Why are Jewish Husbands Henpecked?

December 27, 2013


Many Jewish men are effective
in their workplace but mice at home. 
Frank Senger asks why.

By Frank Senger

I found "Why I didn't Marry a Jewish Women"  (Sept.28, 2011) after I googled, "Why are Jewish men such pussies?".

I did this because I am an alpha male. I am the only child of Holocaust survivors. I take after my Berlin-born Jewish father.
 I am very accomplished and have been very successful in many occupations and entrepreneurial pursuits. 

My Jewish wife lacks the common sense, analytical ability, memory of cause and effects and my broad base of knowledge. To this I have always maintained the role of lead dog, but with an open ear. I always recant any position or decision that my wife can show is flawed. I gave my daughter that same right, which she used at 4 years old, no problem.

I just realized that almost all of my Jewish friends and their wives share the same domestic structure. The men all are Very Successful and work about 40 to 60 hours a weeks, while their wives either do not work or work part time. 

Yet all these women decide who, when, where and how. It is reminiscent of indentured servitude. Why are 99% of Jewish husbands like this? 

I know a man who probably earns over $1,000,000 a year, lives in a $1,500,000 mansion in Richmond, Va. His wife doesn't work, yet she dictates that he can play golf on Sat. but only if he gets home by 11:00 a.m... 

Another similar couple has the man working 6 days a weeks. His wife works 2 days a week for 5 hours a day babysitting children, yet he gets up to walk their dog at 6:00 a.m. then goes back to sleep for a few more hours of sleep while his wife snores undisturbed in the arms of Morpheus 7 days a week. Not even one day a week does she get her fat ass up out of bed for the most devoted husband I know.

As with most Jewish husbands who reside in a scarcely Jewish populated area, we tend to polarize with others Jewish couples. 

ALL of my male friends are pussy whipped beyond belief. 

Their wives have totally alienated or excommunicated us because of my "alfa maleness". The wives want to keep me and my views away from their husbands, lest they get the idea that they may have a voice in their marriages. I might kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

Is it just me, or does this happen to  others of my ilk? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Makow comment:

My mother-in-law's answer: "Jewish mothers."   I extrapolate that in secular jewish culture, women often are altogether too dominant. 
Husbands withdraw. That's why so many Jewish males become homosexuals. 

Jim Perloff Comment:

Jackie Mason totally agrees, so it can't be coincidence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aJ63JhvpTA

And here "Three Stooges" Jewish Shemp Howard depicts typical domination by females: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74t6rug_Yh8 

Henry, the woman who henpecked the author of the "Protocols" must have been some battle-axe!

 First Comment from Mary:

I am a young, Christian woman married to a Jewish man. My husband is extremely nice and easy-going, but can be such a wimp sometimes. It used to be pretty bad before. I don't know if it had to do with his childhood (he was raised by a mentally unstable and domineering mother), but I found it to be a huge turn-off. Things are better now because I've addressed my need for a strong, masculine husband.

I came from a Christian family where dad's word was law, so I told my husband, "You need to be the boss of this family. It's what I want." I also treated him with complete respect which really made a difference. He is getting better. However, after meeting his family, I was completely shocked at how he was treated by the women. Not only did his mother constantly, scream, yell, and demean him....but his aunts and grandmother were the same way!

After we were married, he would get constant calls from them at all hours of the day....the disrespect was unbelievable. They treated him like garbage.....this is a grown married man and father! The saddest thing is he acted like it was totally normal!

Comments for "Why are Jewish Husbands Henpecked?"

Joyce said (December 28, 2013):

Is this a rhetorical question? The answer is in the question. They make too God'damned much money and have way too much status. That is why they are hen'pecked. The inordinate status that the entire family enjoys depends on the status and income of the men. Therefore, they have to abuse the husband in order to maintain control over their husbands.

There is, however, another possibility. These men may be self'selected to be hen'pecked. They are obedient to their industries, professions, bankers, etc., That is why they are allowed these high positions and salaries. Therefore, they are pre'disposed to obedience.

Connie said (December 28, 2013):

Let's not let the men off the hook... Wouldn't you say the men who work 50-60 hours a week have abandoned their wives and kids and married their jobs? There's no one at home for the wife to submit to. She has to play both mother and father to the children, an impossible job, and goes to work to escape this.

He has no time or energy for domestic concerns. He has no time for friends of his own. He has made himself dependent on her but won't admit it. He's deceiving himself that he is a man and there's nothing she can do about it. She should be angry.

Will said (December 28, 2013):

The Jewish henpecked thing reminded me of a joke: what’s the difference between an Italian mother and a Jewish mother? At dinnertime, the Italian mother says to her offspring, if you don't eat your dinner I’ll kill you. The Jewish mother says, if you don't eat your dinner, I’ll kill myself.

Len said (December 28, 2013):

THE DOMINATION & AGGRESSIVENESS OF JEWISH WIVES and GENTILE wives as well is directly linked to what the Bible calls "the spirit of Jezebel." And this demonic stronghold is definitely no myth or imaginary problem!

If you do a study by simply googling, "the evils of the spirit of jezebel", you will find such a study VERY enlightening. The truth is it is an actual demonic spirit and principality that makes women overly dominant and self-willed, ... and turns most men into wimps. It's not a joke.

When a woman finds that she can dominate, manipulate, and mostly control the men in her life, she becomes a perversion of godly womanhood and (worse) moves and lives in opposition to THE GOD ORDAINED ORDER that GOD has for both men and women [and much for their own benefit, I might add]. That order is:

children under the authority of parents; women under the authority & responsible leadership of the husband;
husbands with the burden of protection & provision for the family.

Any woman who does not know how to relate to men properly will find themselves outside of GOD's favor upon their lives. This issue is strictly a matter of GOD'S GOVERNMENT & DIVINE ORDER. Without THAT, people are simply living a self-willed life without regard to what GOD has ordained in relationships.

This is actually an extremely important issue of morality and relationships.

Yoav said (December 28, 2013):

The reason is the Homo-Lesbian nature of a Ghetto population.
Lesbians are likely to give birth to Homo & Lesbians,
due to stress, be it at work/studies or from staying at home,
which is not good for Lesbians (likewise for men).

Thus no wonder Tel-Aviv overtook San-Francisco for year 2012
in being the most gay-friendly the world over.
Likewise Kibbutzim are proudly promiscuous for being
Homo-Lesbian animal farms.

Dan said (December 28, 2013):

Frank is right. Wives of cowed men won't let them become friends with dominant men, especially if the dominant man has a good marriage with a wife that doesn't give him headaches.

Obviously the issue of 'the shrew' predates the invention of the wheel, much less fire, and it's not an exclusively Jewish issue. Men of lands in all ages could relate.

I notice that Frank says he tends to gravitate to Jewish friends who have seven figure incomes. Now we're honing in why there's a disproportionate' femme fatale issue with men in that income bracket. Unless they're in financial professions that require 'killer instinct' the only men making that kind of money are in heavily mental professions.

It's been well publicized for decades such men graduate with powerful degrees but gross underdevelopment in people skills and 'street sense', and women - notoriously.

That's why they attract that special breed of lazy women who seek a cushy life at the expense of a man that's literally putty in their fingers. The men are sitting targets for them, unless they wise up and reason out what they want in a wife instead waiting to be 'discovered' by one of these huntresses who see men as prey.

I guess a great example of what I'm talking about was portrayed in the movie, "A Serious Man". (must see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Serious_Man )

Steven said (December 28, 2013):

It is just a guess but I would say that women in general know that they are backed up by judges, lawyers, social activists, politicians, police forces and armies that stand ready to arrest and or kill any man that wants to be the man and king of his castle. The women know it, their hen pecked husbands know it and the powers that be know it.

It is going to be this way until civilization and the military/ political authority that maintains the status quo is annihilated by any means. The state has usurped the political role of the husband and made men an expendable stand in without any real authority. I think it really is that simple.

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