NWO is Throwback to Totalitarian Judaism

January 26, 2014


Where does the desire to dominate and exploit others originate?
The book,  Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3000 Years
by Israel Shahak provides the answer.

"Some may call it Communism, but I call it what it is: Judaism." Rabbi Stephen Weiss.

"Anti-Communism is Antisemitism." Jewish Voice, July - August 1941.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Recently we learned that the NSA is monitoring our words and movements. 

Security is just a pretext since most terrorism is state-sponsored. 

Where does this drive to spy on and dominate others originate? 

Israel Shahak's book,  Jewish History, Jewish Religion (1986) provides the answer.  From the second century until roughly the eighteenth, Jews were under the heel of their rabbis and wealthy leaders. They were a "closed society... one of the most totalitarian societies in the whole history of mankind." (14-15)

his is the template behind the NWO, only now everyone is being enslaved. 

Since the late Roman Empire,  Judaism was enforced by physical coercion. Rabbinical Courts ordered fines, flogging, imprisonment and even death for Jews breaking any of the hundreds of laws governing every aspect of daily life.  "Jewish women who cohabited with Gentiles had their noses cut off by rabbis...In religious disputes, those thought to be heretics had their tongues cut out."

The rabbis and rich Jews were in alliance with the Gentile aristocracy who enforced this tyranny and shared in the spoils. They were arrayed against poor Jews and peasants alike. The rich Jews always flourished in oppressive feudal regimes because, as bureaucrats, bailiffs and tax farmers,  they "mediated the oppression" of the peasants.  


According to Shahak, classical Judaism was inspired by the image of Sparta as it appears in Plato's Laws 942. Judaism adopted the objectives Plato described in the following passage.
(Shahak, p.13)

The principal thing is that no one, man or woman, should ever be without an officer set over him, and that no one should get the mental habit of taking any step, whether in earnest or in jest, on his individual responsibility. In peace as in war, he must always live with his eyes on his superior officer...In a word, we must train the mind to not even consider acting as an individual or know how to do it. 

israel_shahak1.jpg(left, Israel Shahak, 1933-2001)

Shahak says the words "rabbi" and "officer" are interchangeable.  
In Communism, the sons of rabbis built a new worldly religion that mirrored the fanaticism and oppression of classical Judaism. 

After visiting Bolshevik Russia in 1920, Bertrand Russell wrote to Lady Ottoline Morrell: "Bolshevism is a closed tyrannical bureaucracy, with a spy system more elaborate and terrible than the Tsar's, and an aristocracy as insolent and unfeeling, composed of Americanized Jews. No vestige of liberty remains, in thought or speech or action." (The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, paperback ed. 354) 

Shahak says Israel too is a "closed society" frankly dedicated to Jewish supremacy and hatred of non-Jews. Jewish culture evinces little honest self-examination lest Judaism's true malevolent character be exposed.  Shahak writes:

"Classical Judaism had little interest in describing or explaining itself to its own members ... The first book on Jewish history proper (dealing with ancient history) was promptly banned and repressed by the highest rabbinical authorities... As a consequence, 200 years ago, the vast majority of Jews were totally in the dark about ... Jewish history and Jewry's contemporary state; and they were quite content to remain so....Jewish studies are polemics against an external enemy rather than an internal debate...When a whole society tries to return to totalitarianism, a totalitarian history is written." (p. 20-22) 

Similarly, the West is returning to this totalitarianism. The West is a mini-Israel where mainstream discourse is tightly controlled. Pundits who stray from the party line are fired or forced to atone. We have become Jews under the yoke of Judaism (i.e. Communism.)

 Illuminati insider Christian Rakowski said the illuminati bankers created the Communist state as a "machine of total power" unprecedented in history. In the past, due to many factors, "there was always room for individual freedom. Do you understand that those who already partially rule over nations and worldly governments have pretensions to absolute domination? Understand that this is the only thing which they have not yet reached." 

Judaism is concerned with meaningless observances and legalities rather than morality or faith. The Talmud regulates "every aspect of jewish life, both individual and social...with sanctions and punishments provided for every conceivable ...infringement of the rules." (Shahak, p. 40)  

 Far from being monotheistic, the OT implies the existence of many Gods, and the Jewish Cabala includes many prayers and duties designed to propitiate Satan. Other reasons for saying the Cabala is satanic are found here.


Unknown to most Jews and Gentiles, Judaism is not the Old Testament religion people think it is. Every satanic cult has a cover. Like its manifestations -- Communism, Zionism and Freemasonry-- it i
s based on the Talmud and Cabala, which seek to supplant God and redefine reality. The Cabala reinterprets and contradicts the Old Testament.  Only the "initiates" are privy to this secret.

As banker Otto Khan put it, the Jewish leadership plot to become God and "remake the world."   "We shall purify the idea [of God] by identifying it with the nation of Israel, which has become its own Messiah. The advent of it will be facilitated by the final triumph of Israel... "

The New World Order is about inducting humanity into Judaism, which is Satanism disguised as "secularism." Here are ten examples of this satanic possession. A satanic cult is the template governing change. It is the explanation for the invasion of privacy by the NSA, and the creation of a false reality which includes staged "massacres" aimed at disarming the people.

Organized Jewry is a Trojan Horse for this agenda, but thanks to Freemasonry, most other governments, religions and organizations have also been subverted. Anti Semitism is a red herring designed to deflect blame from the Illuminati bankers and high ranking Freemason onto innocent Jews. Most everyone today is duped, manipulated and compromised.

For most of their history, Jews were held in mental and physical bondage by Judaism.The NWO is a recrudescence of this satanic tyranny not only for Jews but for humanity as a whole. In Shahak's words:  "Israel and Zionism are a throw-back to the role of classical Judaism, writ large on a global scale..." 


Otto Khan's sentiment that rich Jews "have become their own Messiah" is echoed in a famous letter from Baruch Levy to Karl Marx quoted in "Review de Paris," June 1, 1928. It also shows how Socialism and especially Communism were just devices to usurp power and property.

"The Jewish people taken collectively will be its own Messiah. His reign over the Universe will be obtained by the unification of the human races and through the elimination of frontiers.

A Universal Republic will come into being in which the Sons of Israel will become the directing element. We know how to dominate the Masses. The governments of all nations will gradually fall, through victory of the proletariat, into the hands of Judah.

All private property will become the possession of the princes of Israel-they will own the wealth of all lands. Thus will be realized the promise of the Talmud that when the time of the Messiah comes the Jews will hold under their keys the property of all the peoples of the world."

(See, "Communism, a Ruse for Illuminati Jewish Theft and Murder")

savile-blair.jpg(Savile with young Tony Blair) 
--------- Daily Express (London) - Jimmy Savile Part of a Satanic Ring  (called the illuminati which encompasses the British monarchy and elite. They actually held satanic masses in hospitals and abused patients.) 
-----Richards - Illuminati Pedophiles Run Britain
---  Makow - Sin- The Illuminati's Secret Weapon
Shahak describes Judaism 
                - What is Communism?
---- Jews and the Devil 


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First Comment from Dan:

As can be seen from comments coming in, Christians today have different impressions of the same scriptures in the 'Old Testament' of Christian Bibles.
If two Modern Christians don't agree on what they get from the 'Old Testament', they're even more off track when it comes to knowing what Modern rabbis and Israeli Prime Ministers mean by "Torah"

American Christians think modern Judaism consists of the 'Old Testament' of their Christian Bibles and Bible story movies.  So when they hear rabbis or Netanyahu speak with sanctimonious reverence to 'Torah', they envision Jews bowing their heads in prayer to the Christian image god of the Ten Commandments of Exodus.   They don't know that when rabbis refer to 'Torah' they refer to the Mishneh Torah: fourteen books derived from the first five Mosaic texts, but expanded into minute legal details.   It was written in the Middle Ages, supposedly written down from a long oral tradition of the secret doctrines of Moses.   Rabbinical Judaism considered the face-value Bible stories as window dressing for children.   It's a 'coded document' containing the secret code of laws for governing the world.

Much of it is micromanagement of dealings with goys.  (English translations replace goys with 'Gentiles'.)  I'm not going to cherry pick the more insulting or frightening passages - those are plastered all over the internet, and kill meaningful conversation.   There are  chapters soley devoted to Jewish laws for goys that call for capital punishment.  But many of the details grant goys some loopholes too:

--quote from Mishneh Torah, Chapter 9--

A goy is not executed for adultery with his colleague's wife unless they engage in relations in the normal manner after she had engaged in relations with her husband at least once. However, if she was merely consecrated or had undergone a wedding ceremony, but had never engaged in relations with her husband, one is not liable for engaging in relations with her, as Genesis 20:3 states: 'For she has been possessed by her husband.'


Whether or not that's a reasonable law doesn't matter, because these medieval rabbis had no authority to write laws for the whole world - or at least as far as the goys were concerned, but none were consulted.  That they did can only mean they considered the whole world their jurisdiction.  This is typical of theocratic thinking.

For those who haven't been keeping up with current events, say, for the last hundred years or so, our legal system in the West has become Talmudic right under our noses.   That's why the US Constitution amounts to toilet paper in the 21st century.

(Following;  Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Ben Gurion, LOOK Magazine, USA, 1962)

"In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the
Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah".

Comments for " NWO is Throwback to Totalitarian Judaism "

D said (January 27, 2014):

You're right, the current situation in France is a perfect reflection of the totalitarian control described by Israel Shahak.

The Jewish money power is so paranoid, that even what we laugh about needs to be filtered according to their whim... but they are right in a sense, they know what's coming; their paranoia is based on the fact that they are all too clever not to understand that if they ever allow people collectively to recognize their fraudulent grip upon the destiny of all nation states, it will be the end of their hegemony. They fear the truth just as much as demons fear the broad daylight...

Andrew said (January 27, 2014):

'm unsure whether you are up to date with the inquiry Operation Yewtree, but this is the first time I've seen the establishment in Britain actually officially admit that this Satanic thing is not slander or whatever they have been brushing it off as, but that it does officially take place. Here we are told that on this occasion it was conducted underneath a hospital.


It seems to me there is an unravelling occurring. One thing is leading the police to the next. As it is officially admitted, witnesses who were far too frightened before, are starting to come forward. Many people in the past have been strung up in court and given long sentences for child abduction in this country, but I believe they were all acting as kind of freelance agents. Obviously the elite will move to protect themselves, but it is hardly helped by this sort of revelation. Do you think their luck is running out, or could it be dealt with in some way? I mean yew trees are a pagan symbol of their belief in eternal life.

JG said (January 27, 2014):

In response to MG's comment below:

1) we can't be believers in a God that we question. His motives and understanding is "light years" ahead of ours. Who are we to judge our maker?

2) the Israelites were commissioned by God to establish his Holy Land. In order to achieve this that had to conquer the idolaters that were occupying the land at that time. Have we forgotten that God is vengeful against idolaters?

3) the "giants", who were the offspring of the "fallen angels", were occupying the land at that time as referenced in the Book of Joshua.

This New Age theology of God being an always sympathetic and never judgmental kind of Santa Clause is an outright fantasy.

Eduardo said (January 27, 2014):

Re. Text on Book of Deuteronomy, 7:1-8 quoted by Mark Glenn below:

The Nation on this land AT THAT TIME, were morally pervaded to an extent that they need to be eliminated. We should not dance with Satan. We eliminate him.

Our Loving God is before anything Just! He gave opportunities to that people, and centuries to correct their behavior. Then finally He decided this was the only way.

However the Jews followed their depraved morals and turned to be works than they. This was the reason of the Babylon take over the land of Israel. Our God made the exact same thing was made before but with his own children. The morals were so low that only killing the majority and preserving few as a seed.

And that is going to happen again. Satan tried already 2 times on create his empire "Babylon" in the earth, based on confusion and lied, and it is doing that right now, in a global extent.

Just read the Revelation and many verses where many will die.

"Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? saith the Lord GOD: {and} not that he should return from his ways, and live?"
Ezequiel 18:23

Mark Glenn said (January 27, 2014):

How do you reconcile passages such as this, (and others) found within the Old Testament, (Torah) which clearly outlines the Judaic mindset and agenda in murdering, stealing, etc?

“When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy. You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…”

–Book of Deuteronomy, 7:1-8

Dear Mark,

Because of passages like this I can't make a case for the OT either. Just that other things do command the respect of many Christians.


Steve said (January 26, 2014):

I think it's important to define terms, e.g. "Judaism", "Classic Judaism" so that people do not confuse the Old Testament definition with what people call Judaism today.

Judaism in the Old Testament was not the totalitarian theme described in this article. In fact God never even wanted sacrifices, Sadducees, Pharisees, and other trappings, just loving free-will worship. Jesus Christ fulfilled the law, so technically OT Judaism was fulfilled and ceased to exist. New Covenant replaced the Old.

Thanks Steve,

Since getting emails like this, I made that distinction although I question your image of the OT God.


JG said (January 26, 2014):

We really approach a kind of "danger zone" when we refer to these satanic apostates of the NWO as "Jews".

The truth of the matter is that they are not Jews of Judaism at all.

We really misrepresent the Old Testament by trying to say that Judaism is the "core theology" that is driving force behind Communism and the NWO.

Not true at all! Those are man made doctrines.
It is also wrong to say that the God of the Old Testament is only the God of the Jews and not the universe.

Did Jesus Christ himself accept or refer to any other God than the God of the Old Testament? If he did, I must have missed that one.

Jesus Christ also made the distinction between the Jews and the Synagogue of Satan in the Book of Revelation.

If there is no such thing as a good Jew than it would be impossible for you to be a Christian.


Thanks John.

There is a distinction between Jews and Judaism. Cabalist Judaism holds Jews in bondage as well.


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