Freemason Warns of BioChem Attack on US City

August 28, 2013

(left, Bauman Nassiri, 61, tries to get his message out)

Normally, I avoid fear mongering. But
I do post credible warnings in hope of acting as a deterrent.  Nassiri Bahman is an Iranian
monarchist & filmmaker who claims to have received insider knowledge of 9-11, Bin Laden's death, and now, a lethal attack on a US city. So far he has been ignored by US authorities and the "conspiracy" media. He believes the Iranian leadership belong to the Illuminati. By putting Muslim extremists in power, the Illuminati are deliberately fomenting a world war.   In other words, the Zionist-Islam conflict is just as phony as the US-Soviet Cold War.

"I have now received information from the same source, that the next big attack on U.S. soil will be chemical and biological, to be carried out soon." 

Dear Mr. Makow,

I was introduced to your blog by a bright 13 yr. old boy called Scott, who has told me that you have savvy readers and followers.

I am an Iranian exile turned into an Iranian-American film maker, and I am also a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, but I can assure you that if there are Political Lodges in the U.S. , I have not been involved with them.

I released a feature film on 1/1/11 called  "The Golden Veil" which shows the conspiracy behind the Iranian revolution and the U.S. hostage crisis, foreshadowing what is happening today in the Middle East. 

My latest interview with Rick Wiles of Trunews ( begins at 18.25 min) serves to expose The Illuminati as we call it, or "The Eagles" as they call themselves. By releasing such information I may have risked my life, but I have no fear, because the 30th degree taught me not to be afraid of death.

I urge your savvy readers to watch my Trunews interview first, and then read the following:

I have a reliable source of information. The identity of the source I shall never release, but my records and predictions speak for themselves. 


Few months before the 9/11 attack, I received reliable information that gave advanced warning of it.  I gave the information to the FBI in Palm Springs, CA., but they ignored it.  My lawyer based in Palm Desert holds a copy of my handwritten and dated letter to the FBI.

lightbox_cover1.jpg(left, This 2013 "Person of the Year" TIME Cover is the Illuminati's way of saying very bad things are in store for Americans. See, Grim Obama TIME Cover a Warning?)

Few years later I received information from the same source, that Osama Bin Laden was sick, receiving medical treatment in a secret location in Iran.  I gave the information to the FBI and they told me that the Anti-Terrorism department in Los Angeles would be in touch with me,  but no one got in touch with me and I was ignored once again.

Soon after that, I received information that Bin Laden was dead and buried in a secret location along the Iran/Afghan border. This time I did not bother reporting it.

I have now received information from the same source, that the next big attack on U.S. soil will be chemical and biological, to be carried out soon.  I have reported the information to Deputy Chief Michael Downing, Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau in the form of emails, but as of today he seems to be ignoring me for the third time - WHY ?  - I have even offered to drive for 3 hours to see him in Los Angeles and go through the details with him,  but there is no response.  I would like to ask your readers to save this writing for future reference, should such disaster occur.
WHY do important officials in charge ignore people such as me who want to help ?

My only answer to this question is :

These men are the Architects of Chaos,  these are the men who want such horrific events to take place.  They do not wish to prevent them.
A chemical or biological terrorist attack on U.S. soil, "provoked" by an attack on Syria,  would certainly provide the excuse to begin a large scale war against the Middle East with the ultimate goal of a complete invasion and massacring millions of inhabitants.

It is about time the American people realized that there are invisible hands within The United States who engineer these acts, to serve their agendas.   These men (The Eagles) meet once a month in a secret temple in Washington D.C., they have rituals very similar to Freemasons,  they are no more than a few hundred, and they rule our lives.

The Eagles are the world's most powerful Bankers, Arms Manufacturers and Oil Barons, mainly controlled by the Brits.  Everything you have seen happening in the Middle East since 1979 has been planned and executed by these powerful men, and their Master Plan is what I have explained in my Trunews Interview -  i.e. polarization and invasion.

Perhaps, if this statement is published on your blog, and I send them the link, it may serve to force them to talk to me and analyze the information I have received,  unless they wish for the attack to take place. If enough Americans become aware of this, hopefully it may prevent the biggest terrorist disaster in America's history. 

Only Christ can save us now.

Regards,  Bahman Nassiri
Bahman sent me this info on Freemasonry:

The way the Masonic order is designed, is absolutely BRILLIANT.
They initiate you and make you believe that you are a holy man doing charities and helping your Brethren.
They make you believe that the order is not political whatsoever.
They make you believe there are 33 degrees (all philosophical) , and nothing more.

The real truth is, Brethren reach the 33rd or 32nd degrees and have no clue what it's all about.
The truth is, there's a higher level.
The invisible eyes watching the brethren pick some whom they can trust, who are extremely wealthy, powerful and important, and are useful to them, and initiate them into the higher level, THAT IS THE ILLUMINATI , or to be more correct, THE EAGLES.


Golden Veil Compared to Argo
Mark Dankof Review Golden Veil
Mark Dankof Interview with Nassiri
Iran run by Illuminati?


From Jim Perloff -

Henry, here are a couple of related links:
One is this article on FEMA and other agencies preparing for a U.S. event:
Another is this article:  (first addresses Syria, then the possibility of an attack at home)
I hope that the information and predictions are inaccurate. However, one thing is certain--the US is beating the drums loudly for war against Syria. This when the dust isn't even settled yet in Libya and Egypt, we've been at war in Afghanistan for 12 years, and fought a war in Iraq for nearly as long over weapons of mass destruction that did not even exist.

 Of course, I don't know if the attack on the US is really coming or not.  However, it might not be a bad idea for concerned citizens, according to their own judgement, to send prudent email inquiries about it to legislators, law enforcement agencies and/or mainstream news reporters. It might make it harder to carry off the "false flag"--it would be hard for law enforcement personnel to claim that they knew nothing about the event, if records would show they had received numerous inquiries about it in advance.    

Comments for "Freemason Warns of BioChem Attack on US City "

Dan said (August 29, 2013):

Some of the people I know here have been cracking under the stress of the TV psyops and talk radio propaganda. Others have noticed, and it is with these others that I have been able to speak openly about what's going on.

I've been amazed at what I've been hearing from some people around here this week. I must point out that August through mid September are the heaviest propaganda months of each year. It's a media cycle. I picked up on it in 2005, when I saw they repeated the same fear based stories every August. They change the source and the stories a bit so people don't notice the cycle, but the content is cyclical. Remember it used be "Houston will be nuked" when George Bush was President. In 2005 Lyndon LaRouche pushed "The Guns of August" saying Cheney was about to "nuke Iran".

The dark foreboding people feel is from deliberate triggering of 911 PTSD as we near the 12th anniversary of September 11.

Have you noticed anything 'disturbance in the Force' in Canada? It seems to be directed at Americans - the race baiting psyops this summer, and whipping up blood lust to howl for striking Syria.

Tony B said (August 28, 2013):

The possibility of a false flag chemical attack on an American city is easy to predict.

Especially when giving no particulars at all. It is a very logical progression from the false flags already "flown" on U.S. soil (Twin Towers, Boston, Sandy Hook, the theater in Colorado, etc.) when considering the major lies in progress about Syria concerning such weaponry already in use as a false flag.

But a 32nd degree Iranian Scottish Rite Freemason telling us that "Only Christ can save us now" just has no legitimacy whatsoever. Very distinct odor of an information or disinformation sowing of some sort for an undisclosed future harvesting.

Since it fits right in with your belief that ALL government leaders are part of the Illuminati plot, it may have been sent to your site as a means to open up a new style demonizing of Iran to the benefit of Israel in the upcoming Murder, Inc. hostilities. After all, for the first time, a nation in the Mideast has earnestly warned Israel of direct retaliation on Israeli soil if that nation is attacked by Israel's U.S., Brit or any other NATO surrogate.



I have been on the record for years as believing both Putin and Iranian leadership are part of the Illuminati. My site is a place where we take a chance on "defectors." We have only been disappointed once - Benjamin Fulford.


JG said (August 28, 2013):

The authors scenario for a planned Bio-Chemical attack from within US by the "powers that be" in order to justify a massacre abroad is False Flag Terrorism 101 and that's nothing new.
But, we have a new culprit here,"The Eagles ". Why of course, it had to be them all along operating right under our noses like that, who would have ever guessed it.



Apparently the Illuminati user this moniker to describe themselves.


Elm said (August 28, 2013):

In Reference to the TIMES December/January 2012/2013 Edition Cover in Freemason Warns of Biochem Attack on US City, Rather than Obama a "PERSON," Why Not Obama, "Man" Of The Year???

This is significant, because for Legal purposes, a "PERSON" is neither a man nor a human being, but rather, a brainless & soulless Legal Entity incapable of independent moral conscience or ethical volition. A PERSON for purposes of Commerce, under Maritime Jurisdiction, is a MASK or Corporate FICTION. It is significant to note for instance, neither human beings nor men are mentioned in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The word "human" is entirely absent. Simply stated, what is often referred to as "The Charter," is a political, not a social document. It is important to note the inclusion of the word "human," as in The Quebec Charter of "Human" Rights and Freedoms, as well as its conspicuous omission from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Whereas "The Charter" refers to only Legal PERSONS - whether human or Corporate, the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms is inclusive of Humans. Thus, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, other than by various mechanisms of non-disclosed Legal Joinder(s) and pretense, applies neither to human beings nor men, but only to PERSONS. This is a Grand Legal Obfuscation, whereby human beings are surreptitiously reconstituted as Legal Masks or PERSONAS, to which are attached an appearance or "Color-of-Rights," in substance, little more than Legally Permitted Privileges. This Legal Obfuscation has enabled Judicial Political Activism, and paradoxically a subversion of human rights.

To be sure, in 1938, even Hitler was declared "Man" of The Year by TIMES Magazine. So, like any Legal Entity - whether Corporate or Human PERSONS, CITIZENS or INDIVIDUALS, Obama the "PERSON," is a Legal Construct or COMPOSITE MASK. The man we never really knew, but a "PERSON" or MASK of THE YEAR, with little more than an appearance or Color-of-a-Man. For purposes of Legal Fiction and the Corpratocracy, not only God, but man too is "dead." Just as the Creator creates man, and all of creation with words, so too does the Corporate State and "HER" Clones destroy man & displace God with a confusion of meaning in words - BABEL.

So, Hail OBAMA! - PERSON or MASK of The Year. The man? He probably doesn't know.

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