Pink Cancer Psyop Invades Boys Football

September 11, 2013


A Colorado mother expresses frustration
 that her sons are being feminized under
the pretext of supporting breast cancer research.

"I simply don't see why I need to drape my sons in pink and burden them with this very dark and sad marketing campaign during a youth football game. People need to stop using children as their billboards."

by  Sarah Gibson

I am a mom of 2 sons age eight and ten who play football. We just pulled our two sons out of Pop Warner football in Colorado because three of the team moms were forcing the coaches to order pink socks, wristbands and then requiring the boys to wear them for the whole month of October.

That is HALF of the season ....the uniforms would be altered to promote their agenda for breast cancer awareness. These are 8 year old boys !!!!!! Really ???

ZP - YES I AM A FAIRY T1.JPG(left, "I got my start in the alternative lifestyle when my mommy let me play Pink Warmer football.)

When we parents told the coaches we felt it was not appropriate, we were attacked verbally for hours via email by these other team moms.

The Pink Movement is a true political agenda with a powerful lobby and everyone has been forced to drink Pink Kool-Aid.

Very, very sad... it has now entered youth sports .

We currently have a family member fighting cancer and my mother in-law is a survivor of breast cancer. However, I simply don't see why I need to drape my sons in pink and burden them with this very dark and sad marketing campaign during a youth football game. People need to stop using children as their billboards.

They claim the agenda is simply to have the boys wear pink....  to make everyone aware of breast cancer.... I guess so people will feel badly and be compelled to donate or ... I don't know... run and get mammograms?

After I stated in an email to the coaches that I felt it was inappropriate to coerce eight year old boys to wear pink to promote someone else's agenda, I  was  emailed for hours by nearly all of the other parents from the team and told I was pure evil,  wholly uninformed, and very narrow-minded. They questioned how as a women with family members who have been through breast cancer...  how could I "NOT" want to make my sons wear pink??
I tried to reason with them....  But they treated this pink movement like their "religion" and  I was attacking their religion.  So after hours of emails...  I finally just decided to remove my sons from this program and I asked to be removed from the mailing list .  My husband who is one of the Asst Coaches for this Pop Warner team went and turned in the equipment and said he won't be volunteering any longer.   We simply won't continue with this Pop Warner Program after what we just witnessed.   It was bizarre to say the least.
Both my sons felt very embarrassed to have to wear pink, especially during football games.   It is a sad commentary on how powerful the Pink Movement has become. 

I am not necessarily looking to force anyone else to accept my viewpoint ....  Instead I am simply trying to shed light on how this kind of activism just caused us to be truly alienated from a youth football program....  People can see that the pink movement is now targeting young boys and their football programs. 

Makow comment - This is another Illuminati ruse designed to feminize boys and men, and divide and conquer, just like homosexual promotion in general. Breast cancer research is also a major profit center for the Rockefellers.

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First Comment from Jennifer:

Hello! I read the article on Pink Psyop in Football. My son is 12 and is refusing to wear the pink. I am going through the same thing as the Colorado mom. My husband is deployed and he tells my son he is the man of the house when he's gone. My son is very responsible, gets good grades and takes care of his little brother. I will not force him to wear it. These team mom's are out of control. Who are they to tell him he is not a tough guy AKA real man if he doesn't wear pink. IT'S SICKENING! Two weeks into the season, the team mom's emailed stating that they are taking half of the snack money turned in by parents, to buy pink socks to be worn the entire month of October (half the season). I told him I support him in his decision. He says if he shows up to every game in his black (issued) socks and they don't let him play, then they don't respect him and will accept it. Now that's a little man of conviction right there. I just hate the animosity and dirty looks from the coaches and team mom's. So far none of his team mates are bothered by his decision! He says there are other boys that don't want to wear it, I wish more parents would get a backbone and speak up!- Jennifer

Second Comment from Jim:

Blake-Knowles_Steer-Wrestling-360x270.jpgTomorrow is "Tough Enough To Wear Pink" day at the Pendleton Round Up.

The Pendleton Round Up is one of the most respected rodeos in North America but probably not so much anymore.

Below you will find a pic of a cowboy at the Pendleton Round Up wearing a pink shirt bulldogging a steer

Comments for "Pink Cancer Psyop Invades Boys Football "

Mike said (September 13, 2013):

The post by Doug (below) is addressing something that gets very little attention. 'The elite ARE already culling humanity. Its a slow kill, and it's done through supposed "modern" medicine and "science", vaccinations and a GMO food supply along with fluoride and chlorine and god knows what else in the drinking water...' The public is literally the 'cash crop' of the corporate and financial powers.

' It is actually ingenious! They're culling the herd, getting the majority to sicken and kill themselves in a roundabout way through diet and drugs... all the while drawing a large profit from it. '

A place to start on understanding the cancer industry and then the rest of the scamming might be the book 'Murder by Injection' by Eustace Mullins, which can be found on the internet. One might also consider the effect of chemically fertilized mineral depleted soils.

Doug said (September 12, 2013):

Cancer... all "disease" is a huge ruse. Read the book "Choose Life or Death: the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization" by Carey A. Reams with Cliff Dudley. You can also read "The pH Miracle" by Robert O. Young and "Toxemia Explained" by JH Tilden and countless other books.

You see, I've uncovered the grandest conspiracy of them all. The elite ARE already culling humanity. Its a slow kill, and it's done through supposed "modern" medicine and "science", vaccinations and a GMO food supply along with fluoride and chlorine and god knows what else in the drinking water...

The various medical societies and the doctors are in on it, although I'm sure many are unknowingly in on it... the biotech companies are in on it, agribusiness is in on it, the hospitals and perhaps biggest of all, the health insurance companies.... all protected by the FTC, FDA, the USDA and every other government agency. And now, here in America, we HAVE to purchase their health insurance by law...

It is actually ingenious! They're culling the herd, getting the majority to sicken and kill themselves in a roundabout way through diet and drugs... all the while drawing a large profit from it.

I went mostly raw & all organic, take no medication either... you should too. Watch this video about what cancer really is:

Scott said (September 12, 2013):

It isn't surprising, though, that Pinktober has cascaded down to youth football. This courageous mother got to see how the mob mentality operates. At least a line is drawn somewhere. The NFL was contacted about promoting Obamacare, and the league politely declined.

In Canada, there's an even more aggressive campaign with gays. Apparently, this started with the "You Can Play" program. It's not clear why this was needed. Since no current NHL players are openly gay, there are no statistics. Nevertheless, it's promoted heavily by hockey writers, commentators and even a lot of fans. Now there's a big controversy over trying to protest the Winter Olympics in Moscow, because that country has taken steps to counteract the propaganda taking place in the Western countries.

Last year, an article appeared in a small scale free publication. The online version:

Although the author of the piece may not have been the most professional journalist, it was reasonable to bring into question the true objectives of "You Can Play." Other than mention of locker room banter, what's the intention here? It otherwise wouldn't have garnered much attention, but media favorite internet gossip spot,, caught wind. That rallied the troops. Angry emails poured in with threats against advertisers. The paper tried to stand by their guy. A short while later, he was no longer appearing as a columnist. So much for freedom of the press...

If you or a contributor would care to explore that relationship deeper, it'd make for useful dialogue. It just boggles the mind. Outside of "Cold War" intrigue during the Soviet era, hockey was not the place for politics or social issues.

Tony B said (September 12, 2013):

Henry, I'm surprised that none of the respondents to this farce mentioned an awareness that mammograms more often CAUSE cancer than detect it.

Peter said (September 12, 2013):

The insidious pink agenda has become one of the most vicious propaganda bludgeons of recent times.
How fully beguiled must people be not to be able to see through this in your face assault upon reality?

There will never be any progress towards acknowledging the cures of cancers while idiots such as these are more than happy to let their
families be murdered with the killing fluid of "modern" chemotherapy.

The recent Angelina Jolie breast nonsense only confirms her role as a fully paid up agent of dis information pushing this crazy agenda along
to its natural conclusion.

People! Do not garner yourselves up in pink and lies --- Realize the Truth.

Dave said (September 12, 2013):

This PINK caper has gone crazy down here in Ozz, a couple of years back one of our cricket bowlers [ Glen Mc grath ] wife died after a long battle with breast cancer and as a result the Jane Mc grath cancer foundation was formed and one of the ways it is supported is a one day cricket match is turned into a pink fest.

The Melbourne cricket ground can hold 90k plus people , yep, pink hair, commentators in pink , it's pink, and it is also happening in soccer and rugby etc, you could not make it up , I try to point out to my other half and she can't see any harm in it so there is not a lot of point of trying to explain the Fabians and how they change things in increments, what was taboo just a couple decades ago is now the norm and if you don't go along with it, you are the one that is not normal .

Anyway I'd like to share this feel good youtube vid with you's all , it gives some really good clues on how to stay away from the sickness industry and the big pharma rogues, It's not five minutes , the fella who made it is an Aussie and in the second half he helps out an American friend take charge of his own health , he really is in fear for his life , search.......Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead- Official- Film........, sorry I'm not good at links

Mark said (September 12, 2013):

We're getting a double whammy: emasculating our men and turning our women into entitled, privileged characters. Where's the support for prostate cancer? I thought we were promised equality across the board.

Instead of turning our footballers into prancing, pink-clad pansies for no good reason, how about we put a stop to our elite eugenicists infecting the population deliberately with cancer, suppressing the real safe and effective cancer cures and stop squeezing us for donations to scamming cancer foundations that do nothing to find any of the real cancer cures that have long since been discovered (and then kept under wraps for themselves) anyway?

Eliezer said (September 12, 2013):

Dear Sarah,

Welcome to demobracy - rule by a manipulated & reactionary mob. As Henry states, this is an Illuminati Psyop, designed to emasculate & feminize young boys and men. Congratulations on your independent clarity of mind. The bully finds refuge in a mob, through which approval seeking becomes your ticket for social acceptance. Current political agendas, especially those of radical feminism, so-called gay rights & the yes, even the war on tobacco, serve to enable the mob. Few people have knowledge of these issues, they have emotions, and regurgitated opinions of unknown origin. Many have been intimidated by "gay" activists and their well greased propaganda. They go along to get along.

Ivan said (September 12, 2013):

With regards to your article '"Pink" Cancer Psyop Invades Boys Football', I just wanted to mention that I stopped funding the cancer research industry a long time ago. These days when someone asks for a donation for 'cancer research', I politely respond "No, but I will support the cancer jackpot." It's at that point that I get some quizical stares.

What I try to explain is that after 50+ years of 'research' the rates of cancer have pretty much stayed the same (maybe it has gone down from 51 to 49% or something in that range). So what I would like to support is a cancer cure. And when such a cure is found, then the discoverer(s) should get the jackpot. As it stands, there is no incentive for the scientists to find a cure since it means that they will be out of a job as no one will fund any more research. However, I believe a billion dollar jackpot for the first proven cure of any type of cancer just might change the industry to be more 'results' oriented rather than 'research' oriented.

Ultimately, who knows how many cures have been poured down the drain by those wanting to keep doing their 'research'.

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