Morris Dees - Jewish Pervert Advises DHS on Patriots

April 23, 2013

(Left, Morris Seligman Dees, 77. Champion of "tolerance" is really a hatemonger, pervert and a fraud.)

There is nothing resembling "poverty" about the "Southern Poverty Law Center." It is a law firm (212 employees) that, since 1971, has grown rich by stigmatizing Conservative groups as violent haters, bigots and Nazis. This includes, the John Birch Society and, lately, even men's rights groups. It has raised a $220 million endowment by convincing rich liberals that the US is on the verge of Nazi takeover.  Despite claiming to be a "non-profit," Dees is a multimillionaire.

Dees is now advising the DHS that the groups on his hate list are "domestic extremists." How long until they are rounded up and put into FEMA camps? Who is Morris Dees? The steamy summary below of his 1979 divorce proceedings reveals that he is a typical Sabbatean Jewish (Illuminati, Satanist) pervert.  It reads like an episode of "Madmen."

by Robert Lindsay
("Morris Dees, Pathological Narcissist & Ultracreep," June 23, 2009)

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Here are two pages from his divorce proceedings. This man is not just a sex addict and a womanizer, that's not a problem. Worse, he is an out-and-out pathological narcissist. He's like Ted Bundy... I suspect that in most cases, these guys are highly controlled like Dees and never commit any serious crimes, though they always push the envelope and often break the law.

For instance, it appears that Dees enjoyed peeping on his 16 year old daughter when she was naked. Also, at age 16, he appears to have either attempted to have sex with her or at the very least acted very inappropriately with her. I understand why men chase 16-year olds, but if you get caught, you are going down hard. The law's the law. But what kind of a guy peeps on and tries to seduce his own 16 daughter, step-daughter or not?

Morris Dees, sexually, is simply a creep. I hate to say it, but it's true. He's more than a womanizer; he's an emotionally destroying monster. He's a sexual psychopath and an emotional terrorist. As a man, he has no class. As a human being, he's no good. The guy's simply a prick. In White society, sooner or later, guys like this get punched out or even get their asses kicked. In more primitive societies, they might just get killed. He's probably avoided all this because he's rich.

In 1978, Dees conducted an affair with a woman, Vicki Booker McGaha. He told the wife over and over he was going to knock it off, but then kept going back to her. Finally he dragged both women over to the house and played sick emotional power games with them, almost making them fight over him, toying with them like a cat toys with a mouse before it kills it.

Finally he told Maureene, the wife, that she could see other guys, since she was threatening divorce, but she had to be discreet about it. Was Morris Dees discreet about his affairs? Of course not!

The wife went to Washington DC and met a lover there. Dees tailed her there and followed her to her hotel room where he hid. When she was in bed with her lover, he burst out and took pictures with a camera, causing a huge scene.

Dees was acting insane, and Maureene was afraid he was going to kill everyone in the room. He screamed that he had five detectives with him. He freaked out and punched Maureene in the face, breaking her jaw. Afterward, he whipped out an abusive divorce contract and practically forced her sign it. She signed it out of fear. He later gave her copies of the photos taken that night and told her to destroy them, as he said they were the only copies. Dees lied once again, as he retained copies for himself.

Starting right after they were married, Dees bragged incessantly, always saying how with his looks and money, he could get any woman he wanted. He constantly told Maureene about how women were propositioning him. Later in the marriage, he frequently regaled her with tales of all the women he had had affairs with while he was married to her.

325px-Splc.jpg(left, SPLC HQ in Montgomery Al)

Among other women he had affairs with was Cathy Bennett, a female psychologist. He brought her over to his home to meet his wife, and she stayed with them for a week. At the time, he was apparently having an affair with her.

The Dees threw a party at their home in 1977. D. Rodgers, a physician, showed up, along with his wife, Judith Rodgers, a criminal psychologist. Incredibly, Dees took the doctor's wife upstairs to his bedroom and had sex with her while the party was still going on!

Dees interviewed Deborah Levy, who worked for the ACLU, to run a magazine Dees was thinking of starting up that opposed the death penalty. The magazine never got going, but Levy and her boyfriend did visit the home for several days. Once Dees and his wife went on a canoe trip with the couple. Maureene woke in the night to find Dees having sex with Levy.

Dees turned to Maureene and ordered her to have sex with Levy's boyfriend, but Maureene was not into that. Shortly before morning, Maureene woke again and Dees and Levy were having sex again, this time right next to her. Dees turned and kissed her while he was screwing Levy. Maureene was very upset by this, and in the morning she said she did not want this stuff to happen again.

Later, Dees and his wife went to New York. While there, Dees insisted that the couple visit Levy and her boyfriend, Michael Gaas. The couple went out for dinner. The next day, all four were talking, and Dees interrupted the conversation to tell Gaas that Dees and Levy were planning to go off and have sex that afternoon. Maureene was enraged and embarrassed by this.

Gaas was shocked and said that if that's what you want to do, go ahead and do it. So Dees and Levy went off the bedroom and had sex, leaving Maureene and Gaas sitting there. To get back at him, Maureene and Gaas had sex in the living room. 45 minutes later, Dees left the apartment, came back after a while, and punched Gaas in the face, apparently for having sex with Maureene.

Later the couple met Charlie Springman, a gay man who worked for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Morris invited the man back up to their room over Maureene's objections, and Dees kept trying to seduce Charlie, while Charlie tried repeatedly to leave. Finally, Dees asked Charlie to get in bed with them, and Maureene said forget it and headed off to bed.

Later, Dees and Charlie ended up in bed, with Maureene in the middle. Dees and Charlie then leaned over Maureene and kissed and sucked each others' cocks to Maureene's displeasure.

In the morning, Dees left. He came back and found Maureene crying on the bed. Dees said it would never happen again.

Dees' son Scooter was dating Karen Sherman. She later married Scooter and became Karen Sherman Dees. At the time, they were 18 or 19 years old and were frequently over at Dees' house. Unbelievably, Dees seduced his own son's girlfriend right in front of his son's eyes!

After dinner one night, Maureene and Scooter were washing the dishes, and Dees and Karen took off for the pool. Maureene and Scooter later headed towards the pool too, but before they got there, Maureene saw Dees with his arms around Karen. Both were naked, and Dees had a hardon. Maureen turned around, decided she did not want to go swimming, and steered Scooter away from the pool.

Later that night, Dees and his wife were lying in bed. Karen came into the room, naked except for a towel. She proceeded to climb into bed on Dees' side. She stayed there for 10 minutes and then left.

This guy is just unbelievable. He wins Creep of the Year Award. I also insist that he's a pathological narcissist with sociopathic tendencies. That's redundant, because all pathological narcissists, and many narcissists for that matter, have sociopathic tendencies. I'm hardly an angel, but the way I see it is that Morris Dees is a bad man and a bad human being. That's leaving aside his outrageous hustle exercise in con artistry called the SPLC.
Thanks to Krister

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Supporting this observation is an incident in 1986 when the SPLC's entire legal staff quit in protest of Dees' refusal to address any of the issues presenting real problems to the black community. Gloria Browne, a lawyer who quit a few years after the incident in 1986 criticized the SPLC for "cashing in on white guilt and black pain." Former black employees complained that the Center was run like a plantation. [5]

All of this information is publicly available as the SPLC continues ride it's reputation for fighting racism. Although their impact in civil rights is relatively small when compared to other civil rights charities, the SPLC's income dwarfs those of its contemporaries. That fact has been pointed out several times.

Question: How do they do it?

Answer: Silence.

In 1995 the Montgomery Advertiser ran a series of articles examining the SPLC's fund-raising tactics and vast wealth. The articles were nominated and became finalist for a Pulitzer Prize.[6] Those articles are now very well hidden if they are available at all. When confronted with his divorce documents, which he tried to have legally sealed, Dees simply refuses to respond. All criticisms of their financial workings are met with silence.

Comments for "Morris Dees - Jewish Pervert Advises DHS on Patriots "

Eliezer said (April 24, 2013):

Pursuant to your posting about Dees, I received the following comment from one of the members on my Bulletin list, of which I thought you would like to be aware...

"...I do NOT know why we make a point of the "Jewish" pervert title. Jews are as perverted as is the general society and unless we are talking about Islam and its clear positions as a religion, why does it make sense to single out the Jewish pervs? Also I had to stop reading the article on Dees or whatever his name is because it was written in such a pornographic manner that it lost credibility. I don’t doubt the guys perversion but I really don’t need graphic details about it repeated over and over. Not acceptable."

I responded thus,

"...Maybe it's because the Jewish people, rightly or wrongly, are positioned in the North American mind & media, as the most prominent & most widely touted victim class in America, ahead of women, blacks, children, Christians etc? "Jewish" homosexists are twice "victims."

Victimology & an elicitation of guilt for social advantage & political purposes, tends to build an underlying & at times an overt resentment, especially during days of historical ignorance & obfuscation. So, as an identifiable group Jews are claiming victim status, but simultaneously are seen to engage in both personal & social as well as political corruptions & agendas? To some, the contradiction becomes obvious, & probably, why for Makow there may be a greater emphasis on noting the "Jewish" affiliation more prominently. It seems the moral currency of victimhood, is not an equal opportunity employer. Principle - Guilt manipulation elicits resentment, especially in the absence of a corresponding moral claim. Most true victims would rather not talk about it.

See the gay rights movement, which has been, & is partially still pumped & facilitated by homosexist Jews, who were attempting to co-opt & glorify the Holocaust as their own powerful victim metaphor, thus as past victimizers actually stealing, inverting & pirating the moral currency of their previous victims to their own social & political advantage.

Victimology is a subversive methodology, & many like Makow observe the contradictions. You are probably aware, Henry also lost members of his family in the Holocaust. Further, the Dees guy is in a position of privilege & influence, which gives his personal corruptions a multiplier effect."


Thanks Eliezer

Judaism is dominated by Cabala and Talmud which are Satanic. This cannot but have an effect on many Jews and is reflected in their disproportionate presence in criminal or other anti-social movements, as you point out. Thankfully many others have remained immune and quite ethical.


Mohammed (South Africa) said (April 24, 2013):

Henry, im not easily shocked but your article about the piece of filth called
Morris Dees is disturbing.

its like some kind of sick, ironical joke when he happens to be head of SPLC.

but then, when we look at others like him, we see that they are also sick
people who do things that no animal would do.
i wonder if all the Ashkenazi Zionists are like this?

sometimes i think that if what we know about is so disturbing, imagine how sick we dont know about is!



The Illuminati is a sex cult, and there is no doubt that many Jews are obsessed with sex, and have pushed sex as the meaning of life through their position in the mass media. That said, people are all individuals and a whole people cannot be tainted with one brushstroke. I am a Jew and I see sex in perspective.


Eliezer said (April 24, 2013):

How people conduct themselves in private, is all too often directly reflected in & expected of their public performance, especially as to their political perspectives & alignments. Such personally corrupt individuals for instance, will likely trumpet "gay marriage," & also support buggery in the American Boy Scouts.

Too often, no matter what their racial or religious affiliations, those who for whatever reason(s)lead corrupt personal lives, ascend, or are propelled into central positions, wielding unearned influence and power. In this way, private corruptions rise & are merged with public policy. But then there are those who are supposed to have voted for them too, non?

The corruptible & morally compromised are always of use to the predator & mob class, referred to as "elites" & the "masses." Further, upon our current plantation system of mutual exploitation, only the corrupt are permitted to rise through the manifold filters of guarded interests & profit centers - the most compromised rising to the top - the cream retreating to the bottom.

The “master conspiracy,” is one of a gradually compromised people — the masses who are willing to go along to get along.

THIS is how “they” are able to get away with it. This begins at the age of approval seeking, with a view to joining & acceptance by one’s peers. So from an early age, one learns to compromise – to "go along to get along" as the saying goes.

Mr. Dees seems a contemptuous example to both his son & the American people, not to mention the anti-thesis of his alleged calling to be a "light," and a "blessing unto the nations."

Probably doesn't even dawn upon him.

Kevin said (April 23, 2013):

I have understood for a long time where Mr. Dees is at, if only viscerally. I didn't need the lurid details, but perhaps it is necessary for others to understand. Ironically, the people I know that have passionately defended Mr. Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center are all women, and they, to my perception, venerate him as some kind of archetype of goodness and integrity. Go figure...

Kevin said (April 23, 2013):

I have understood for a long time where Mr. Dees is at, if only viscerally. I didn't need the lurid details, but perhaps it is necessary for others to understand. Ironically, the people I know that have passionately defended Mr. Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center are all women, and they, to my perception, venerate him as some kind of archetype of goodness and integrity. Go figure...

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