Don't be the CIA's Next Patsy: A 10-Step Program

May 5, 2013


( Step Seven. Make sure your complexion is not dark,  resembling a Muslim.)

An increasingly common pitfall
in modern life is finding that you
have been blamed for a CIA false flag.
These practical steps will help 
avoid this perilous predicament.

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Modern life presents
some unique challenges. STD's. Student loans. Banks seizing your accounts,  etc.  None is greater than the danger of becoming a patsy. This short article will help you avoid being the target of a massive, televised manhunt, and being butchered in the process.

corpse.jpg(Patsy, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was 27)

You see, being a patsy means you cannot be arrested and tried in a Court of Law. You cannot be allowed to speak publicly. That would defeat the whole purpose of blaming you for something they did. They will pretend you died resisting arrest. That's when they will take a meat cleaver to your chest. (I should not be flippant here. Tamerlan was arrested alive and subsequently murdered by the police.)

Step Number One:  Do not under any circumstances agree to participate in a "drill" designed to test precautions against "a terror attack."  No matter how much money they offer, or how much they appeal to your patriotic instincts, this is a "sorry, no-can-do." Also, wherever this "drill" is, make sure you are a hundred miles away.

Step Number Two:   Convert to Judaism. Patsies are never Jews. Your local synagogue will provide information on Talmud Torah classes.

menacing.jpg(left, patsies do not have to look menacing)

Step Number Three:  Patsies can be teenagers. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, right, is 19.
If you are a teenager, or even a child, do not assume you are safe. Babies can rest easy, for now.

Step Number Four:  Question your gender. Homosexuality also confers immunity against becoming a patsy.  If you are still in school, join a "gay-straight alliance." They will help you with the conversion process.

Step Number Five:  If you cannot become a Jew or homosexual, at least establish your liberal bona fides. Let slip that you voted for Barack Obama, love Diane Feinstein, read the New York Times, and watch Jon Stewart and SNL religiously. Put a PBS bumpersticker on your car. Patsies are never liberals.

Barhoum-Quote-Not-the-Bomber.jpgStep Number Six:  Prepare a plan to follow in case they still make you the terrorist. When the bullets are flying, saying "I'm a patsy" won't cut it. You will need a hideout that is better than a boat parked in the backyard. 

Step Number Seven:  There are cosmetic products that will help you lighten your complexion. Avoid suntans. You should not be mistaken for a Muslim. Your life depends on it.

Step Number Eight: Make burial arrangements in advance. When the public has been incited to believe you are the incarnation of evil, funeral directors will have a hard time accepting your business.

oswald.jpg(left, the Patron Saint of Patsies)

Step Number Nine - Study the lives of some of the great patsies in modern history. Lee Harvey Oswald. James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan, Timothy McVeigh. Osama Bin Laden. James Holmes. Adam Lanza. What mistakes did they make that you can avoid? Certainly, one is getting involved with a CIA-FBI front group.

Step Number Ten- Avoid friendly strangers with deep pockets who offer to arrange foreign travel and adventure for you and your friends. 

I welcome other suggestions from readers for sidestepping this common hazard. Anyone who believes the mass media accounts of these "terror attacks" is also a patsy, as are people who support the West's NWO-inspired aggression.  Don't be one.
Betsy McGee's great video based on this article includes additional evidence.

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Comments for "Don't be the CIA's Next Patsy: A 10-Step Program"

John said (May 6, 2013):

Patsy Tip #11: If you're in a group of people,and you can't figure out who the patsy is,then the patsy is YOU!

Krister said (May 6, 2013):

Considering the dangers of being a mind controlled patsy:

- Never go to a psychiatrist.
- If you have to - newer let them use hypnosis on you.
- Do read some of Fritz Springmeier's books on mind control, so you can recognize if you ever come into contact with mind control (Springmeier was himself something of a patsy, when he was framed and jailed on robbery charges).

Brian said (May 5, 2013):

Nice little piece here Henry. I particularly like the tip on feigning homosexuality. The hidden hand behind the Boston incident would never create a gay patsy. Gay men are universally portrayed in mainstream media television programs as the salt of the earth - kind, funny, thoughtful, good with kids, the kind of people you would love to bring home to meet momma and poppa. The Zionist Masonic hand behind these carefully crafted illusions would never risk tarnishing this fake gay facade. After all, they've got lots of impressionable young people to still indoctrinate into the deviant homosexual underground.


Thanks Brian,

Yes gay activists now bathe in the glow of the holy aura surrounding zionists, feminists and other oppressed minorities who serve as shills for the tyranny of the Illuminati Jewish bankers.


Greg said (May 5, 2013):

And watch your mouth on facebook and twitter.

Joe said (May 5, 2013):

One way to avoid becoming a patsy is to learn where the terror originates -- how it started and who started it.

A good source to trace the roots of terrorism is David Livingstone's book :

" Black Terror, White Soldiers, Islam, Fascism, and the New Age" :

An excellent study about the origins of terror, and how terror serves The New World Order gang -- "our" ruling class.

Livingstone's website :

Try the best you can to avoid Communists, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Zionists, and Islamic Jihadists.

Violent, war-mongering groups -- or "movements" -- are never grass-root organizations. They're set-up by the ruling-class to foment confusion, turmoil, and ultimately war. The NWO gang is drooling to get World War Three started.

There's no room in the New World Order for true Christians -- Christians who want peace ; No room in the NWO for Torah Jews, Jews who want peace ; No room in the NWO for those Muslims who want peace.

All three Abrahamic religions have been greatly distorted and twisted throughout history to better serve the ruling-class war-mongers. Still, there's enough truth that remains in all 3 , we can build on the truth that does remain. We all need to "stand down", so-to-speak, and not allow ourselves to get pushed around like cattle and sheep, so we become as war-mongering as our rulers are. That's the goal of "our" rulers, to turn us into war-mongering cannon-fodder for their never-ending wars.

We're all propagandized and lied to, the propaganda is a bit different, depending on what Abrahamic religion one belongs to, still it's propaganda and lies, all designed to lead to massive war. We all need to "stand down".

Dan said (May 5, 2013):

A qualification for patsy is fitting whatever stereotype profile fits the psy op scenario. The patsy is a false flag waving over demographic chosen to be the scapegoat and decoy from the real perps.

Jews were favorite scapegoats in various eras of the past. Remember Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg?

Another indisputable American patsy that was Jewish was Carl Austin Weiss, the Baton Rogue dentist framed with killing Sen. Huey Long. (Long was the unstoppable Presidential contender that could have beaten Franklin Roosevelt in 1936). Weiss' father-in-law had just been removed from the bench by Long, and Weiss showed up and punched him in the nose. However, this was reported as Weiss pulling a gun and shooting Long. One of Long's guards simultaneously pumped 33 slugs into him with an automatic weapon.

Weiss' gun wasn't found at the scene. Long died from infection from a scalpel nick when the doctor removed the single slug in him. The caliber matched the guards ordinance - not a match for Weiss' .32 caliber gun.


Thanks Dan

This was a different Patsy era where Jews of the lesser brethren variety covered for the crimes of their superiors.


William said (May 5, 2013):

I would just like to add that isn’t it ironic that at airports these days THEY are all about asking if anyone has given you a package or if anyone may have put something in your luggage, etc. Having said that, another step to avoid becoming a patsy would be “Do not take any packages or any sort of bags from someone claiming to be any sort of official or someone dressed in Black-Ops type clothing and especially avoid BLACK BACKPACKS!

AA said (May 5, 2013):

Step #11 do not live within a few hours drive of NYC or DFW.(Dallas Fort Worth)

Brian said (May 5, 2013):

Thank you for the lighthearted look at the reality of living in a world controlled by the Synagogue of Satan.

I thought of adding being a follower and disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ would keep me off the patsy list but alas no more. Now I and my true Christian brothers and sisters in Christ are considered terrorists.

God bless you Henry Makow and keep the faith. We know what your risking.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at