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French Rudeness due to Occult Attack?

October 18, 2013


French "rudeness" may be due to the stress of

being disinherited, says David Masada.

He expresses the anguish and anger of a patriot

watching his country go "down the drain." 

 Part One: "France Fights Masonic Jewish Hegemony"

by David Masada


In general, the French are rude because as a people, we are under attack.

Most of people just reflect back the aggression they are suffering themselves.

We are under an occult attack from the Masonic Jewish cabal that controls France. Although the majority of French cannot identify this source, we are reacting to the evil we are being fed by the media, politics and culture as a whole.

We've been uprooted as a Christian people, and the loss of Christianity as religion, ethic, moral values, communication, education and so on, is what's turning us into reckless maniacs.

We do not know how to interact with others nicely because evil is being forced down our throat daily. This creates a deep sense of moral discomfort and insecurity. And when you add the constant influx of foreigners into the country, inspired by the Masonic Jewish cabal, you end up with a people that feels (the word is not too strong) terrorized.

I believe that's this fear that generate all this rudeness and aggression. The recent law on gay marriage is just one example among many. (Majority of French are against it, but the law passes anyway; democracy is no longer majority rules)...

If the French are rude, that's simply because they are suffering intensely...


The economy, education system, mass media of France, are all under the yoke of organized Jewry. As terrible and anti-Semitic as it sounds, it is nevertheless true. The proof is that if you dare mention it, you'll be banned forever from the media, will not work as journalist, will not be appointed to a company's board, won't be on any political parties' list, nor run for the National Assembly. You won't even stand a chance to compete for Miss France. (Yes, they have their hands on that too...)

missf.jpg(Left, Miss France 2012)

They not only want to confiscate all levers of power from the French population, they are also pursuing a long term plan to eradicate the native population. Hence, the massive campaign for abortion and miscegenation  conveyed throughout the media as the latest proofs of "human progress" and "civilization".

This obsession with the disappearance of the white people, stripping them from power in their own country, and forcing them to accept aliens from all over the world, is the work of organized Jewry (B'nai Brith, Freemasonry, etc.)

The life struggle of Jean-Marie Le Pen was to remove France from the hands of Freemasonry. If it is now obvious he failed, but his brave endeavor has nonetheless allowed some people to shake the veil of lies and deceit shrouding the French political circus. 


As the fight is no longer between left and right, but between those abiding to the globalist agenda, ready to sell their country for the sake of a career in politics, and those who want to liberate the country from the grip of the enslaving globalists.

 Will the Front National succeed? I tend to think that although they express the will of millions of French people, there is a very slim chance that it can bring things to fruition, partly because the European institutions won't allow it, and moreover because the debt entrenchment tied to the Euro currency, will prevent the implementation of an independent policy.

LePen.jpg(left, Marine Le Pen, daughter of Jean Marie, is current leader)

The strategy of interdependence on financial matter was so well planned that it's leaving nothing to chance in the  political sphere.

One thing is sure though, the Front National has already been infiltrated by Freemasonry. For example, the Freemason lawyer Gilbert Collard caused a sensation recently by joining Marine Le Pen. He now sits in the National Assembly as MP.  (Although accounting for more than 20% of vote on national level, the FNP has only 2 MPs out of 577... that's democracy according to Freemasonry dictatorship...) 

Meanwhile, more than 80% of the French jails are filled with non native... (mostly Muslims...) A generous immigration policy is designed to attract even more migrants (more than 200 000 get residency visa and nationality follow every year... ) Their children get free schooling; their parents get child support, free medical care and so on, all at the expense of the working native population that get nothing in return, except violence, hatred and crime...

We are being replaced in our own soil...the crime rate is reaching an all-time high thanks to their policy of open border. We have now Eastern Europe mafia gang raiding jewelry store and looting private residences in the countryside on a massive scale. This surely should keep the police force busy, when they already have to face drastic budget reductions...

The chaos wished by our Supreme Masters the Freemasons is well under way... That will surely allow some more "social change" and "anti-terrorist" prevention campaigns... Now, I think I really understand the meaning of their motto: Ordo ab Chaos...

migrants.jpgEntire sections of France's big city suburbs are becoming no-go zones, where migrants organize themselves forming militia to protect their drug traffic and racket. The whole country is going down the drain, but still the media continues to portray the Front National (which never held power) as the cause of all trouble... That could be the subject of a good joke if reality was not so tragic...

To sum up, the proven satanic recipe for disaster is being implemented on France:

-        Mass immigration
-        Ever increasing debt

-        National sovereignty fettered by European institutions

-        Gay marriage

All those factors are now plainly visible, reaching the sight of even the most unaware propaganda sucker, but the true perpetrators remain as usual in the shadow... Who is brave enough to point his finger at them knows that it can cost him his career and even his life...


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Comments for "French Rudeness due to Occult Attack? "

SD said (October 20, 2013):

I have a little question for David Masada.
Europe is being invaded by hordes of immigrants, which is true. It's an illuminati scheme and it seems to bother a lot the french nationalists.
But I wonder, where were those nationalists when the same Illuminati were using them(their fathers and now their sons) to pillage the very countries those immigrants come from? Is it possible to cure an ailment by attacking only the symptoms?
Had not France destroyed many of African countries(which she still does), no french nationalist would be complaining.

Is it even possible that pretty none of the so-called european truth-seekers seem to realize that those immigrants flee their countries only because of the mess french armies put them into?

No truthseeker(to my knowledge) ever complained when organised jewry was/is using european(french) companies to plunder 3rd-world countries to provide Europe with the illusion of comfort. Now all of the sudden, they think they can thwart this century-old plan only by attacking its symptoms? Frankly I do have some doubts about that.

Wonderful website anyway.

HS said (October 20, 2013):

The recent articles on your website regarding France are partly correct and partly incorrect.

France is the ONLY Western nation that can boast having leaders who opposed the Illuminati, two of the most prominent of them being Napoleon and Charles De Gaulle. Some activists who have opposed the New World Order long before the term was ever used are of French origin (eg. Lyndon LaRouche). This is the reason why France has always been denied a larger global role.

It is interesting to note that France was the pioneer of European overseas empires, and that their initial ventures in India and the Middle East were based on thoughtful consideration to mutual needs and trade, not genocide and domination.

Then a strange switch happened. France ended up with a bloody proto-Communist Revolution while Britain ended up with the overseas empires, which they used to further the New World Order.

In some cases, as in the Acadian region of Nova Scotia, entire French settlements were emptied and handed over to Anglos. When France would later establish an empire in Algeria in modern times, it was only meant to serve as a brutal dialectical opposition to the emergence of Communism in North Africa (Charles De Gaulle put an end to this lunacy).

That being said, that was the historical legacy of France. Today, their situation is like most European nations, where the servile populations have sold themselves to the New World Order, and now whine over being forced to compete with outsiders in serving the New World Order.

Mike said (October 19, 2013):

Well there is nothing that David says about France that does not apply to North America and to some extent to everywhere else. But i do think that it is a mistake to focus all attention on the bad guys and not on the weaknesses of the general population that have been instrumental in its disempowerment.

Because people under duress, handicapped physically or emotionally, tend to exhibit negative qualities ( like rude, short, uncooperative, grim, inconsiderate,gloomy, irritable, etc.), then it would make sense to examine what things may be producing the handicap. It might not always be so much a matter of outside influences but of innate tendencies, maybe part of a genetic pattern. Status quo thinking and trust in designated authorities would represent a shortcoming that is exploited by the Illuminati to produce war and carry out social engineering.

Since the occult attack is multi pronged, it would make sense to be aware of all the areas that it covers. One overlooked area, thought of as rather separate, is nutrition. It is a fact that hospitals and health care is a cash cow, and Alopathic medicine does little to address causes of diseases, but rather puts emphasis on what enriches the pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment. It is no accident that farmers use chemical fertilizers that produce higher yields but weakened produce that requires more pesticides. The produce has come to have drastically less nutrient value, and loss of necessary trace minerals. Along with refining and chemical additives, the need for health care, sooner or later, is assured.

Btw the same crowd of well known super-wealthy people are involved, in the medical system, big agriculture, the energy sector that produces the fertilizer, big pharma, the chemical companies producing the pesticides, and the banks that fund the whole thing.

By now one would think we would have done away with fluoride in our water, but the general awareness is weak or apathetic despite the truth about this poison being known for years. The snack isle in supermarkets is filled with products containing MSG and other garbage that rots ones brain and liver. If you tried pointing this out i guess you would be regarded as a fanatic, possibly a communist or a vegetarian.

The bottom line is about wellness. If you are handicapped by health issues of body or mind then your relationship to the world begins from that standpoint. With physical or emotional immunity compromised you become more and more of an easy target for occult attack.

Dan said (October 19, 2013):

Uh..well I think it's a bit of stretch to blame French rudeness on Jewish "attack". There comes a point at which everyone must take responsibility for their own issues.

I blame the language. Think about it - if you spoke French all the time as first language, wouldn't you be short tempered too? Just reading a little of it always makes me feel like a snob. In restaurants I get an overwhelming urge to verbally abuse waitresses who bring me margarine.

To their credit, French rudeness moved them to vote "Non!" on the EU Constitution back in 2005. Even the think tanks hadn't expected that. The Brits and Germans and Scandinavians were all set to OBEY their banker masters in Brussels. But when the French sent the message "we've upped our standards. UP YOURS!" to the Globalists, it broke the spell. Blair had to blow up the London Tunnel to scare the English back into submission that summer. As for me I listened to Edith Piaf singing La Marseillaise the rest of the summer.

So stay rude, Frenchmen!

JG said (October 18, 2013):

Again, this author has clearly defined this "silent covert war" on the nation of France and it's sovereignty so very well.

This Marxist War against Christianity and Humanity has taken hold all over Europe and America because the general population has replaced God with Mammon.

As it was predicted in the book; The Formula, "and there will be no more religion because God will be money ".

This is slowly coming into fruition by the designs of the World Bank and the IMF.

No gay marriage, no IMF loan.

No illegal immigration, no IMF loan.

The Christianity that once existed in the Early Church has been replaced with a Christianity that exists in a worldly comfort zone.

If God really liked you, then you wouldn't be poor, right?

Well,if that be the case than Jesus Christ would have been born a rich man.

You couldn't by the Christian Martyrs with worldly prosperity back then, they chose death instead.

We have to take some of the blame for this NWO nightmare ourselves.

Worldly prosperity and Christianity really don't mix too well. But then again, we want them both.

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