Israel is an Apartheid State

December 10, 2013


Why is Israel the only country allowed to be racist?

Jews are being used by the Illuminati Jewish bankers

to colonize the world. Israel is their future Headquarters.

Is there anywhere else in the world that prohibits "mixed-race marriages"?

by Saul


TEL AVIV -- Despite Zionists' denials, Israel is an apartheid state. The term apartheid means "the state of being apart" and was a system of legislated racial separatism in South Africa. There are striking parallels between Zionist Israel and apartheid South Africa,

Let's look at Israel's blatantly racist laws.

Jewish Right of Return

With very few exceptions, only Jews can immigrate. Outside of Russian immigration, immigrants to Israel must prove that their mother was or is Jewish. Christians cannot immigrate to Israel. Muslims most certainly cannot immigrate to Israel.

Why have such a racist law on the books when 20% of the population are Muslim Arabs? Simple. Zionists claim that Jews deserve a homeland. 

Jewish Marriage Law

Jews cannot marry anyone other than Jews. Muslims in Israel cannot marry anyone other than Muslims. Even secular Jews cannot marry Christians or Muslims in Israel. This is the law. To marry outside one's faith, couples need to leave Israel to countries like Cyprus where they can marry and return as a married couple. Even Apartheid South Africa abolished the Prohibition of Mixed Marriage act in 1985, prior to which time whites could not marry blacks and vice versa. In Israel this racism is still going on today! Not just similar to Apartheid, WORSE than Apartheid.

In Judaism, to be Jewish, one's mother must be Jewish.

One of my friends had problems getting married in Israel recently.  He is a provable Jew with a Jewish mother and father.  His bride to be was a Russian immigrant with only a Jewish father.  The Zionist secular government bends the rules for Russian Jews so they qualify under the Jewish right of return.  Alas, to the religious court, which has a monopoly on marriage and divorce law in the country, she was NOT deemed a Jew.  Thus, they could not get married within Israel.

It all ties to the racist Zionism that demands Jews and ONLY Jews have a right to this land. Zionists know that if Israel allowed non-Jews to immigrate and if she allowed Jews to marry non-Jews, the country would be unable to maintain her racist laws because her mixed citizenry would not tolerate it. It's a massive catch 22. To preserve the racial majority within colonized lands, Israel cannot avoid being an apartheid state. And it is doomed to fail, just as Apartheid failed.

Zionists Want Never-Ending Conflict

Zionist propagandists love to point to facts such as, "For every offer of peace Israel has made, the Palestinians have said no." This is laughable, because every offer of peace Israel has ever made includes Israel's de facto racist apartheid laws. Only Jewish right of "return" (though the Jews "returning' to Israel haven't had family in this region prior to the 20th century for millennia), but no Palestinian right of return (though the Palestinian refugees who fled Israel in 1948 had lived here for a millennia before the 20th century.) If Jews are indeed Khazars, then they have no right of return at all.

Expansionist Israel - Race-based West bank Land Grab 

We are all aware of the problems caused by Israeli settlements on Arab lands.  Zionists claim ALL the land from King David's time belongs to Jews and only Jews.

Even after the war in '48, Jordan occupied the West Bank, not Israel. The settlements in Judea / Samaria are factually on Arab land from the time Israel was recognized in '48. Israel is basically stealing these lands and claiming them as "Jewish" property.  Jewish property and the indigenous Arabs are not allowed there.


And while this is obviously an obstacle to peace with those Palestinians who are not Israeli citizens, even within Israel proper the Zionist government discriminates against and steals the land from her Arab Palestinian  or Bedouin citizenry.

451.jpg(For the 80,000 Bedouin residents in unrecognized villages, life in Israel means seeing their homes demolished by the hundreds, on the grounds they were built illegally. It means having their fields plowed under, and not being connected to water, electricity or sewerage infrastructure.)

There is no excuse for it. It is blatant racism no different from Apartheid South African whites stealing land from South African blacks and moving them elsewhere.

The so-called Prawer-Begin bill is seeking now to resettle 40,000 Bedouin Israelis in the Negev, and seize 60,000 acres of their land. Israeli citizens since the 1950's, they are being displaced to make room for Jewish-only communities.

Israel is also evicting Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem.

This is no different than what the Apartheid South African government did to her black citizenry to make room for white communities.

The Zionist Israeli government is intentionally provoking a fight, a third intifada, if for no better reason than warfare is profitable.

The sad truth is, Zionist propaganda relies on a hostile internal and external Arab "enemy" to justify her racism and militarism. It's criminal, and it is at its core, pure racism.


Note on Muslim Marriage law:

The Muslim religious court in Israel does not allow Muslim men to marry non-Muslims. It's a tit for tat thing.  Per the Quran, Muslim women are forbidden from marrying non-Muslim men ever, and while I cannot say for sure, my guess is in most Muslim countries Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslim men.


Israeli Hypocrites Support Multiculturalism Elsewhere 

Israel passes law to jail up to 60,000 African Migrants

Israel Marriage Laws are Discriminatory 

Israel Red Cross Rejects Blood Donation from Black Member of Parliament

First Comment from Francois (who claims to be Illuminati by genealogy):

Jewish religious law in Israel is quite nasty, anti-human by modern standards , but it is not racist.  You are a Jew by  default if your mother, no matter if she is biological or adoptive, has been Jewish as she nurtured you, or, better still, ideally, a witch.  If your mother has never been in the Jewish fold, nobody can bar you from getting into it if your intention of studying it is serious and long-lasting. 

Orthodox communities consider that getting into Judaism only for questions of romance or fortune is a kind of hypocrisy or shallowness, you are not barred outright but tested further.  If your mother has dabbled in the occult, which is considered a bad thing, it is deemed that you are in an urgent need of a double dosage of godliness and are condemned by God to Jewish law or something as hard as can be found elsewhere only in hidden communities. 

Jewish tradition considers Jewish women as natural-born witches in action unless they be blessed by a special touch of divine grace, and circumcision is meant to cut the little male from his potentially devouring mother in an attempt (often failed) to free the male from the cosmic womb (Egypt) and make the Jew-witch a normal human being again.  I understand your concern about Jewish witchcraft as was used for instance within the Order of the Illuminati, but it must be understood that such a witchcraft would have existed even the better without the existence of a Jewish religion, and also without the Zionist endeavor in Israel. 

The problem is with the Jews that spiritually remained in Egypt in the hope of gaining more occult powers over the world and never made the great passage by themselves to the other bank.  The Illuminati, of which I am by genealogy, define themselves as an enterprise to bring back Jews into Egypt for them to take again the role of Pharaohs, of kings of this world.  The 18th century concept of enlightened despotism harks back to the very same concept.

Anybody born of a witch mother is Jewish, no matter the witch be black as pitch and know no other religion than voodoo, and there is no salvation for such a person outside the strict adherence to the Jewish faith as he individually conceives it.  Even if he chooses Jesus as his personal rabbi, which is the best thing to do in the absence of a worthy living master as is most often the case, he must subscribe to no established church such as the Roman fold or modern Evangelists, it would be tantamount to going back to Egypt and sexual surrender to his own mother as extolled by arch-demonic Freud : on the other hand the Illuminati make it recommendable for their Jewish-born members to go into other religious bodies to influence them as neo-pharaohs, so to speak.

The Illuminati is not the cult that highjacked the world.  It is the world's eternal and spontaneous demonic response to God's call.  Learn for instance the story of Greece, there was very little Jewish influence on it proper outside maybe the devising of the alphabet, but the Illuminati were there under the name of the Mystery school of Eleusis.  Among others, they invented the Athenian "democracy" as an ideal form of occult government where you can accuse no visible ruler and where the greater passive number can always be summoned to put to death the few serious opponents that might arise. 

In the case of Athens, you could become a full citizen only if you submitted as a youngster to the male homosexual relationship of an elder citizen, as is now becoming the norm again.  Athens is a prestigious city in our culture thanks only to a patiently installed piece of anti-christian disinformation in our culture, and also to the fact it became for long the vacation and homosexual resort of the late Roman aristocracy we owe our greek-latin spectacles to as we study antiquity in colleges. 

Actually, Athens was the enslaver of Greece first to her own pirates and then to all foreign maritime empires, this city came up with the philosophical ideas that put a quick end to what could have been an industrial revolution has a few geniuses more been given the heed, among others by making work on matter a despicable thing and parasitical social control through intellectual seduction the thing to do to be called an honorable person. 

Pedophilia is the ideal way to turn people into remotely controllable beings right from childhood and Athens was the ideal pedophile society of all times : without submitting to it, without first submitting to anal coitus by an approved elder before engaging into any other genital contact, you were considered a nobody and a mechanic.

Comments for "Israel is an Apartheid State"

Steven said (December 11, 2013):

If these two people (in the picture) got married could they both go home to Israel/ Palestine?


Dear Steven

I don't think so.

Muhammed said (December 11, 2013):

It is sad and unfortunate that the majority of the so called Muslims don't know their own scripture, and are ignorant.

P (below) is incorrect in his comment stating, "Only Muslim women have to marry Muslim men as written in Quran" nowhere in the Quran is this written.

Its a lie,and people better check twice before they say ,this is what God is telling us in the scripture...its a sin to do this.

What is written in the Scripture is this:
[Quran 2:221] Do not marry idolatresses unless they believe; a believing woman is better than an idolatress, even if you like her. Nor shall you give your daughters in marriage to idolatrous men, unless they believe. A believing man is better than an idolater, even if you like him. These invite to Hell, while God invites to Paradise and forgiveness, as He wills. He clarifies His revelations for the people, that they may take heed.

You can all read more here

And by the way I do have to say this, the problem with the Muslims is not their literal interpretation of the Quran, but, on the contrary,it is not following it, or obeying it.


P replies:


My mistake brother, i hope Allah will forgive me about this. You are right; i just have a bad memory sometimes, it was not a lie. The verse you quoted is the one i was thinking about but i've read a hadith or maybe an ulema about what i said, and i thought it was from the Quran.

Thanks you, without you, i would have spread incorrect facts for a long time ;)

Salam aleykoum

Nurie said (December 11, 2013):

Thank you for this amazing article. Just out of curiosity, do you believe that the Illuminati ultimately plan to have the State of Israel physically destroyed as part of a future third world war, as per Albert Pike's predictions; will it be dismantled peacefully as per the South African model in 1994; or perhaps another
fate awaits it?

I do find it rather curious that Israel has not gotten its way lately with regard to Iran and Syria.

The Illuminati also do not seem to be doing anything to stop the growing anti-Zionist student movements on University campuses in North America and Europe. Mandela's recent death is throwing the comparison between Israel and Apartheid South Africa back into the spotlight again. Even major celebrities such as Alice Walker and Roger Waters are openly criticizing Israel and comparing it to Nazi Germany, something which would have been a career ruiner only a few short years ago...



The Illuminati control by creating a dichotomy. Otherwise how would they control Israel? And no, I don't think Israel will be destroyed any more than London or NYC. It is a center of the NWO.


P said (December 10, 2013):

There is a mistake in this text about religious rules. Muslims are not Muslim because their fathers was. You become Muslim by having faith in God, his holy Quran and his messenger Mohammed (peace be upon him). Muslim is not a race.

And Muslim men can marry Jewish or christian women, even if it's recommended to marry with Muslim women for couple harmony. Only Muslim women have to marry Muslim men as written in Quran.

A religion is not a race or an inheritance. If you don't have faith how could you tell "i am christian/Jewish/Muslim" ?

The mother's rule for the Jews is so weird. So you can be the worst guy on the planet but because your mother was Jewish so you are ? kind of funny isn't. Jews are supposed to follow God's order, not spread Chaos on earth. But they failed and began to tell lies about religion, so much lies that they believe in it now.

Al Thompson said (December 10, 2013):

But Henry, Jews are special; God's chosen people, to hear them tell it. The only thing we all can rely upon is what we can see and experience. Racism is a completely insane way of persecuting people, and it is the government and religious people who do the race-baiting. The purpose of it is to allow them to take charge out of the chaos of racism. A man can't help what race he is born into, so why should it ever be used as any kind of guideline to judge anyone?

In this article it is the hypocrisy that is so outstanding. Here in the USA, the ADL promotes racism and bigotry under the guise of helping Jews avoid the persecution of racism. The problems is that these nations such as Israel provide a very useful example of what not to do. Racism serves no other purpose but to intentionally cause trouble among people where there is no trouble. So, as I understand this, Jews supposedly despise racism, yet they practice it themselves. This is why I try not to pay any attention to them as they lose any credibility because of their own hypocrisy.

JG said (December 10, 2013):

Apartheid is the history of the world.
Multiculturalism destroys culture, identity, and nationalism. It is rooted in Marxist ideology that makes only one distinction between the races, the Jews being racial supreme, and all other races being inferior to them.

Therefore, creating a whole new class of people equal in their enslavement to World Order Communism with no distinction or heritage to race or religion because Marxism is a Godless theology.
Israel is trying to turn back the hands of time by re-establishing the State of Israel but this State is a Worldly Kingdom where God and Christianity are outlawed. Their Talmudic Rabbis make the rules and play the role of "self appointed" prophets. There always seems to be a new discovery in their rabbinical discourses that justifies their negligent actions including murder, theft, and immorality.

They have misrepresented God and are still attempting to eradicate Christianity from the world to this very day.

This will have a real bad ending for Israel because the God of Heaven and Earth is no longer their God and his son Jesus Christ is not their messiah.

Tony B said (December 10, 2013):

Saul is in error here - not about Israeli apartheid but the African variety.

In my school geography of the 1940s, Africa was not called the dark continent, it was still called the empty continent. The Dutch Boers (farmers) settled EMPTY wilderness, not black African owned land. There were a few small tribes in southern Africa but the Boers did not bother them or try to take their lands. They even befriended them somewhat.

After taking over the diamond mines originally set up by Cecil Rhodes as De Beers, it was Ernest Oppenheimer who massively imported blacks from central Africa into the south to work the mines. These blacks, even the English commercial interests, came AFTER the Boers, not before. The Boers were the rightful owners of their land. The English (Oppenheimer was German Jew who had become an English citizen) screwed the place up, often misusing the imported blacks, and the Afrikaner Boers (native born) paid dearly for it.

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