Managing the Male Sex Drive (Revised)

February 20, 2014

article-1245454-07FA32AE000005DC-459_468x347.jpg(left. Spartacus played by Kirk Douglas & Slave Girl, Varinia, played by Jean Simmons) 

When I wrote this article in 2004,
I didn't realize I was
describing a form of satanic initiation.
"Sexual liberation" enlisted our natural
sexual instincts to control and degrade us. 
Hollywood hooked us on porn
and hasn't looked back.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

(Revised from August 8, 2004)

At age 12, in 1961 I saw the movie Spartacus, directed by Stanley Kubrick.

simmons.JPGIn one scene, the camera focuses on Kirk Douglas' face as Jean Simmons sheds her gown. His face is full of wonderment and awe, lighted by the mystical glow seeming to emanate from her naked body but actually from the fire.

The scene made a profound impression on me, a boy just entering puberty.

We don't appreciate the extent to which we are programmed by the Illuminati Jews who control Hollywood. Most of our ideas about romance, sex and marriage come from the movies.

The Illuminati is a sex cult. It programs us to worship the fertile young female, bestow her with wisdom and virtue she does not have, and regard intercourse as the highest experience life offers.

Romantic love is our ersatz religion. Sexual intercourse is the holy sacrament. 

I subscribed to Playboy and devoured nudes with Kirk Douglas-like adoration. Henceforth, I judged females primarily on sex appeal; all others were invisible. I also equated sexual desire with love, and love with religion. In essence, I became dysfunctional, unable to relate to women as they really are.

This subversive verse from Paul Simon's "Kathy's Song" (1965) became the anthem of my dysfunctional generation:

"So you see I have come to doubt/ All that I once held as true/ I stand alone without beliefs/ The only truth I know is you."

We were taught to be "alienated" from society and to seek fulfillment in romance. Uprooted from our true historical and spiritual context, we were told life is meaningless: find meaning in sex. Thus sex assumed a hugely disproportionate place in our lives. This is a satanic possession.

We were brainwashed to think sexual intercourse was a mystical experience that reunited us with God. This is based on Cabala, the dogma of the Illuminati sex cult that controls the world.

"An erotomania is abroad through our civilization," Francis Parker Yockey wrote in 1948. It is "the identification of 'happiness' with sexual love, holding it up as the great value, before which all honor, duty, patriotism, consecration of Life to a higher aim, must give way." ( Imperium, 297)

This message has not changed and it is pervasive. Sex is the way to God. Human relations are reduced to "hot or not."


In Plato's Republic, Socrates says that when he finally lost his sex drive in old age, he felt as if he had been " released from the jaws of a wild beast."

Despite our satanic indoctrination, nature did not intend that sex would become a lifelong obsession. It is part of the courtship and procreation phase. We are meant to marry young, have children and outgrow sex to some extent. We were intended to focus our energy on more important things.

For men, the goal should be to control our sex drive rather than to be controlled by it (or by women.) How do men do this if they cannot find a compatible mate ?

Obviously, most masturbate and many use pornography as an aid. Most men would be thinking of nothing else if they didn't relieve the pressure in this way.

But, as a sensible teenager said to me recently: "If I need to look at pictures, well then I don't really need to do it." His focus is on managing his sex drive, not on dissipation. By masturbating every few days, he can be "cool" with girls.


One acquaintance doesn't masturbate very often. "Why stoke the fires?" he says. He keeps his mind off sex and focuses on more exciting pursuits.

This is called sublimation. The prodigious American writer Upton Sinclair (1878-1968) wrote in his Autobiography (1962):

My chastity was preserved at the cost of much emotional effort...What did I get in return for this? I got intensity and power of concentration; these elements in my make-up were the product of my effort to resist the tempter.

I learned to work fourteen hours a day at study and creative effort because it was only by being thus occupied that the craving for woman could be kept out of my soul. I recited the Wisdom of Solomon: "he that ruleth his spirit is greater than he that taketh a city.
(p. 46)

According to Sinclair, and many religions, the energy goes right to the spiritual bottom line:

Imagine anyone wanting a lot of money or houses and servants or fine raiment if he knew how to be happy as I did! Imagine anyone becoming drunk on whiskey if he might become drunk on poetry and music, sunsets and valleys full of clover! (56)

Visit Julian Lee's wonderful site for information and inspiration on how abstinence can make men strong.


The masculine sex drive is a powerful creative force but it needs to be controlled and steered. We can do this by applying the brake (sublimation) and then releasing it (masturbation.) Every man is different and must find his own formula.

The world is run by a Luciferian sex cult based in London which controls brainwashing (media and education.) They use sex to distract, degrade and control both men and women. The New World Order plan is to restore the feudal model in which we are serfs at best. They undermine resistance by destroying our sources of cohesion and identity: nation, race, religion and family.

Slavery begins with the mind. We can resist by not being controlled by sex.


golden-calf-in-10-commandments (1).jpgFirst Comment from Dan:

For me it was the orgy scene in Cecil B. DeMille's "biblical' skin flick, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.   I was probably SIX. (I got a woodie)

I bet the studio after-party was x-rated.

Comments for "Managing the Male Sex Drive (Revised)"

Charles said (February 21, 2014):

This is some deep stuff Henry. We are a world in turmoil. I can tell you I was abstinent for 8 years, and can verify I was never closer to God. I had doubted my faith for a while, but God wasn't going to let me go (Thank you Lord!).

Men CAN do this. I did this between the ages of 18-26. That was tough, but I was dedicated! I later met my wife, and have been married for 20 years since. After my re-awakening, I couldn't believe everything I was seeing on T.V. and movies.

EVERY SINGLE commercial, show, and movie is either something to do with the Supernatural, or sex! I do feel we are in the last days. Only God knows the exact time, but it's clear we are wrapping things up. They have all but made Homosexuality normal now.

Thanks for your website. Lots of great info, and I certainly appreciate the perspective you bring! Thank you!

JG said (February 20, 2014):

Lust is a deceiver, it is in direct opposition to love. There IS such a thing as loving someone without having sex. And, how very often a relationship becomes disposable after sex.
The pornography attraction is a lusting of the eye. And what very often follows is the lusting to satisfy the flesh.

Female attire can also be a deceiver. So very many women today look better with their clothes on than off. Just walk along the beach on a bright sunny day and gaze at the women wearing bikinis. That's when you see all the flaws of the flesh. Photography hides these imperfections as well as makeup and clothes. Sorry, you've been duped!

As stated in The Book of Genesis, it's the "imagination of the heart" that's evil.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at