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at